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Bożena Cetnarowska

-146. Babyonyshev, M. (1997). The possessive construction in Russian: A crosslinguistic perspective. Journal of Slavic Linguistics, 5(2), 193-233. Bloch-Trojnar, M. (2013). The mechanics of transposition. A study of action nominalisations in English, Irish and Polish. Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL Bosque, I. and Picallo, C. (1996). Postnominal adjectives in Spanish DPs. Journal of Linguistics, 32, 349-385. Brito, A. M. (2008). Thematic adjectives with process unaccusative nominals and grammar variation. Cuadernos de Lingüistica, 15, 13

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Artemis Alexiadou

(pp. 177-203). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Alexiadou, A. (2014). Active, middle, and passive: The morpho-syntax of Voice. Catalan Journal of Linguistics, 13, 1-22. Alexiadou, A. (in press). Able adjectives and the syntax of psych verbs. Working papers of the SFB 732 Incremental specification in context. University of Stuttgart. Alexiadou, A., Anagnostopoulou, E., and Schäfer, F. (2006). The properties of anticausatives cross-linguistically. In M. Frascarelli (Ed.), Phases of interpretation (pp. 187-212). Berlin

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Patrick Lindert

. Bondaruk, G. Dalmi, and A. Grosu (Eds.), Advances in the syntax of DPs (pp. 13-60). Amsterdam: Benjamins. Franks S. 2015 The overgeneration problem and the case of semipredicates in Russian Bondaruk A. Dalmi G. Grosu A. Advances in the syntax of DPs 13 60 Amsterdam Benjamins Freidin, R. and Babby, L. (1984). On the interaction of lexical and syntactic properties: Case structure in Russian. In W. Harbert (Ed.), Cornell Working Papers in Linguistics VI (pp. 71-103). Ithaca: Cornell University. Freidin R. Babby L. 1984

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Melanie Störzer and Britta Stolterfoht

-681. Krifka, M. (2007). Basic notions of information structure. In C. Fery and M. Krifka (Eds.), Interdisciplinary studies on information structure 6 (pp. 13-56). Potsdam: Universitätsverlag. Krifka, M. (2008). What do contrastive topics and frame setters have in common? The role of addressing and delimitation in information structure. (Handout) Conference CISA Wuppertal. Lang, E. (1979). Zum Status von Satzadverbialen. Slovo a Slovesnost 40, 200-213. Lüdtke, J., Friedrich, C. K., De Filippis, M. and Kaup, B. (2008). Event

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Patrick C. Trettenbrein

reference to the order of meaningful elements. In J. H. Greenberg (Ed.), Universals of language: Report of a conference held at Dobbs Ferry, New York, April 13-15, 1961 (pp. 73-113, 2 nd ed). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Hauser, M. D. and Bever, T. (2008). A Biolinguistic agenda. Science , 322 (5904), 1057-1059. doi: 10.1126/science.1167437 Hauser, M. D., Chomsky, N. and Fitch, W. T. (2002). The faculty of language: What is it, who has it, and how did it evolve? Science , 298 (5598), 1569-1579. doi:10.1126/science.298.5598.1569 Hubel, D. H. and

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Nima Sadat-Tehrani

Abbreviations ap = accentual phrase, dur = durative, ez = the ezafe particle, ip = intonational phrase, prs = present, pst = past, ptcp = participle, sg = singular, sm = specificity marker; the equal sign (=) in the examples marks an enclitic boundary; the plus sign (+) separates the two parts of a compound verb References Abolhasanizadeh, V., Gussenhoven, C., and Bijankhan, M. (2010). The position of clitics in Persian intonational structure. Speech Prosody 2010, 100108, 1-4. Retrieved from http

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Piotr Gulgowski

. (2005). Perfective prefixes: What they are, what flavors they come in, and how they are acquired. In S. Franks, F. Y. Gladney, and M. Tasseva-Kurktchieva (Eds.), Formal approaches to Slavic linguistics 13: The South Carolina meeting (pp. 324-341). Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Slavic Publications. Retrieved from Swart de, H. (2000). Tense, aspect and coercion in a cross-linguistic perspective. In M. Butt and T. Holloway King (Eds.), Proceedings of the Berkeley Formal Grammar Conference

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Teresa Maria Włosowicz

Language Research (pp. 212–229). Clevedon/Philadelphia: Multilingual Matters, Ltd. Richards, J.C. and Rodgers, T.S. (1994). Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching. A Description and Analysis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Selinker, L. (1972). Interlanguage. International Review of Applied Linguistics 10 , 209–231. Reprinted in J. Richards (Ed.), (1974, 13 th impression 1994). Error Analysis. Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition (pp. 31–54). London and New York: Longman. Selinker, L. (1996). On the notion of ‘IL competence’ in