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Pavel Coufalík, Ondřej Dašek, Jiří Kachtík, Jan Kudrna and Svatopluk Stoklásek

References Bahia, H. U., Anderson, D. A. (1995). “The Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV): a Test to Simulate Rheological Changes Due to Field Aging,” Physical Properties of Asphalt Cement Binders , pp. 67-88. Bahia, H. U., Hislop, W. P., Zhai, H., Rangel, A. (1998). “Classification of Asphalt Binders into Simple and Complex Binders,” Journal of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists , pp. 67. Brown, S.F., Scholz, T.V. (2000). “Development of Laboratory Protocols for the Ageing of Asphalt Mixtures,” 2 nd Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress

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Satish Pandey and P.K. Jain

Advances in Civil Engineering, Vol. No.2011 pp 1-13. Juan M. M., Milagros L., Juan A. P., and Javier J. G., (2005), “Ladle Furnace Slag in Construction” Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 17 No. 5, PP. 513-518. Hamzah O. M , and Teoh C. Yi (2008), “Effects of Temperature on Resilient Modulus of Dense Asphalt Mixtures Incorporating Steel Slag Subjected to Short Term Oven Aging” World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 46, PP. 221-225. Hunt L. and Boyle G. E (2000), “Steel Slag in Hot Mix

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Helena Isabel Lacalle Jiménez and Jessica Tuck

, Argentina , (1). British Board of Agreement, Guidelines Document for assessment and certification of thin surfacing system for highways, App. A13, BBA, HAPAS SG3. CIRIA, 1999. The reclaimed and recycled construction materials handbook , Cooper, K.E. & Pell, P.S., 1974. The effect of mix variables on the fatigue strength of bituminous materials , County Surveyors Society Guidance Note, 2008. Road Materials Containing Tar., pp.1–10. Jitareekul, P., 2009. An Investigation into Cold In-Place Recycling of Asphalt Pavement . University of

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Martin B. Mgangira and Julius Komba

Performance of Superpave- Designed Hot Mix Asphalt”. NCHRP Report 539. Das, A. (2006). “A revisit to Aggregate Shape Parameters”. Workshop on Aggregates - Flakiness and Elongation Indices - (WSOA), New Delhi. Garboczi E.J,. Liu, X , and Taylor, M.A (2012). “The 3-D shape of blasted and crushed rocks: From 20 μm to 38mm”. Powder Technology: 229, pp 84-89 Graham D.J, Midgley N.G (2000). “Graphical representation of particle shape using triangular diagrams: an Excel spreadsheet method”. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: 25(13

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Marco Pasetto and Giovanni Giacomello

References BABAEI, K. & HAWKINS, N.M. (1988) “Evaluation of bridge deck proctetive strategies”, ACI Concrete International, Vol. 10, No. 12, pp 56-66. CALVO, L. & MEYERS, M. (1991) “Overlay materials for bridge decks”, ACI Concrete International, Vol. 13, No. 7, pp 48-49. CARTER, P.D. (1997) “A procedure for determining performance of thin polymer overlays on Alberta bridge decks”, ACI Special Pubblication, Vol. 169, pp 107-121. DEPUY, G.W. & DIMMICK, F.E. (2003) “Polymer concrete overlay for the

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Geoffrey M. Rowe

dependency of the visco-elastic behavior of asphalt materials”, TRB Annual Meeting, Published in the Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2207, Asphalt Materials and Mixtures, Volume 1, Washington DC, 2011, pp. 125-135. Scarsella, M. and Mastrofini, D., “Petroleum Heavy Ends Stability: Evolution of Residues: Macrostructure by Aging”, Energy & Fuels 1999, 13, 739-747. Smith, T.L. “Dependence of the Ultimate Properties of a GR-S Rubber on Strain Rate and Temperature”, Journal of Polymer Science, Volume 32, 1958, pp. 99

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Márton Karoliny and László Gáspár

, H., Petäjä, S. and Ruotoistenmäki A. (2000) „Pudotuspainolaitemittaus 2000” TPPT Menetelmäkuvaus. Tímár A. (2013) „A klímaváltozás hatása az országos közúthálózat állapotára” A 38. Útügyi Napok előadása, Hajdúszoboszló. („Influence of climate change on the condition of national public road network” Presentation at 38th Road Conference, Hajdúszoboszló). ÚT 2-1.202 [e-UT 06.03.13] (2005) „Aszfaltburkolatú útpályaszerkezetek méretezése és meg-erősítése” („Design and strengthening of road pavement structures with asphalt surfacing”). ÚT 2-2.118 [e

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Manoj Shukla, Devesh Tiwari and K. Sitaramanjaneyulu

Research Journal of Engineering & Technology, Volume 30, No. 1, January, 2011. IS: 1201 to 1220,1978 “Indian Standard Methods for Testing Tar and Asphalt”, IS: 1201 to 1220, Bureau of Indian Standards. IS: 2386, 1978 “Indian Standard Methods of Test for Aggregate for Concrete”, IS: 2386, Bureau of Indian Standards. Jiang, Yi; Rebecca S. McDaniel., 1993 “Application of Cracking and Seating and Use of Fibers to Control Reflection Cracking” Transportation Research Record n 1388, p150-159. Maurer, Dean A

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Weronika Lechowska

References 1. Hegger, M., Fuchs, M., Stark, T., Zeumer, M. Energy Manual : Sustainable Architecture. Basel, Boston, Berlin: Birkhäuser, 2008. 280 p. (English translation of the 1st German edition; translated by G. H. Söffker, P. Thrift and P. Seidel) ISBN: 978-3-7643-8830-0. 2. Edwards, B. Rough guide to sustainability : A design primer. London: RIBA, 2014. pp. 43-47. 3. Cebrat, K. Wskaźnik energii wbudowanej w pieniądz : Drugie spojrzenie na koszty budowy. Rynek instalacyjny. 2014/3. pp. 63-66. (Energy embodied