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The Influence of Government Priorities on Public-Administration Reforms in Europe

(last accessed 21 October 2014). Dunn, W. N., K. Staronova and S. Pushkarev. 2006. “Implementation: The Missing Link.” In W. N. Dunn, K. Staronova and S. Pushkarev (eds). Implementation: The Missing Link in Public Administration Reform in Central and Eastern Europe . Bratislava: NISPAcee, 13 – 25. Epstein, R. A. and W. Jacoby. 2014. “Eastern Enlargement Ten Years On: Transcending the East-West Divide?” Journal of Common Market Studies 52(1), 1 – 16. EUPAN. 2013. Discussion Note on Sustainable Reform within Public Administration: Responses from

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Factors Determining the Efficiency of Slovak Public Procurement

. “Competitiveness in Slovak and Czech Public Procurement and its Effect on the Final Price.” In V. Kajurova and J. Krajicek (eds). European Financial Systems 2015: Proceedings of the 1 2 th International Scientific Conference. Brno: Masaryk University, 143 – 150. Gupta, S. 2002. “Competition and Collusion in a Government Procurement Auction Market.” Atlantic Economic Journal 30(1), 13 – 25. Hill, Ch. W. 1990. “Cooperation, Opportunism, and the Invisible Hand: Implications for Transaction Cost Theory.” Academy of Management Review 15(3), 500 – 512. Hunady

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Effective Legal Protection against the Excessive Length of Administrative Decision-Making: The Cases of Slovenia and Croatia

-Bernard (ed.). 2014. Codification of Administrative Procedure . Bruxelles: Bruylant. Blomeyer and Sanz. 2012. “European Added Value Assessment on a Law of Administrative Procedure of the European Union, Annex III, Aspects Relating to the Efficiency of the EU Administration.” EAVA 1/2012, III-1-III-96. Available at (last accessed 14 September 2015). Britvić Vetma, Bosiljka. 2012. “Europska konvencija za zaštitu ljudskih prava (čl. 6.) i Zakon o

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Computer-Based Simulation Games in Public Administration Education

References Auster, E. R. and K. K. Wylie. 2006. “Creating Active Learning in the Classroom: A Systematic Approach.” Journal of Management Education 30(2), 333 - 353. Bovill, C., A. Cook-Sather, and P. Felten. 2011. “Students as Co-Creators of Teaching Approaches, Course Design, and Curricula: Implications for Academic Developers.” International Journal for Academic Development 16 (2), 133 - 45. Chris, S. 2012. “Th e Impact of Simulations on Higher-Level Learning.” Journal of Public Affairs Education 18 (2), 397

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Social Media Use in Public Administration: The Case of Facebook Use by Czech Regions

References Avery, E. J. and M. W. Graham. 2013. “Political Public Relations and the Promotion of Participatory, Transparent Government through Social Media.” International Journal of Strategic Communication 7(4), 274 - 291. Bennett, L. V. and A. P. Manoharan. 2017. “Th e Use of Social Media Policies by US municipalities.” International Journal of Public Administration 40(4), 317 - 328. Bonson, E., S. Royo and B. Ratkai. 2015. “Citizens’ Engagement on Local Governments’ Facebook Sites. An Empirical Analysis: Th e

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Have the Czech SAO’s Audits Carried out in the Area of the State Budget Revenues Resulted in a Higher Number of Legislative Changes when Compared to the Audits in the Domain of the State Property Management ?

References Act no. 166 / 1993 Coll., On the Supreme Audit Office, as amended. Control Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic: Resolution no. 39. 2006, Resolution no. 55. 2006, Resolution no. 262. 2007, Resolution no. 83, 87, 97. 2011, Resolution no. 65. 2012, Resolution no. 51. 2013, Resolution no. 177. 2013, Resolution no. 124. 2015, Resolution no. 76. 2014, Resolution no. 23. 2018, Resolution no. 148. 2015, Resolution no. 161. 2015, Resolution no. 102. 2015. González, B., A. López and R. García. 2008. “How

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Effectiveness Measurement Using DEA & BSC Methods in Public Health Services

Royal Statistical Society, 120, 253 – 290. Fineberg, H. 2012. “A Successful and Sustainable Health System: How to Get There from Here.” The New England Journal of Medicine 366(11), 1020 – 1027. Heller, P. and D. Hauner. 2006. “Fiscal Policy in the Face of Long-Term Expenditure Uncertainties.” International Tax and Public Finance 13, 325 – 350. Healthcare Act. 2008. Narodne novine RH br. 150. Hemati, M., A. Danaei and M. Shahhosseini. 2012. “An Empirical Study to Measure the Relative Efficiency and Strategic

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E-procurement in Contracting-out of Public Goods and Services: Evidence from Slovakia

statkov v podmienkach obcí SR – súčasný stav a perspektívy” [Electronic auctions as a way of securing public goods in terms of municipalities in Slovakia – current status and prospects]. In P. Slavíčková (ed.). Sborník z mezinárodní vědecké konference Znalosti pro tržní praxi 2013, Veřejná ekonomika – současnost a perspektiva konané 12.–13. září 2013 v Olomouci . Olomouc: Societas Scientiarum Olomoucensis II, 48–54. Sashi, C. M. and B. O’Leary. 2002. “The Role of Internet Auctions in the Expansion of B2B Markets.” Industrial Marketing Management 31(2), 103

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Does Decentralized Leadership Influence the Performance of Czech Museums?

. Urbanovský (eds). Proceedings of the 13 th International Conference European Financial Systems . Brno, Masaryk University, 596–602, Rutgers, M. R. 2015. “As Good as it Gets? On the Meaning of Public Value in the Study of Policy and Management.” American Review of Public Administration 45(1), 29–45. doi:10.1177/0275074014525833. Schild, Ch.-J. and M. Wrede. 2015. “Cultural Identity, Mobility and Decentralization.” Journal of Comparative Economics 43(2), 323–333. doi:10.1016/j.jce.2014.05.002. Shoup, D. D., S. B. Baraldi and L. Zan. 2014. “A

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