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O. Ovchar, D. Durylin, A. Belous, B. Jancar and Kolodiazhnyi

:// [13] AZOUGH F., LEACH C. and FREER R., J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 26[14], (2006); 2877. [14] KOLODIAZHNYI T, PETRIC A., BELOUS A., V’YUNOV O., and YANCHEVSKIJ O., J. Mater. Res., 17[12] (2002), 3182. [15] ZHANG H., FANG L., WU B., State Key Lab of Adv. Tech. for Mater. Synth. and Processing, Wuhan Univ. of Tech (China), ICDD Grant-in-Aid, (1999

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A. Al-Swaidani, S. Aliyan, N. Adarnaly, B. Hanna and E. Dyab

varying concentrations of sodium sulfate”, Cement and Concrete Composites 25, 429-437. [5] Al-Swaidani A. M., Aliyan S. D., Ismat R., Diyam E. and Adarnaly N, (2015), “Influence of curing time on some durability-related properties of concrete containing volcanic scoria as cement replacement”, 13 th Arab Structural Engineering Conference, University of Blida, Algeria, Dec. 13-15. Accepted full paper. [6] Attiogbe, E. K. and Rizkalla, S. H. (1988). “Response of Concrete to Sulfuric Acid Attack”, ACI Materials Journal 85, 481-488. [7] Aydın, S., Yazıcı

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Chen Wang, Faizul Azli Mohd Rahim, Nurul Safwah Mohd Yusoff, Hamzah Abdul Rahman and Vili How

lighting, New York, McGraw-Hill. [10] Fonseca, R. W., Didone E. L. and Pereira F. O. R. (2013), “Using artificial neural networks to predict the impact of daylighting on building final electric energy requirements”, Energy and Buildings 61, 31-38. [11] Franta, G. and Anstead, K. (1994), Daylighting Offers Great Opportunities, Window & Door Specifier - Design Lab, Spring, 40-43. [12] Gonthier, A. (2014), The Bright idea That Changed Everything, available at: http://www. (accessed June 8, 2014). [13] Hathaway, W. E., Hargreaves, J. A

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Ibrahim M. Metwally

Building Components with Fiber-Reinforced Polymers, CSA-S806-02, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. [12] Ceroni, P., Prota, A. and Pecce, M. (2002), “Analysis of the Behavior of Concrete Beamswith FRP Laminates”, Structural Composites for Infrastructure Applications Conference, Aswan, Egypt. [13] Ceroni, F. (2010), “ Experimental performances of RC beams strengthened with FRP materials”, Constr Build Mater 24, 1547-59. [14] Chajes, M. J., Thomson, T. A. and Januszka, T. F. (1994), “Finch WW. Flexural strengthening of concrete beams

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P. Staňák, J. Sládek, V. Sládek and S. Krahulec

properties of composite materials containing voids”. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 440 (1909), 461-473. [12] Jasiuk, I., Chen, C. and Thorp, M. F. (1994), “Elastic moduli of two dimensional materials with polygonal and elliptical holes”, Applied Mechanics Review 47, 1S, 18-28. [13] Juncu, Gh. (2008), “Unsteady conjugate forced convection heat/mass transfer from a finite flat plate”, International Journal of Thermal Sciences 47, 972-984. [14] Li, C., Ooi, E.T, Song, C. and Natarajan, S. (2015), “SBFEM for fracture analysis of piezoelectric composites

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Alaa M. Rashad and Hosam.El Din H. Seleem

References [1] ACI Committee 363 (2001), “State-of-the art report on high strength concrete”, ACI manual of concrete practice: Part 1. Farmington Hills (MI): ACI. [2] Aitcin, P. C., Neville, A. M. and Acher, P. (1977), “Integrated view of shrinkage deformation”, Concr. Int. 19, 35-41. [3] Al-Oraimi, S. K., Taha, R. and Hassan, H. F. (2006), “The effect of the mineralogy of coarse aggregate on the mechanical properties of high-strength concrete”, Construction and Building materials 20, 499-503. [4

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Vladimír Živica, Martin T. Palou and Martin Križma

material with high performance thermal insulation properties”, CFI- Ceram Forum Int. 81, E 39-42. [13] Hardjito, D., Wallah, S. E., Sumajouw, D. M. J. and Rangan, B. V. (2004), “Factors influencing the compressive strength of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete”, In Civil Engineering Dimension 6, 88-93. [14] Chanh, V., Trung, B. D. and Van Tuan, D. (2008), “Recent research geopolymer concrete”, The 3rd ACF International Conference-ACF/VCA, 235-241. [15] Chang, J. J. (2003), “A Study on the Setting Characteristics of Sodium Silicate-Activated Slag Pastes”, Cement and

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P. Stanak, A. Tadeu, J. Sladek and V. Sladek

, Forsyth, USA. [5] Bedford, A. and Drumheller, D. S. (1994), Introduction to Elastic Wave Propagation . Wiley, New York. [6] Berezovski, A., Berezovski, M. and Engelbrecht, J. (2009), “Waves in Inhomogeneous Solids”. In: E. Quak, T. Soomere (eds.), Applied Wave Mathematics, 55-81. [7] Carcione, J. M., Kosloff, D. and Kosloff, R. (1988), “Wave propagation simulation in an elastic anisotropic (transversaly isotropic) solid”. Quarterly Jnl. of Mechanics & App. Math., 41(3), 319-346. [8] Dong, L., Alotaibi, A., Mohiuddine, S. A. and Atluri, S. N. (2014

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R. Kittler and S. Darula

] Fleming, J. A. (1903), the Photometry of electric lamps. Journ. of Proc. of Institute of Electric Engineers, 32, part 159. [10] Frederiks, M. (2015), End of the Earth. National Geographic, 227, 3, 122-130. [11] Hayman, S. (1992), Luminance scans, global and diffuse illuminance data measured in Sydney – Mascot, 9th – 22 June. Private communication. [12] Hill, R. (1924), A lens for whole sky photographs. Quarterly Journ. of Roy. Met. Soc., 50, 227-235. [13] Hefner von Alteneck, J. (1891), Über das Verhalten von verubreinigtem Brennstoff in der