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Agata Izabela Cieślik

-69. Barton LL, Dunkle LM, Habib FH. 1987. Septic arthritis in childhood. A 13-year review. Am J Dis Child 141(8):898-900. Bianucci R, Giuffra V, Bachmeier BE, Ball M, Pusch CM, Fornaciari G, Nerlich AG. 2012. Eleonora of Toledo (1522-1562): Evidence for tuberculosis and leishmaniasis co-infection in Renaissance Italy. Int J Paleopathol 2(4):231-35. Borejko M, Dziak A. 1979. Badanie radiologiczne w ortopedii. Warszawa:Państwowy Zakład Wydawnictw Lekarskich. Christian S, Kraas J, Conway WF. 2007. Musculoskeletal Infections

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Sylwia Trambacz-Oleszak, Alicja Krzyżaniak, Ineza Szafrańska-Komarowska and Maria Kaczmarek

References Askari J, Hassanbeigi A, Khosravi HM, Malek M, Hassanbeigi D, Pourmovahed Z, Alagheband M. 2013. The relationship between obesity and depression. Procedia Soc Behav Sci 84:786-800. Bahls S-C. 2002. Depression in childhood and adolescence: clinical features. J Pediatr 78(5): 359-66. Beck AT, Steer RA, Carbin MG. 1988. Psycho-metric properties of the beck depression inventory: twenty-five years of evaluation. Clinical Review 8(1):77-100. Beck AT, Steer RA, Brown GK. 1996. BDI-II. Beck Depression Inventory. Manual. San Antonio: The

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Violeta A. Killian Galván, Celeste T. Samec and Héctor O. Panarello

13 (1-2): 46-53. Bogaard A, Heaton THE, Poulton P, Merbach I. 2007.The impact of manuring on nitrogen isotope ratios in cereals: archaeological implications for reconstruction of diet and crop management practices. J Archaeol Sci, 34, 3: 335-343. Cadwallader L, Beresford-Jones DG, Whaley OQ, O’Connell TC. 2012. The signs of maize? A reconsideration of what δ13C values say about palaeodiet in the Andean region. Hum Ecol 40:487-509. Coplen TB, Krouse HR, Bohlke JK. 1992. Reporting of nitrogen-isotope abundances. Pure

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Wioleta Umławska

References Adair L., 2001, Size at birth predicts age at menarche , Pediatrics. , 107 , e59. Barker D.J.P., 1999, Early growth and cardiovascular disease , Arch. Dis. Child. , 80 , 305-310. Barker D.J.P., 2002, Fetal programming of coronary heart disease , Trends. Endocrinol. Metab. , 13 , 364-368. Buday J., 1981, Age at menarche in girls with sensory deprivation , Acta Med. Auxol. , 13 , 131-139. Buday J, I. Kaposi

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Maciej Henneberg and James Grantham

result of the lifestyle. Hum Ecol Special Issue 13(1):85-89. Hounnou G, Destrieux C, Desme J, Bertrand P, Velut S. 2002. Anatomical study of the length of the human intestine. Surg Radiol Anat 24:290-94. Hsieh PS. 2011. Obesity and carcinogenesis. J Cancer Res Pract 27(6):242-56. Kannel WD. Gordon T, Castelli WP. 1979. Obesity, lipids and glucose intolerance. Am J Clin Nutr (32)6:1238-45. Kunej T, Jevsinek Skok D, Zorc M, Ogrinc A, Michal JJ, Kovac M, Jiang Z. 2012. Obesity gene atlas in mammals. Journal

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Mohamed Adel Bakir, Kholoud B Hammad and Khuzama M Habil

and its application to screening for postmenopausal osteoporosis: synopsis of a WHO report. WHO Study Group. Osteoporosis Int 4:368-81. Kanis JA. 1997. Diagnosis of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis Int 7:108-16. Kanis, JA, Melton LJ, Christiansen C, Johnston CC, Khaltaev N. 1994. The diagnosis of osteoporosis. J Bone Mineral Res 9:1137-41. Larijani B, Resch H, Bonjour JP, AghaiMeybodi HR, MohajeryTehrani MR. 2007. Osteoporosis in Iran, Overview and Management. Iranian J Publ Health A supplementary issue on Osteoporosis 1-13. Looker AC, Orwoll ES

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Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Sroka, Barbara Kwiatkowska, Jacek Szczurowski, Stanisław Gronkiewicz and Paweł Dąbrowski

References Abler WL. 1976. Asymmetry in the skulls of fossil man: Evidence of lateralized brain function. Brain Behav Evol 13:111-15. Acsádi G, Nemeskéri J. 1970. History of Human Life Span and Mortality. Budapest: Akademia Kiado. Ahmadi MS, Ahmadi M, Dehghan A. 2014. Osteoid osteoma presenting as a painful solitary skull lesion: a case report. Iran J Otorhinolaryngol 26:115-8. Barei DP, Moreau G, Scarborough MT, Neel MD. 1999. Percutaneous radiofrequency thermal ablation of osteoid osteoma

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Paraskevi Tritsaroli

pelvis. Radiology 172:835–39. Jankauskas R. 2003. The incidence of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis and social status correlations in Lithuanian skeletal materials. Int J Osteoarchaeol 13(5):289-93. Jensen J, Ur Rehman H. 2013. Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis. CJGIM 8:31-32. Janssen HAM, Maat GJR. 1999. Canons buried in the ‘Stiftskapel” of the Saint Servaas Basilica at Maastricht AD 1070-1521. Barge’s Anthropologica No 5. Leiden, Barge’s Anthropological, pp. 1–43. Kazanaki-Lappa M. 2002. Medieval Athens. In: A. Laiou editor

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Laurie J. Reitsema and Tomasz Kozłowski

. The early Slavs: culture and society in early medieval Eastern Europe. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. Berna F, Matthews A, Weiner S. 2004. Solubilities of bone mineral from archaeological sites: The recrystallization window. J Archaeol Sci 31:867-82. Bocherens H, Drucker D. 2003. Trophic Level Isotopic Enrichment of Carbon and Nitrogen in Bone Collagen: Case Studies from Recent and Ancient Terrestrial Ecosystems. Int J Osteoarchaeol 13:46-53. Bogaard A, Heaton THE, Poulton P, Merbach I. 2007. The impact of manuring

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Frank L’Engle Williams, Katherine M. Lane and William G. Anderson

’Université de Liège, 128, Les Chercheurs de la Wallonie. Horssérie 4, Liège. 305–21. Semal P, Hauzeur A, Toussaint M, Jungels C, Pirson S, Cammaert L, et al. 2013. History of excavations, discoveries and collections. In: Rougier H, Semal P, editors, Spy Cave. 125 Years of Multidisciplinary Research at the Betche aux Rotches (Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Province of Namur, Belgium) vol. 1. Anthropologica et Praehistorica, Bruxelles. 13–39. Smith BH. 1984. Patterns of molar wear in hunter-gatherers and agriculturalists. Am J Phys Anthropol 63:39–56. Smith TM, Toussaint