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Specifics of introducing a code of ethics into the academic environment

‒576. KAPTEIN, M. (2004): Business Codes of Multinational Firms: What Do They Say? In: Journal of Business Ethics, 50(1), pp. 13‒31. KAPTEIN, M. (2009): Ethics Programs and Ethical Culture: A Next Step in Unraveling Their Multi-Faceted Relationship. In: Journal of Business Ethics, 89(2), pp. 261‒281. KOOCHER, G. P. (2014): Research Ethics and Private Harms. In: Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 29(18), pp. 3267‒3376. KRÁLIKOVÁ, R. (2009): Zavádzanie pravidiel akademickej etiky na slovenských vysokých školách [Implementation of

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Moral education and moral consumption

. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 476-487. KALAJTZIDIS, J. (2015): Value of responsibility in ethical (moral) education. In: Ethics & Bioethics (in Central Europe), 5(1-2), pp. 13-20. KLEMBAROVÁ, J. (2015): Etické a morálne aspekty mentálneho postihnutia [Ethical and moral aspects of intellectual disability]. Prešov: FF PU. WFTO - FLO (2009): A charter of fair trade principles. [online] [Retrieved June 10, 2015] Available at: The

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The golden rule of morality – an ethical paradox

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The challenge of brain death for the sanctity of life ethic

LIFE: AN ADDRESS OF POPE PIUS XII TO INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ANAESTHESIOLOGISTS (1957): In: The Pope speaks , p. 396. THOMAS, A. G. (2012): Continuing the Definition of Death Debate: The Report of the President’s Council on Bioethics on Controversies in the Definition of Death. In: Bioethics , 26(2), pp. 101–107. VEATCH, R. (1975): The whole-brain-oriented concept of death: An outmoded philosophical formulation. In: Journal of Thanatology , 3(1), pp. 13–30.

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Education for active goodness

References BUCHERT, V. (2016): Střet civilizací je tu [The Clash of Civilizations is Here]. In: Reflex, 27(13), 31 March 2016, pp. 8-11. DRBOHLAV, A. (2013): Psychologie sériových vrahů [Psychology of Serial Killers]. Praha: Grada. FROMM, E. (1993): Strach ze svobody [Escape from Freedom]. Praha: Naše vojsko. HÁBL, J. (2015): I když se nikdo nedívá: fundamentální otázky etického vychovatelství [Even if No One is Watching: Fundamental Questions in Moral Education]. Červený Kostelec: Pavel Mervart

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Ethico-political engagement and the self-constituting subject in Foucault

‒102. THACKER, A. (1993): Foucault’s Aesthetics of Existence. In: Radical Philosophy, 63(Spring), pp. 13‒21. VEYNE, P. (1986): Le dernier Foucault et sa morale. In: Critique, 471(2), pp. 933‒941. VEYNE, P. (1991): Le renouveau de l’histoire ancienne prépare-t-il un nouveau siecle des Lumieres? In: R. Pol-Droit (ed.): Les Grecs, les Romains et Nous. L'Antiquite est-elle Modern?. Paris: Le Monde, pp. 57‒68. WALZER, M. (1996): The Politics of Michel Foucault. In: D. C. Hoy (ed.): Foucault. A Critical Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, pp

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Moral dilemmas in professions of public trust and the assumptions of ethics of social consequences

]. [online], [Retrieved: April 13, 2014]. Available at: KONSTYTUCJA RP [CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND]. [online], [Retrieved: April 13, 2014]. Available at: KOZAKIEWICZ, M. (1971): Z problemów etyki zawodowej nauczyciela [Of the Problems of Professional Ethics of a Teacher]. In: A. Sarapata (ed.): Etyka zawodowa [Professional Ethics]. Warszawa: „Książka i wiedza”, pp. 150-173. LAZARI

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Ethics for everyday heroes – from Utilitarianism to Effective Altruism

:// EUROSTAT (2016a): Final consumption expenditure of households, by consumption purpose , code: tsdpc520, [online] [Retrieved November 12, 2016]. Available at: EUROSTAT (2016b): GDP per capita in PPS , code: tec00114, [online] [Retrieved November 12, 2016], Available at: MACASKILL, W. (2015a): Doing Good Better London: Guardian books. MACASKILL, W. (2015b): What is Effective Altruism. In: R. Carey

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Anthropomorphism as a methodological problem of animal ethics (in the memory of Sir Patrick Bateson)

References BATESON, P. (1991): Assesment of pain in animals. In: Animal Behaviour , 42(5), pp. 827–839. BATESON, P. (2017): Behaviour, Development and Evolution . Cambridge, UK: Open Book Publishers. BATESON, P. (2005): Ethics and behavioral biology. In: Advances in the Study of Behaviour , 35, pp. 211–233. BONNET, X., SHINE, R. & LOURDAIS, O. (2002): Taxonomic chauvinism. In: Trends in Ecology & Evolution , 17(1), pp. 1–3. COTTINGHAM, R. (2008): Cartesian Reflections . Oxford: Oxford University Press. HARRISON, P. (1991

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Effective altruism for the poor

References BOSTROM, N. (2013): Existential risk prevention as global priority. In: Global Policy , 4(1), pp. 15–31. KATEMAN, B. (ed.) (2017): The reducetarian solution . New York: Tarcherperigee. LYMBERY, P. & OAKESHOTT I. (2014): Framageddon : The true cost of cheap meat . London: Bloomsbury Publishing. MACASKILL, W. (2015a): Doing good better : Effective altruism and a radical new way to make a difference. London: Guardian Books. MACASKILL, W. (2015b): 80,000 hours thinks that only a small proportion of people should earn

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