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The Accuracy and the Printing Resolution Comparison of Different 3D Printing Technologies

Manufacturing , 2017. [11] How to succeed when printing with ABS [Online] . [12] Kawalec A., Oczoś Kazimierz E., Shaping of light metals , PWN, Warsaw 2012. [13] Kluska E., Gruda P. The accuracy and the printing resolution comparison of different 3D printing technologies. Warsaw, Institute of Aviation, 2017. [14] PolyJet Best Practise – Sup707 Water Soluble Support [Online]

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Analysis of Methods Used to Eliminate the Propeller Slipstream Effect in Single-Engine Aircraft

charakterystyki pola prędkości w strumieniu śmigłowym), Transactions of The Institute of Aviation, No. 4(155), pp. 127-135. [4] Hoot H., Bacon D., 1922, “The effect on rudder control of slip stream body, and ground interference”, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Technical Notes, No. 110. [5] Purser P., Spear M., 1946, “Test to determine effects of slipstream rotation on the lateral stability characteristics of a single-engine low-wing airplane model”, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Technical Note, No. 1146. [6] Krawczyk M., Graffstein

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Bonding of High Temperature Thermoplastic Carbon Composites with Resistance Welding Technique

., Gallet, J. N., Stavrov, D., Bersee, H. E., and Yousefpour, A., 2012, “Metal mesh heating element size effect in resistance welding of thermoplastic composites,” J. Compos. Mater., 46(8), pp. 911–919. [12] Ageorges, C., Ye, L., and Hou, M., 2000, “Experimental investigation of the resistance welding of thermoplastic-matrix composites. Part II: optimum processing window and mechanical performance,” Compos. Sci. Technol., 60(8), pp. 1191–1202. [13] Ageorges, C., Ye, L., and Hou, M., 2000, “Experimental investigation of the resistance welding for thermoplastic

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Electricity Storage in Energy Clusters

Systems, 61(1), pp. 545–561. [5] Rice, D., 2016, “Solar Impulse 2 Takes off from S.F.(NEWS)(Brief Article),” USA Today, p. 04A. [6] IRENA, 2017, ELECTRICITY STORAGE AND RENEWABLES: COSTS AND MARKETS TO 2030 , International Renewable Energy Agency. [7] EPRI, 2002, Handbook of Energy Storage for Transmission or Distribution Applications , 1007189, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA. [8] Bossart, S., 2014, “Topical Report on DOE Smart Grid ARRA Microgrid Projects.” [9] Mataczyńska, E., 2017, Klastry Energii – Korzyści i Szanse

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Implementation of Automatic Sample and Composite Element Cutting Technologies

., Fei G., Tao C., 2017, Surface quality of staggered PCD end mill in milling of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, Applied Sciences, Vol. 7. [10] Infotec sp. z o.o. advertising materials, 2017. [11] Szymański R., 2017, Quality control process of manufactured composite structures, Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 1(246). [12] Kozaczuk K., Zalewska M., 2016, Composite testing laboratory performance development based on Lean Sigma approach – case study , Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 4(245). [13] Jaśkiewicz R

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Bionics in Aviation

E: Technological Sciences 52, No. 12, pp. 372-378. [11] Dudley R., 1990, Biomechanics of flight in neotropical butterflies: morphometrics and kinematics , J. exp. Biol. 150, pp. 37-53. [12] , access: 22.10.2017. [13] Fenelon M., Furukawa T., 2010, Design of an active flapping wing mechanism and a micro aerial vehicle using a rotary actuator , Mechanism and Machine Theory 45, pp. 137-146. [14] , access: 22

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Mi-2 Helicopters Used Within the Structures of the Aviation Detachment of the Ministry of Interior

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] 103 rd Regiment of the Vistula Military Units at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration , a folder, (in Polish: Folder - 103 Pułk Lotnictwa Nadwiślańskich Jednostek Wojskowych Mini-sterstwa Spraw Wewnętrznych), 1994, CIS, Warsaw. [2] Konieczka R., 2011, “Border Guard Aviation. Border Guard in years 1991-2011”. Post-seminar papers, vol. II, (in Polish: Lotnictwo Straży Granicznej. Straż Graniczna w dwudziestoleciu 1991-2011, Centralny Ośrodek Szkolenia Straży Granicznej), The National Centre For Border Guard Training

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Development and Testing of Data Reduction Software for Measurements Using Pressure Sensitive Paints

paint”, Aerospace Science and Technology, 9, pp. 285-299. [11] Le Sant Y., 2000, “Image processing tools applied to wind tunnel testing”, In Proceedings of the 48th Annual CASI Conference , Toronto. [12] Liu T. and Sullivan J.P., “ Pressure and temperature sensitive paints ”, Springer-Verlag, 2005. [13] Bay H., Tuytelaars T., Van Gool L., 2006, “SURF: speeded up robust features”, In H. Bischof, A. Pinz, editors, Computer Vision-ECCV 2006. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3951, Springer. [14] Stasicki B., Kompenhans J., Willert C., Ludwikowski

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Increasingly Safe, High-Energy Propulsion System for Nano-Satellites

McPherson M., 2013, „Electrical Solid Propellants: A Safe, Micro to Macro Propulsion Technology,” 49th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference , San Jose, July 14-17, Paper No. AIAA 2013-4168, pp. 1-21 [5] Dushku M. and Mueller P., 2012, „Additively Manufactured Propulsion System,” 26th Annular AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, Logan, August 13-16, Paper No. SSC12-III-2, pp. 1-6 [6] Hybrid Rockets for CubeSats Project (HRC) , 2015, NASA, [7] Surmacz P., 2016, „Green Rocket Propulsion Research and

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Strain Optical Analysis of 3D Printing Elements in Different Additive Technologies in Comparison with the Finite Element Method

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Kluska E., Gruda P. The accuracy and the printing resolution comparison of different 3D printing technologies . Warsaw: Institute of Aviation, 2017. [2] MESOCOS. DIC Measurements in Engineering Applications. [Online] . [3] Chu T.C., Ranson W.F., Sutton M.A, Peters W.H. Application of digital-image-correlation techniques to experimental mechanics. Experimental Mechanics . 1985, 25(3), 232-244. [4] Lutowski Z., Marciniak B., Marciniak T., Bujnowski S. Precision of

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