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Contribution of Foreign Languages to Building the Professional Career of the Land Forces Academy Cadets

REFERENCES Alexandru, F. (2011). Profesorul de limbi străine – un factor-cheie în dezvoltarea unei cariere profesionale transnaționale. Sesiunea Internațională de Comunicări Științifice Youth on the move. Teaching languages for international study and career-building , București: Academia de Studii Economice, 13-14 May, 100-112. Avtomat Kalashnikov AK-47 – Characteristics . (2019), available at: , accessed on 07 June 2019. Bureau for International Language Coordination (BILC

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Unprotected Data: Review of Internet Enabled Psychological and Information Warfare

-19. Elbirt, A. J. (2003). Information Warfare: Are you at risk?. IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, Vol. 22, Issue 4 , 13-19. Elmasri, R. (2008). Fundamentals of database systems . India: Pearson Education. Fussell, S. (2018). Facebook’s New Face Recognition Features: What We Do (and Don’t) Know [Updated] , available at: , accessed on 18 March 2019. Gajanayake, R., Iannella, R., & Sahama, T. (2011). Sharing with care: An information accountability perspective

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The Importance of Anthropometry Measurements in Analyzing the Impact of Sports Activities on Students

References Dragnea, A. (2000). Teoria educaţiei fizice şi sportului. Bucureşti: Cartea Școlii. Dragnea, A., Bota, A., Teodorescu, S., Stănescu, M., Șerbănoiu, S. & Tudor, V. (2006). Educaţie fizică şi sport. Teorie şi didactică. Bucureşti: Fest. Grigore, V. (2007), Exerciţiul fizic. Factor activ pentru prevenirea îmbătrânirii şi instalării bolilor degenerative, Bucureşti: Didactică şi Pedagogică. Horghidan, V. (2000). Problematica psihomotricităţii. Bucureşti: Globus

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New Ways in the Cognitive Dimension of Information Operations

. Arlington, Virginia: Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, available at: Horváth, Á. (2010). Fogyasztói magatartás. Gödöllő: Szent István Egyetem. JP 3-13 (2014). Information operations, available at: JP 3-13.2 (2010). Military Information Support Operations, available at: Kotler, P. - Keller, K. L. (2008

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Risk of Interest Rates at the Level of Commercial Banks in Romania

statements of BCR from 2010-2016, available at: . Financial statements of BRD from 2010-2016, available at: . Financial statements of Transilvania Bank from 2010-2016, available at: . Gomez, M., Landier, A., Sraer, D., & Thesmer, D. (2016). Banks exposure to interest rate risk and the transmission of monetary policy, Working Papers Series, 13. Saunders, A., & Cornett, M. M. (2008). Financial Institutions Management – A Risk Management Approach , New York: McGraw Hill Irwin Publishing, 169.

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The Utility of Motor Evaluation in the Analysis of Effects of Motor Activities on Students

. Sopa I. S. & Pomohaci, M. (2015). Finding the leader of a volleyball team using the socio metric survey method, International Congress of Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotheraphy 5th Edition “Education and Sports Science in the 21st Century”, 10-13 June 2015 UNEFS Bucharest. Tudor, V., Moanţă, A. D., Ghiţescu, I. G. & Trişcaş, N. (2014). Optimization of physical education classes by adapting the methods for developing the coordination ability in 5th grade students, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 117, 92-97.

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Considerations Regarding the Legal Regime of the State of Siege in Romania

REFERENCES Constituţia României , modificată şi completată prin Legea de revizuire a Constituţiei României nr. 429/2003 , publicată în Monitorul Oficial al României, partea I, nr. 758 din 29 octombrie 2003. Deaconu, Ş., Muraru, I., Tănăsescu, E. S., & Barbu S. G. (2015). Codex Constituţional. Constituţiile statelor membre ale Uniunii Europene , Bucureşti: Editura Monitorul Oficial, 858. Legea nr. 355/2009 privind regimul stării de mobilizare parţială sau totală a forţelor armate şi al stării de război , publicată în Monitorul Oficial, partea I

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Financial Risk Management

manažérstva v Košiciach, 318-327. Oláh, M., & Šidelský, Ľ. (2014). Riadenie rizika a úloha kontroly ako nástroja pre ich riešenie vo verejnej správe, Verejná správa a regionálny rozvoj, roč.10, č.1 , 7-16. Oláh, M., & Šidelský, Ľ. (2017). Predpoklady na väčšie zainteresovanie manažmentu pri riešení riadenia rizík vo verejnej správe, Scientific Journal Public Administration and regional developement, Vol. 13, Issue 1 , 53-65. Petrufová, M. (2014). Problems of manager competencies and teaching management in the military, Revista Academiei Forţelor

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Central Bank Independence and Inflation IN EU-28

REFERENCES Alesina, A. (1988). Macroeconomics and Politics, NBER Macroeconomics Annual , Volume 3 , 13-62. Alesina, A., & Summers, L. (1993). Central Bank Independence and Macroeconomic Performance: Some Comparative Evidence, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking , 25 (2), 151-162. Bade, R., & Parkin, M. (1988). Central Bank Laws and Monetary Policy , London, Ontario: University of Western Ontario. Barro, R. J., & Gordon, D. B. (1983). Rules, discretion and reputation in a model of monetary policy, Journal of Monetary Economics , 12

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Research Regarding Physical Testing in the Military Pentathlon at the 50 M Race with Obstacles

-51. Wen-Chyuan Chen, K. et al. (2007). A study of basic military training on the physical fitness and physical self-concept for cadets. Journal of Physical Education & Recreation , Vol. 13(2) , 6-12. Williams, A. G., & Rayson, M. P. (2006). Can simple anthropometric and physical performance tests track training-induced changes in load-carriage ability?. U.S. National Library of Military Medicine, Vol. 171, 742-8.

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