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Art History & Criticism

Meno istorija ir kritika

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Gintarė Narauskaitė

Social Well-Being of Gay and Bisexual Men who Cruise for Sex on a College Campus.“ Journal of Homosexuality 46: 1-2 (2004): 111-136. doi: 10.1300/J082v46n01_03. Ramello, Stefano. “Behind the Mask: A Typology of Men Cruising for Same-Sex Acts.“ Identity 13: 1 (2013): 73-94. doi: 10.1080/15283488.2012.747436. Robinson, Brandon Andrew, and Moskowitz, David A. “The eroticism of Internet cruising as a self-contained behaviour: a multivariate analysis of men seeking men demographics and getting off online.“ Culture, Health & Sexuality 15: 5

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Mateusz Borowski

facts,” (accessed 06.05.2018). Hellekson, Karen. The Alternate History: Refiguring Historical Time . Kent: The Kent State University Press, 2001. Hicks, Marie. “ Hidden Figures is a Groundbreaking Book. But the Film? Not So Much,” (accessed 06.05.2018). Hunt, Lynn. Writing History in the Global Era , New York & London

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Mark Donnelly

References Benjamin, Walter. The Arcades Project, edited by Rolf Tiedemann, translated by Howard Eiland and Kevin McLaughlin. Cambridge, Mass: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1999. Benjamin, Walter. “Theses on the Philosophy of History.” In Illuminations: Walter Benjamin , edited by Hannah Arendt, translated by Harry Zorn. London: Pimlico, 1999. 245–255. Brown, Wendy. Politics Out of History. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001. Derrida, Jacques. “Marx and Sons.” In Ghostly Demarcations: A Symposium on Jacques

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Claire Norton

References Abu El-Haj, Nadia. Facts on the Ground: Archaeological Practice and Territorial Self-Fashioning in Israeli Society. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001. Binder, Pat and Gerhard Haupt. “Emily Jacir: Where we come from.” Nafas Art Magazine (Oct. 2003). Accessed 13 March 2018, . Davies, Martin L. Historics: Why History Dominates Contemporary Society . London: Routledge, 2006. Demos, T. J. The Migrant Image: the art and politics of documentary

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Arkadiusz Półtorak

of the Middle East . London: Faber & Faber, 1988. Kaufman, Asher. Reviving Phoenicia: The Search for Identity in Lebanon. London, New York: I. B. Tauris 2014. El - Khazen, Farid. Breakdown of the State in Lebanon, 1967–1976 . Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2010. Mroué, Rabih, interviewed by Göksu Kunak. The Thea-tre Times, 13 Feb 2017. . Mroué, Rabih, interviewed by Sabine Wirth and Eike Schamburek. Schau ins Blau, 22 Apr 2011

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Irena Kossowska

Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst im Kunstquartier Ackerstrase, Berlin 1987, 79-102. Hulewicz, Jerzy. “Wystawa wspołczesnej rzeźby niemieckiej w Warszawie.” [Exhibition of Contemporary German Sculpture in Warsaw] Zwierciadło 4-5 (1938): 34. Husarski, Wacław. „Wystawa rzeźby niemieckiej.” [Exhibition of German Sculpture]. Czas 114 (1938): 6. Jot. Ha. “Chybione strzały propagandy. Kilka uwag o wystawie rzeźby niemieckiej.” [The Missed Shots of the Propaganda. A Few Remarks on the Exhibition of German Sculpture] Kurier Polski 125