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Human and Social Studies

The Journal of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University from Iasi

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Social Change Review

The Journal of „Lucian Blaga“ University of Sibiu

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Todd J. Barry

:// . [13] Pressman, S. (2014). Fifty Major Economists, 3rd Edition. New York, NY: Routledge. [14] Ricardo, D. (1817). The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo . In P. Sraffa and M.H. Dobb. (Eds.) Vol I. On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, (1951 ed.). [15] Salvatore, D. (1996). Schaum’s International Outlines: International Economics: 4th Ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. [16] United States Trade Representative. (2018a). “European Union.” Retrieved June 6. https

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Tiina Räsänen, Tomi Lintonen, Susanna Raisamo, Arja Rimpelä and Anne Konu

: Cambridge University Press. Jessor, R., Donovan, J. E., & Costa, F. M. (1991). Beyond adolescence: Problem behavior and young adult development. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Jessor, R., & Jessor, S. L. (1977). Problem behavior and psychosocial development: A longitudinal study of youth. New York: Academic Press. Korman, L. M., Collins, J., Dutton, D., Dhayananthan, B., Littman-Sharp, N., & Skinner, W. (2008). Problem gambling and intimate partner violence. Journal of Gambling Studies, 24(1), 13

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Jeanette Østergaard

Quarterly 68 (1): 109 Raitasalo, K. & Knibbe, R. A. & Kraus, L. (2005): Retrieval strategies and cultural differences in answering survey questions on drinking: a cross-national comparison. Addiction Research and Theory 13 (4): 359-372 Room, R. & Babor, T. & Rehm, J. (2005): Alcohol and public health. Lancet. 365: 519-530 Sande, A. (2002): Intoxication and rite of passage to adulthood in Norway. Contemporary Drug Problems 29 (2): 277-303 Scott, J. (2000): Children as

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Aiste Lengvenyte, Robertas Strumila and Jurgita Grikiniene

– Gesundheitsforschung – Gesundheitsschutz , 53 (8), 853–860. Garnier-Dykstra, L. M., Pinchevsky, G. M., Caldeira, K. M., Vincent, K. B., & Arria, A. M. (n.d.). Self-reported adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms among college students. Journal of American College Health, 59 (2), 133–136. Gill, M., Haerich, P., Westcott, K., Godenick, K. L., & Tucker, J. a. (2006). Cognitive performance following modafinil versus placebo in sleep-deprived emergency physicians: A double-blind randomized crossover study. Academic Emergency Medicine , 13 (2), 158

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Susanna Raisamo, Katariina Warpenius and Arja Rimpelä

of Psychology, 50 , 55–64. Ólason, D. T., Skarphedinsson, G. A., Jonsdottir, J. E., Mikaelsson, M., & Gretarsson, S. J. (2006). Prevalence estimates of gambling and problem gambling among 13- to 15-year-old adolescents in Reykjavik: An examination of correlates of problem gambling and different accessibility to electronic gambling machines in Iceland. Journal of Gambling Issues , 18 , 39–55. Productivity Commission Report into Gambling (2010). Report No. 50 . Canberra, Australia. Retrieved from

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Ingeborg Rossow, Marianne Bang Hansen and Elisabet Esbjerg Storvoll

-198. WHO. (2009). Evaluating the effectiveness of smoke-free policies (Vol. 13). Geneva: World Health Organization. Winthers, K. C., Stinchfield, R. D., & Fulkerson, J. (1993). Toward the development of an adolescent gambling problem severity scale. Journal of Gambling Studies, 9 (1), 63-84. Øren, A., & Leistad, L. (2010). Endringer i den norske befolkningens pengespillvaner og påvirkning av spilleautomatforbudet [Changes in gambling behaviour in the Norwegian population after the slot machine ban]. Trondheim: SINTEF, Health.

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Lena Lundgren, Catriona Wilkey, Deborah Chassler, Mikael Sandlund, Bengt-Åke Armelius, Kerstin Armelius and Jan Brännström

Treatment, 34, 3-13. Council on Legislation (2013). Reformed income tax rules for non-profit sector. Stockholm, Sweden: Council on Legislation. CSAT (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment) (2006). Treatment, volume 1: Understanding evidence based practices for co-occurring disorders. COCE overview paper 6.DHHS Publication No. (SMA) XX-XXXX.Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and Center for Mental Health Services. CSAT (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment) (2007a). Understanding evidence

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Heid Nøkleby

): Treatment dropout in drug-addicted women: are eating disorders implicated? Eating & Weight Disorders 13 (2): 81-86 Bushnell, J. A. & Wells, J. E. & McKenzie, J. M. & Hornblow, A. R. & Oakley-Browne, M. A. & Joyce, P. R. (1994): Bulimia comorbidity in the general population and in the clinic. Psychological Medicine: A Journal of Research in Psychiatry and the Allied Sciences 24 (3): 605-611 Calero-Elvira, A. & Krug, I. & Davis, K. & Lopez, C. & Fernandez-Aranda, F. & Treasure, J. (2009): Meta-analysis on drugs in people