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Bohdan Ostash

Open access

X. Yu, Y. Guo, X. Zhang, F. Li, Q. Weng, M. Li and S. Gan

. NAYAK, B. JAYASHREE, K. ESHWAR, H. D. UPADHYAYA and D. A. HOISINGTON (2007): Development of cost-effective SNP assays for chickpea genome analysis and breeding. SAT eJournal 3: 1-3. ZHANG, X., F. LI, Y. WANG, L. XU, M. LI and S. GAN (2009): An optimized protocol for sequencing EST-PCR products in Eucalyptus. Genomics Appl Biol 28: 535-543.

Open access

Huwei Yuan, Zhexin Li, Pan Fang, Wei Li and Yue Li

-144. BYRAM, T. D, W. J. LOWE and J. A. MCGRIFF (1986): Clonal and annual variation in cone production in loblolly pine seed orchards. Forest Science 32(4): 1067-1073. CHEN, B.W., Y. ZHENG and X. H. SHEN (1992): Studies on Selection Methods and Criteria of Plus Trees in Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. Journal of Beijing Forestry University 14(1): 7-13. EBERHART, S. A. and W. A. RUSSELL (1966): Stability parameters for comparing varieties. Crop Science 6(1): 36-40. ERIKSSON, G., A. JONSSON and D. LINDGREN (1973): Flowering in a clone

Open access

Jeng-Der Chung, Chih-Ming Chiu, Gordon Nigh, Ching-Te Chien and Cheng C. Ying

Norway spruce mortality. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41: 2326-2336. YANG, J. C., C. H. LEE and C. M. CHIU (1998): Precision of estimating Luanta fir specific gravity by a few outer growth rings. Taiwan Journal of Forest Science 13: 251-257. YANG, J. C., C. H. LEE and C. M. CHIU (2001a): Genetic variation of wood density in Luanta fir tested in central Taiwan. Wood and Fiber Science 33: 486-491. YANG, J. C., C. M. CHIU, T. P. LIN and F. H. KUNG (2001b): No clinal variation in Cunninghamia lanceolata wood density

Open access

M. Shepherd, S. Kasem, D. Lee and R. Henry

forestry projects in Uruguay and Chile, pp. 1-13. In: Hybrid Breeding and Genetics Symposium, edited by H. DUNGEY, M. DIETERS and D. NIKLES. Department of Primary Industries, Noosa, Queensland, Australia. HAQUE, M. S., 1984 Chromosome morphology in 4 species of Eucalyptus L. Her. Cytologia 49: 547-550. HILL, K. D., and L. A. S. JOHNSON (1995): Systematic studies in the eucalypts 7. A revision of the bloodwoods, genus Corymbia (Myrtaceae). Telopea 6: 185-504. HOLMES, W. B. K., F. M. HOLMES and H. A. MARTIN (1983): Fossil

Open access

Katrin Burger, Markus Müller and Oliver Gailing

.foreco.2015.11.014 Durand J, Bodenes C, Chancerel E, Frigerio J-M, Vendramin G, Sebastiani F, Buonamici A, Gailing O, Koelewijn H-P, Villani F, Mattioni C, Cherubini M, Goicoechea PG, Herran A, Ikaran Z, Cabane C, Ueno S, Alberto F, Dumolin P-Y, Guichoux E, de Daruvar A, Kremer A, Plomion C (2010). A fast and cost-effective approach to develop and map EST-SSR markers: oak as a case study. BMC Genomics 11(570): 1-13. Ellis JR, Burke JM (2007) EST-SSRs as a resource for population genetic analyses

Open access

B. Wielinga, C. A. Raymond, R. James and A. C. Matheson

. Prentice Hall, Pearson Education, Harlow, UK. 464 p. GRABIANOWSKI, M., B. MANLEY and J. WALKER (2004): Impact of stocking and exposure on outerwood acoustic properties of Pinus radiata in Eyrewell Forest. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 49: 13-17. HARRIS, J. M. (1991): Chapter 1: Radiata pine in New Zealand. In: KININMONTH, J. A. and WHITEHOUSE, L. J. (eds.). Properties and Uses of New Zealand Radiata Pine: Volume One - Wood Properties. Ministry of Forestry, Forest Research Institute, Auckland, New Zealand. HARRIS, J. M

Open access

Crusty E. Tinio, Saneyoshi Ueno, Kentaro Uchiyama, Lerma S. J. Maldia and Nobuhiro Tomaru

expressed sequence tags and the development of EST-SSR markers for a conifer, Cryptomeria japonica. BMC Genomics 13: 136. Ujino T, T Kawahara, Y Tsumura, T Nagamitsu, H Yoshimaru and W Ratnam (1998) Development and polymorphism of simple sequence repeat DNA markers for Shorea curtisii and other Dipterocarpaceae species. Heredity 81(4): 422- 428. Vieira MLC, L Santini, AL Diniz and CF Munhoz (2016) Microsatellite markers: what they mean and why they are

Open access

Ahmadi Ahmadi

, N., Koutra, P. (2016): A photovoltaic-battery-LED lamp raft design for purse seine fishery: Application in a large Mediterranean lake. Fisheries Research, 177, 18-23 Kissick, L. A. (1993): Comparison of traps lighted by photo-chemical or electric bulbs for sampling warmwater populations of young fish. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 13, 864-867. Kleanthids, P. K., Sinis, A. I., Stergiou, K. I. (1999): Length-weight relationships of freshwater fishes in Greece. Naga, ICLARM Q, 22, 37-41. Kong, K. L., Goldsmith, T. H. (1977

Open access

Friday Elijah Osho and Ridwan Abiola Usman

: Soleidae) from the south coast of Portugal. African Journal of Applied Zoology, 9, 13-19. Ama-Abasi, D., Affia I. N. (2010): Aspects of the biology of Snakeshead, Parachanna obscura (Gunther 1861) in the Cross River Nigeria. Global Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 9, 2, 7-13. Anene, A. (2005): Condition Factors of Cichlid Species of Man-made Lake in Imo State, Southeast, Nigeria. Journal of Fish and Aquatic Science, 5, 43-47. Anyanwu, D. C. Mkpado M., Ohaka C.C (2009): Economic Analysis of Artisanal Fishing at River Niger Onitsha, Anambra State