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Donald S. MacQueen

References Hundt, Marianne. 2009. Colonial lag, colonial innovation, or simply language change? In G. Rohdenburg and J. Schlüter (eds.). One language, two grammars?, 13-37. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. MacQueen, Donald. 2010. The integration of MILLION into the English system of number words: A diachronic study. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. Markwardt, Albert. 1958. American English. New York: Oxford University Press. Rohdenburg, Günter and Julia Schlüter (eds.). 2009. One language, two

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Chie Matsui and Yasutomo Arai

language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Matsui, Chie. 2010. -er or more type adjectives of comparison in English. Studia Neophilologica 82 (2): 188-202. Quirk, Randolph, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech and Jan Svartvik. 1985. A comprehensive grammar of the English language. London: Longman. Van Gelderen, Elly. 2014. Changes in psych-verbs. A reanalysis of little v. Catalan Journal of Linguistics 13: 99-122. Wasow, Thomas. 1977. Transformation and the lexicon. In P.W. Culcover, T. Wasow and A

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Alexander Bolshoy

sequence. Journal of Molecular Biology , 194, 643–652. [11] Trifonov, E.N., 1999. Elucidating sequence codes: Three codes for evolution. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences , 870, 330–338. [12] Crick, F.H., 1963. On the genetic code. Science , 139, 461–464. [13] Turner, B.M., 2000. Histone acetylation and an epigenetic code. Bioessays , 22, 836–845. [14] Turner, B.M., 2007. Defining an epigenetic code. Nature Cell Biology , 9, 2–6. [15] Barbieri, M., 2012. Code biology – a new science of life. Biosemiotics , 5, 411

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Claudio J Rodríguez H

–342. [12] Black, M., 1962. Models and metaphors: Studies in language and philosophy . Ithaca: Cornell University Press. [13] Lotman, J., 2011. The place of art among other modelling systems. Sign Systems Studies , 39(2/4), 249. [14] Sebeok, T. A., 2001. Signs: an introduction to semiotics . Toronto studies in semiotics and communication, 2nd edition. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. [15] Sonesson, G., 2015. Bats out of the belfry: The nature of metaphor, with special attention to pictorial metaphors. Signs and Media , 11, 74–104. [16

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Tove Larsson

Francis. 2000. Pattern grammar: A corpus-driven approach to the lexical grammar of English . Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Hyland, Ken. 1996. Talking to the academy: Forms of hedging in science research articles. Written Communication 13 (2): 251–281. Hyland, Ken. 2008a. Persuasion, interaction and the construction of knowledge: Representing self and others in research writing. International Journal of English Studies 8 (2): 1–23. Hyland, Ken. 2008b. Academic clusters: Text patterning in published and postgraduate writing. International Journal of

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Vilém Uhlíř

References [1] Fossey, D., 1972. Vocalizations of the Mountain Gorilla ( Gorilla gorilla beringei ). Animal Behaviour , 20(1) 36–53. [2] Goodall, J., 1971. In the Shadow of Man . Boston: Houghton-Mifflin. [3] Lilly, J.C., 1967. The mind of the dolphin: A nonhuman intelligence. Garden City, NY: Doubleday. [4] Batteau, D.W., Markey, P.R., 1967. Man/dolphin communication: Final report 15 December 1966–13 December 1967. U.S. Naval Ordnance Test Station (China Lake, California). Contract #NOO123-67-C–1103, available at: < http

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Patricia Ronan

References Anthony, Laurence. 2004. AntConc: A learner and classroom friendly, multiplatform corpus analysis toolkit. In L. Anthony, S. Fujita and Y. Harada (eds.). Proceedings of IWLeL 2004: An Interactive Workshop on Language e-Learning, 7-13. Austin, John L. 1962. How to do things with words. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Bach, Kent H. and Robert M. Harnish. 1979. Linguistic communication and speech acts. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. Barron, Anne and Klaus P. Schneider. 2005. Irish English

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Tamás Fekete and Ádám Porkoláb

Szilvia. 2012. SPSS Statisztika [ SPSS statistics ]. Budapest: Seneca Books. Juhász, Valéria. 2007. Egy internetes honlap, az Iwiw szegedi felhasználóinak szociolingvisztikai vizsgálata, különös tekintettel a nemre és a korra [ A sociolinguistic study of a web site, Iwiw in Szeged, Hungary with special regard to gender and age ]. PhD dissertation. Pécs: Pécsi Tudományegyetem Nyelvtudományi Doktori Iskola. Károlyi, Júlia. 2010. Játékok és játékosok [Video games and the players]. Tanítani Online , 13 March 2010.

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Signe Oksefjell Ebeling and Jarle Ebeling

Contrast 14(1): 58-72. Halliday, M.A.K. 2001. Towards a theory of good translation. In E. Steiner and C. Yallop (eds.). Exploring translation and multilingual text production: Beyond content, 13-18. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. House, Juliane. 2008. Beyond intervention: Universals in translation? trans-kom 1(1): 6-19. Hyland, Ken. 2008. ‘As can be seen.’ Lexical bundles and disciplinary variation. English for Specific Purposes 27: 4-21. James, Carl. 1980. Contrastive analysis. London: Longman

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Angela D’Egidio

References Cohen, Erik. 1972. Towards a sociology of international tourism. Social Research 39 (1): 164-182. Collins COBUILD advanced dictionary of English. 2012. (Seventh edition). Boston: Heinle and Heinle Publishers. Crowston, Kevin and Marie Williams. 2000. Reproduced and emergent genres of communication on the World Wide Web. Information Society 16 (3): 201-215. Dann, Graham M. S. 1996. The language of tourism: A sociolinguistic perspective. Wallingford, U.K.: Cab International