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How the Management May Affect Dispersal of Slender Speedwell (Veronica filiformis Smith) in Meadows and Pastures

Europe. Grass and Forage Science. 64: 443-453. M üller N. & S ukopp H. 1993. Synanthrope Ausbreitung und Vergesellschaftung des Fadenförmigen Ehrenpreises – Veronica filiformis Smith. Tuexenia. 13: 399-423. P ergl J., S ádlo J., P etrusek A., L aštůvka Z., M usil J., P erglová I., Š anda R., Š efrová H., Š íma J., V ohralík V., P yšek P. 2016. Black, Grey and Watch Lists of alien species in the Czech Republic based on environmental impacts and management strategy? NeoBiota. 28: 1-37. P eniašteková M. & Z linská J. 1995. Veronica

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Antioxidative Responses of Microalgae to Heavy Metals

. Physiological parameters utilization for metals ecotoxicity determination. Acta Environ. Univ. Comenianae (Bratislava). 20: 7-13. G est N., G autier H. & S tevens R. 2013. Ascorbate as seen through plant evolution: the rise of a successful molecule? J. Exp. Bot. 64: 33-53. G oiris K., V an C olen W., W ilches I., L eón -T amariz F., D e C ooman L. & M uylaert K. 2015. Impact of nutrient stress on antioxidant production in three species of microalgae. Algal. Res. 7: 51-57. H amed S. M., Z inta G., K löck G., A sard H., S elim S. & A

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On the Occurrence of the Introduced Pest Thrips simplex () (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in Slovakia

REFERENCES C ollins D. W. 1998. Recent interceptions of Echinothrips americanus Morgan (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) imported into England. Entomol. Month. Magaz. 134: 1-3. D enmark H. A. & P oe S. L. 1972. The gladiolus thrips, Taeniothrips simplex (Morison) in Florida (Thysanoptera: Thripidae). Florida department of agriculture and consumer services, Division of plant industry. Entomol. Circ. 119: 1-2. D enmark H. A. & P rice J. F. 1998. Gladiolus thrips, Thrips simplex (Morison) (Insecta: Thysanoptera: Thripidae). University of Florida

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Structure Analysis and Diversity of Bacterial Community and their Resistance Determinants in a Nickel-Contaminated Soil in Southwest Slovakia

of the not readily cultivable bacteria. J. Microbiol. Methods 57: 379-390. H ussein H., F arag S. & M oawad H. 2003. Isolation and characterization of Pseudomonas resistance to heavy metals contaminants. Arab. J. Biotechnol. 1: 13-22. I yaka A. Y. 2011. Nickel in soils: A review of its distribution and impacts. Sci. Res. Essays. 6: 6774-6777. K aeberlein T., L ewis K. & E pstein S. S. 2002. Isolating “uncultivable” microorganisms in pure culture in a simulated natural environment. Science 296: 1127-1129. K arelová E., H arichová J

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Ecological Risk Assessment Framework

Committee E-47 on Biological Effects and Environmental Fate. ASTM International, 564 p. J änsch S., A morim M.J. & R ömbke J. 2005. Identification of the ecological requirements of important terrestrial ecotoxicological test species. Environ. Rev. 13: 51-83. L erche I. & G lässer W. 2006. Environmental Risk Assessment: Quantitative Measures, Anthropogenic Influences, Human Impact. Springer, Berlin, 343 p. P austenbach D.J. (ed.) 2002. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: Theory and Practice. Hazard identification. Chapter 2. John Wiley & Sons. New

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