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Amonodin Mohamad Radhi, Mohd-Fadzil Nurul Fazlinda, Mohammad Noor Azmai Amal and Hashim Rohasliney

, Retrieved September 21, 2015, from 12. Froese R. and Pauly D., 2016 − FishBase, Retrieved January 21, 2016, from 13. Froese R., Thorson J. T. and Reyes R. B., 2014 − A Bayesian approach for estimating length-weight relationships in fishes, Journal of Applied Ichthyology , 30, 78-85. 14. Helfman G. S., Collette B. B. and Facey D. E., 2009 − The diversity of fishes, West Sussex, United Kingdom, John Wiley and Sons, 736. 15. Hilborn E. and Walters C. J., 2001 − Quantitative fisheries stock assessment: choice

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Ravichandran Ramanibai and Sivalingam Govindan

biological collections, Journal of Theoretical Biology , 13, 131-144. 11. Richards C. S., 1970 – Genetics of a Molluscan Vector of Schistosomiasis, Nature , 227, 806-810. 12. Ramakrishna and Dey A., 2010 − Annotated Checklist of Indian Marine Molluscs (Cephalopoda, Bivalvia and Scaphopoda), Part-I, Records of the Zoological Survey of India , Occasional Paper , 320, 1-357. 13. Sanjeeva Raj P. J., 2003 − Strategies for conserving the macro fauna of Pulicat Lake ‒ A case study. Natural Aquatic Ecosystems of India, Thematic Biodiversity Strategy and

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Hristina Kalcheva, Stefan Stoichev, Mihaela Beshkova, Roumen Kalchev, Marieta Stanchkova, Dimitar Kozuharov and Teodora Trichkova

Sciences , 6, 267-285. 13. ISO 10260, 1992 – Water quality. Measurement of biochemical parameters. Spectrometric determination of the chlorophyll-a concentration, 6. 14. Jürgens K. and Matz C., 2002 – Predation as a shaping force for the phenotypic and genotypic composition of planktonic bacteria, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek , 81, 413-434. 15. Kalchev R., Beshkova M., Botev I., Kalcheva H., Kozuharov D. and Trichkova T., 2013 – Effect of Dreissena polymorpha on physicochemical characteristics of Zhrebchevo Reservoir (Central Bulgaria), Proceedings of the

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Gina-Oana Popa, Miad Khalaf, Andreea Dudu, Angela Curtean-Bănăduc, Doru Bănăduc, Sergiu Georgescu and Marieta Costache

, 161-173. 6. Boaru A., 2008 ‒ Breeding and exploitation of native salmonids species with a view to diversity the fish production and preserve the biodiversity, Lucrări Ştiinţifice Zootehnie şi Biotehnologii, Timişoara, 41, 2, 18-22. 7. Dudu A., Georgescu S. E., Dinischiotu A. and Costache M., 2010 ‒ PCR-RFLP method to identify fish species of economic importance, Archiva Zootechnica, 13, 1, 53-59. 8. Dudu A., Popa O., Georgescu S. E., Dinischiotu A. and Costache M., 2010 ‒ Molecular analysis of Romanian salmonid species

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Dominic Otwori Ong’Oa, Rossa Nyoike Ng’Endo, Shadrack Muvui Muya, Mathew Mugechi Nyoike, Patrick Kenyatta Malomz and Zipporah Lagat Osiemo

habitat change for amphibians and reptiles, Biological Conservation , 138, 166-179. 13. Harper E. B., Measey G. J., Patrick D. A., Menegon M. and Vonesh J. R., 2010 - Field guide to the amphibians of the Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya, Nairobi Camerapix Publishers International . 14. Henning J. A. and Shirato G., 2006 - Amphibian use of Cheralis River flood plain Wetlands, North Western Naturalist , 87, 209-214. 15. Heyer W. R., Donnelly M. A, Diarmid M. R. W., Hayek L.-A. C and Foster M

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Izabela Bojakowska, Olimpia Kozłowska and Bartosz Stec

Uprzemysłowionych. (red. Marek Pozzi). Wyd. PA NOVA SA. Gliwice. p. 81-94. COOKE C. ABBOTT M., WOLFE A. KITTLESON J. 2007. A Millennium of Metallurgy Recorded by Lake Sediments from Morococha, Peruvian Andes Environ. Sci. Technol. 41: 3469-3474 CUI Q., BRANDT N., SINHA R., MALMSTRÖM M. 2010. Copper content in lake sediments as a tracer of urban emissions: evaluation through a source-transport-storage model. Sci. Total Environ. 408 (13): 2714-25. FEI ZHANG, ZHANGDONG JIN, FUCHUN LI, JIMIN YU, CHENFENG YOU, LING ZHOU 2013. The

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Natalia Mazurkiewicz and Joanna Podlasińska

References BELL J. N., TRESHOW M. 2004. Zanieczyszczenie powietrza a życie roślin. WNT, Warszawa. BOROWIEC S. 1990. Zmiany w chemizmie opadów, gleb, cieków na obszarach leśnych pozostających pod wpływem emisji przemysłowych na Pomorzu Zachodnim. Zesz. Nauk. AR Szczecin, Roln. 141: 19-29. BOROWIEC S., ZABŁOCKI Z. 1984. Zawartość fluoru i siarki w mchach i szpilkach sosny pospolitej jako wskaźnik skażenia środowiska leśnego przez Zakłady Chemiczne „Police”. II Krajowe Sympozjum. Reakcje biologiczne drzew na

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Judita Bystrická, Ján Tomáš, Tomáš Tóth, Pavol Trebichalský and Petra Kavalcová

References AL-BARRI T., SHTAYA M.J.Y. 2013. Phenotypic characterization of faba bean ( Vicia faba L.) landraces grown in Palestine. Journal of Agricultural Science 5, 2: 110-118. ANGELOVA V., IVANOV K. 2006. Effect of chemical forms of lead, cadmium and zinc in polluted soils on their uptake by plants. Geophysical Research Abstracts 8. ADILOGLU A. 2002. The effect of zinc application on uptake of cadmium in some cereal species. Agricultural and Forest Science 6: 553-556. ADILOGLU A

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Journal of Landscape Ecology

The Journal of Czech National Chapter of the Association for Landscape Ecology (CZ-IALE)