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Suitability of Novi Sad Apricot Cultivars and Selections for Compotes

. Voćarstvo, 39(15)279-284, 2005. ĐURIĆ, B., KESEROVIĆ, Z.: Gajenje kajsije. Treće prošireno izdanje. Poljoprivredni fakultet, Novi Sad, 2007. EGEA, J., ROMOJARO, F., PRETEL, M.T., MARTINEZ-MADRID, M.C., COSTELL, E., CASCALES, A.: Application of sensory analysis to the determination of the determination of the optimum quality and harvesting moment in apricots. Acta Hort., 701: 529-532, 2006. GÉNARD, M., LESCOURRET, F., AUDERGON, J.M., REICH, M., ALBAGNAC, G.: Modeling the apricot sugar contents in relation to fruit growth

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The Impact of Organic Agriculture on Biodiversity Conservation and Milk Quality for Traditional Cheese Production

McGUIRE, M.A.: Major Advances in Nutrition: Impact on Milk Compositio. Journal of Dairy Sciences, 89:1302-1310, 2006. KOHLER-ROLLEFSON, I.: Community-Based Management of Animal Genetic Resources – with Special Reference to Pastoralists-Ilse Community-based management of animal genetic resource. Proceedings of the workshop held in Mbabane, Swaziland, 7–11 May 2001, pp. 13-27. KONJAČIĆ, M., IVANKOVIĆ, A., CAPUT, P., MIJIĆ, P., PRANIĆ, D.: Buša u Hrvatskoj. Stočarstvo 58(3):163-177, 2004. LAWRENCE, R.C.: Cheeses yield potential of milk. Pages 109-120 in

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The Storage Efficiency of Immobilized Bradyrhizobium japonicum Strain Using Encapsulation Method

REFERENCES Bashan Y. (1986): Alginate beads as synthetic inoculant carriers for the slow release of bacteria that affect plant growth. App Environ Microbiol ., 51: 1089-1098. Bashan Y. (1998): Inoculants of plant growth-promoting bacteria for use in agriculture. Biotechnol Adv ., 16: 729-770. Bashan Y., Hernandez J.P., Leyva L.A., Bacilio M. (2002): Alginate microbeads as inoculant carriers for plant growth-promoting bacteria. BiolFertil Soils , 35: 359-368. Cassidy M.B., Lee H., Trevors J.T. (1996): Environmental application of

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Yield and Quality of Beetroot (Beta vulgaris ssp. esculenta L. ) as a Result of Microbial Fertilizers

. : Čuvanje povrća. str. 230. Univerzitet u Prištini, 2002. JEKIČ, M., BRKOVIČ, M., DOBERDOLJANI, B: Praktikum iz agrohemije sa ishranom bilja, Poljoprivredni fakultet, Priština, 1988 MARKOSKI, M., BOGEVSKA, Z., PETROV, P., TANASKOVIK, V., DAVITKOVSKA, M., SPALEVIC, V: The impact of foliar nutrition on the yield of beetroot crop grown in high fertility soil Agriculture & Forestry/Poljoprivreda i Sumarstvo, 61 (2), 235-242, 2015. KANNER, J., HAREL, S., GRANIT, R.: Betalains – a new class of cationized antioxidants. J. Agric. Food Chem., 49, 5178-5185, 2001

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Electronic Nose for Pesticides: The First Study Towards a Smart Analysis

Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), Torino, Italy, 1-6. doi: 10.1109/I2MTC.2017.7969946. Chien-Chung S., Srisathapornphat C., Jaikaeo C (2001).: Sensor information networking architecture and applications. IEEE Personal Communications , 8(4): 52-59. DOI: 10.1109/98.944004. Iqbal Z., Kim K., Lee H.N. (2017): A Cooperative Wireless Sensor Network for Indoor Industrial Monitoring. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics , 13(2): 482-491. DOI: 10.1109/TII.2016.2613504. Abruzzese D., Angelaccio M., Giuliano R., Miccoli L., Vari A

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Microbiological Activity in the Soil of Various Agricultural Crops in Organic Production

: 249-258, 1968. TROLLDENIER, G.: Plate Count Technique. In Methods in Soil Biology (Franz Schinner, Ellen Kandeler, Richard Ohlinger, Rosa Margesin, eds.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heildeberg, 20-26, 1996. WALDROP, M.P., BALSER, T.C., FIRESTONE, M.K.: Linking microbial community composition to function in a tropical soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 32(13): 1837–1846, 2000. WATTS, D.B., TORBERT, H.A., FENG, Y., PRIOR, S.A.: Soil microbial community dynamics as influenced by composted dairy manure, soil properties, and landscape position. Soil

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Allelopathic Effect of Dodder on Different Varieties of Lucerne and Bird’s Foot-Trefoil

REFERENCES AGARWAL A, GAHLOT A, VERMA R, RAO P: Effects of weed extracts on seedling growth of same varieties of wheat. Journal of Environmental Biology, 23(1), 19-23, 2002. ASHRAFI Z, MASHHADI H, SADEGHI S: Allelopathic effects of barley ( Hordeum vulgare ) on germination and growth of wild barley ( Hordeum spontaneum ). Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research, 13(1-2), 99-112, 2007. FERNÁNDEZ-APARICIO M, CIMMINO A, EVIDENTE A, RUBIALES D: Inhibition of Orobanche crenata seed germination and radicle growth by allelochemicals identified in

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Comparative Analysis of Organic Food Markets in the Republic of Serbia and the Neighbouring Countries

Organica“, Beograd. 12. Padel, S. (2001.): Conversion to organic farming: a typical example of the diffusion of an innovation?, Sociologia Ruralis , 41:40–62. 13. Paraušić, Vesna, Cvijanović, D., Hamović, Vladana (2008): Organic production in the Republic of Serbia - analysis of the situation and directions of development. Economics of Agriculture , 55(4), Beograd. 14. Sanders, J., Hamm, U., Kuhnert, H., Nieberg, H., Strohm, R. (2014): Reversion of organic farms to conventional farming in Germany, Proceedings of the 4 th ISOFAR Scientific Conference

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Genetic Basis of Combining Ability for Various Quantitative Traits Using CMS Lines of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

REFERENCES ABD EL-HADI, A.H., EL-MOWAFI, H.F.: Combining ability analysis of the maintainer and the restorer lines for cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) system of hybrid rice. Egypt. J. Agric. Res., 83(5A): 183-196, 2005. ABD EL-HADI, A.H., KASH, K.S., EL-MOWAFI,H.F., ANIS,G.B.: The utilization of cytoplasmic male steril (CMS) and restorer lines in developing of hybrid rice. J. Agric. Chm and Biotechn., Mansoura Univ. Vol 4(7): 263-274, 2013. ALAM, M.F., KHAN, M.R., NURUZZAMAN, M., PARAVEZ, S., SWARAZ, A.M., ALAM, I., AHSAN, N.: Genetic basis of

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The Increased Content of Micronutrients in Celery, Carrot, Parsnip and Parsley Plants after Treatment with Sodium Naphthenate

REFERENCES ADANI, F., GENEVINI, P., ZACCHEO, P., ZOCCHI, G.: The effect of commercial humic acid on tomato plant growth and mineral nutrition. Journal of Plant Nutrition, 21: 561-575, 1998. AHMED, A., ANJUM, F.M., REHMAN, S.U., RANDHAW, M.A., FAROOQ, U.: Bioavailability of Calcium, Iron and Zinc Fortified Whole Wheat Flour Chapatti. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 63: 7-13, 2008. ALI, M., TSOU, S.C.S.: Combating micronutrient deficiencies through vegetables-a neglected food frontier in Asia. Food Policy, 22: 17-38, 1997. ARKHIPOVA, T

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