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Jan van der Meer and Erik Braun

, shift towards a knowledge-based and technology-driven economy, increasing mobility of production factors, demographic change, ongoing European integration and heavy pressure on environmental quality). Disparities in socio-economic conditions between neighbourhoods within city regions appear to be considerably higher then disparities between cities or regions in a country (Urban Audit 2004). They form a threat towards a balanced and sustainable urban development and are therefore an impediment on the social cohesion within a country. Apart from social cohesion, the

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Sybille Münch

unter: (letzter Zugriff am 08.11.2012). Die Sächsische Ausländerbeauftragte 2008 Jahresbericht 2007. Unterrichtung des sächsischen Landtags. Dresden. Drucksache 4/10496 =Studie. zu. DDR–Gesellschaft. Ban. 13 =Studie. zu. DDR–Gesellschaft. Ban. 13 Edin, P-A.; Fredriksson, P.; Aslund, O. (2004

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Kathy Pain

This edited book engages with the huge interest in the development of China in the current millennium and in China’s relations with Europe. Its seventeen chapters present a range of perspectives on the likely consequences for Europe of China’s rise as a world economic power and their implications for European strategy. The editors’ introduction does not explicitly summarize or comment on the separate contributions. Instead significant changes in China and Europe are reviewed including the transformation of European metropolitan regions, and three

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Rüdiger Wink

-based influences in the investigated region of Pomorskie and the limits to regional policies in a more centralised country in the European Union, they raise awareness for the need to link the conceptual debates on the "great picture" of a potential new policy paradigm of regional economic resilience to the uniqueness of actual policymaking and its effectiveness in any European region. Reference Martin, R.; Sunley, P. (2013): On the Notion of Regional Economic Resilience: Conceptualisation and Explanation. Utrecht. = Papers in Evolutionary Economic Geography 13

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Regional Structural Change and Resilience

From Lignite Mining to Tourism in the Lusatian Lakeland

Gerd Lintz, Peter Wirth and Jörn Harfst

approach also provides a basis for German ecological-landscape research (as in the case of Bastian/Schreiber 1999 : 41 f.) It is quite obvious, however, that a concept of resilience geared to the constancy of structures and functions is hardly suitable for conducting research into processes of structural change. The processes taking place—or supposed to be taking place—in old industrial areas are better referred to as transformations (cf. Hudson 2010 : 13). Ultimately, the regions affected can no longer fall back on the old structures and functions—or on their old

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Angelika Münter

junctions. Cheaper and improved transportation and information and technology applications (ICT) now allow for the formation of extended city hinterlands. On the one hand improved accessibility leads to the regionalisation of people’s potential action radius (daily commuting to work, shopping trips, etc.), while on the other hand businesses can profit from the advantages of proximity and knowledge spill-overs generated in the region without experiencing the disadvantages of the core city ( Brake 2005 , p. 13 ff.). Thus a metropolitan region may in toto be characterised as

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One fits all?

Resilience as a Multipurpose Concept in Regional and Environmental Development

Paulina Schiappacasse and Bernhard Müller

Resilience and disaster risk reduction: an etymological journey Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 13 11 2707 – 2716 Ali, F.M.M.; Jones, K. (2013): Negotiating community resilience in the city in a time of political change and deficit reduction. In: International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment 4, 1, 9-22. Ali F.M.M.; Jones, K. 2013 Negotiating community resilience in the city in a time of political change and deficit reduction

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Michael Hoyler

. Evans D. M. Harrison J. 2010 Balancing London? A preliminary investigation of the “Core Cities” and “Northern Way” spatial policy initiatives using multi-city corporate and commercial law firms European Planning Studies 18 8 1285 1299 Taylor, P. J.; Hoyler, M.; Verbruggen, R. (2010): External urban relational process: introducing central flow theory to complement central place theory. In: Urban Studies 47, 13, 2803-2818. 10.1177/0042098010377367 Taylor P. J. Hoyler M. Verbruggen R. 2010 External urban relational process: introducing

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Iwona Sagan and Grzegorz Masik

,000 people) are called 'TriCity'. The population of the metropolitan area of Gdansk is 1.3 million. The area of the Pomorskie Region is 18,000 km 2 and its population density is 122 people per km 2 . About 67% of the population live in cities. The last two mentioned factors are almost the same as the average for Poland ( Central Statistical Office 2012 ). One of the important conditions of the region's development is its population potential; this is especially true of the working age population which is active and best prepared for change. The Pomorskie Region has a

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Claudia R. Binder, Christof Knoeri and Maria Hecher

_135.pdf (Zugriff am 13.01.16). Knoeri C. Goetz A. Binder C. R. 2014 Generic bottom-up building-energy models for developing regional energy transition scenarios Paper presented at the 9th Conference of the European Social Simulation Association Barcelona Zugriff am 13.01.16 Knoeri, C.; Steinberger, J. K.; Roelich, K. (2015): End-user centered Infrastructure Operation: Towards Integrated End-use Service Delivery. In: Journal of Cleaner Production doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2015