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Perceptions of Populism: Analysis of Media Discourse in Latvia

Opposition , Vol. 48 (2). Mudde, C. (2004). The Populist Zeitgeist. Government and Opposition , Vol. 39 (4). Rooduijn, M. (2013). A populist Zeitgeist? The impact of populism on parties, media and the public in Western Europe (Dissertation, University of Amsterdam). Rooduijn, M., de Lange, S. L., van der Brug, W. (2012). A populist Zeitgeist? Programmatic contagion by populist parties in Western Europe. Party Politics , published online 20 April 2012. Stanley, B. (2008). The thin ideology of populism. Journal of Political Ideologies , Vol. 13

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A Review of Family Demographics and Family Policies in the Nordic Countries

OECD Countries. Journal of European Social Policy, 13 (3), 209-227. Castles, F. G., & Obinger, H., 2008. Worlds, families, regimes: Country clusters in European and OECD area public policy. West European Politics, 31 (1-2), 321-344. Daatland, S. O., & Herlofson, K., 2004. Familie, velferdsstat og aldring: familiesolidaritet i et europeisk perspektiv. Oslo: NOVA, Report no. 7 Djuve, A. B., & Grødem, A. S., 2014. Innvandring og arbeidsmarkedsintegrering i Norden. Oslo: Fafo, Report no. 27 Dykstra, P. A., Broek, T. v. d., Muresan, C., Haragus

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Belarus: Transformation from Authoritarianism towards Sultanism

. Institute of the Judiciary in Belarus. PHD thesis, Kaunas: Vytautas Magnus University. Korosteleva, E. 2003. Is Belarus a Demagogical Democracy? Cambridge Review of International Affairs , 16(3). Korosteleva, E. 2005. The quality of democracy in Belarus and Ukraine. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, 20(1). Levitsky, S. and Way, L., 2002. The rise of competitive authoritarianism. Journal of Democracy, 13(2), pp. 51–65. Linz, J. and Stepan, A. 1996. Problems of Democratic Transition and Consolidation. Southern Europe, South

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Europeanization of the Baltic Parliaments: Expectations and Agenda for Future Research

REFERENCES Auel, K. 2007. Democratic accountability and national parliaments: redefining the impact of parliamentary scrutiny in EU affairs, European Law Journal , 4(13), July 2007, pp. 487–504. Auel, K. 2005. Introduction: The Europeanization of Parliamentary Democracy. Journal of Legislative Studies, 11(3–4), pp. 303–318. Auel, K., and Bentz, A. 2005. The politics of adaptation: the Europeanization of national parliamentary systems. pp. 372–393. Bergman, T. 1997. National parliaments and EU affairs committees: notes on empirical

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Danish Support for the Baltic Struggle for Independence 1988-1991: A Hawk-Dove Domestic Confrontation

rhetoric and realpolitik calculations: Western diplomacy and the Baltic independence struggle in the Cold War endgame. Cold War History , 6(1), pp. 1-42. Schultz, K.A., 2005. The Politics of Risking Peace: Do Hawks or Doves Deliver the Olive Branch?. International Organization , 59(1), pp. 1-38. Socialdemokraterne (Social Democrats), March 13 1990. Social Democratic Parliamentary group meeting March 13 1990. Folketingets Bibliotek (Danish Parliamentary Library) Socialdemokraterne (Social Democrats), March 27 1990. Social Democratic Parliamentary group

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Rainis’ Apology of the ‘Basic Class’: The World Revolution or the National Emancipation?

REFERENCES Apine, I. 2005. 1905–1907. gada revolūcija Latvijā un latviešu sociāldemokrāti. Riga, Zelta grauds. Bērziņš, J. 1997. Latvijas rūpniecības strādnieku dzīves līmenis. 1900–1914. Riga, Latvijas Vēstures Institūta apgāds. Birkerts, A. 1925. Rainis kā domātājs . Riga, A. Raņķa grāmatu tirgotavas apgāds. Dauge, P. J. 1969. Rainis – latviešu strādnieku šķiras dzejnieks in Raiņa un Aspazijas gadagrāmata 1970. Gadam. Västerås, RAF,1969, pp. 46 –4 9. Dobrovenskis, R. 2005. Rainis un viņa brāļi: viena dzejnieka septiņas

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Learning the Economic Vote at Local Elections: Case of Lithuania, 1995-2011

-607. Martins, R. and Veiga F., 2010. Economic Voting in Portugese municipal election . University of Minho [Accessed 11 December 2010] < > Molinar, J., 1991. Counting the Number of Parties: An Alternative Index. American Political Science Review , 85 (4), pp. 1383–91. Pappalardo, A., 2007. Electoral Systems, Party Systems: Lijphart and Beyond. Party Politics , 13 (6), pp. 721-740. Pedersen, M.N., 1979. The Dynamics of European Party Systems: Changing Patterns of Electoral Volatility

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Great Potential But Little Impact: The European Union’s Protection Policies for the Baltic Sea

REFERENCES Ågren, K. 2008. Critical legislation delayed. Acid News , 3, pp. 1–3. Bertram, Ch. and Rehdanz K. 2012. On the environmental effectiveness of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Marine Policy , 26 June. Bongardt, D. 2007. Multi-Level-Governance und Europäische Umweltpolitik. In: Brunnengräber, A. and Walk H. (eds.). Multi-Level-Governance, Klima-, Umwelt- und Sozialpolitik in einer interdependenten Welt . Nomos: Baden-Baden, pp. 49–74. Council of the EC. 1976. Council Directive concerning the quality of bathing water

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Insights into intra-party decision-making in Latvia’s political parties

Representation and State Failure in Post-Industrial Democracies. European Journal of Political Research. 37(2), pp. 149-179. Latvijas Avīze (2013) Raidījums: noklausītā sarunā plaši atklājas partiju finansēšana no iepirkumiem. Latvijas Avīze [online]. Available from: [Accessed 13 December 2017]. Loxbo, K. (2011) The fate of intra-party democracy: Leadership autonomy and activist influence in the mass party and the cartel party. Party Politics. 19

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