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Archives of Mining Sciences

The Journal of Committee of Mining of Polish Academy of Sciences

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Lei Zhang, Zhiwei Ye, Jun Tang, Dingyi Hao and Cun Zhang

, Australia. International Journal of Coal Geology, 70 (1-3), 240-254. Sayyafzadeh M., Keshavarz A., 2016. Optimisation of gas mixture injection for enhanced coalbed methane recovery using a parallel genetic algorithm. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 33, 942-953. Scott A.R., 2002. Hydrogeologic factors affecting gas content distribution in coal beds. International Journal of Coal Geology, 50 (1-4), 363-387. Shimada S., Li H., Oshima Y., Adachi K., 2005. Displacement behavior of CH4, adsorbed on coals by

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Wiktor Filipek, Krzysztof Broda and Marian Branny

. Troskolański A.T., 1957. Hydromechanika techniczna tom III Pomiary wodne. Państwowe Wydawnictwa Techniczne, Warszawa. Trzaska A., 1965. Experimental Research on the Phenomenon of Colmatage. Bull. Acad. Polon. Sci., Ser. Sci. Techn., 13, 9. Trzaska A., 1972. New Kinetics Equations of the Colmatage Process and their Application. Archiwum Górnictwa, 17, 4, 361-384. Trzaska A., 1983. The Effect of Colmatage on the Porosityof Heterogeneous Porous Media. Archives of Mining Sciences, 28, 1, 3-11 Trzaska A., Broda K

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Krzysztof Polak, Karolina Kaznowska-Opala, Katarzyna Pawlecka, Kazimierz Różkowski and Jerzy Klich

References Atkinson L.C., Gale J.E., Dudgeon C.R., 1994. New Insight into the Step-Drawdown Test in Fractured-Rock Aquifers. Applied Hydrogeology, Vol. 2, No. 1, p. 9-18. Avci C.B., 1992. Parameter Estimation for Step-Drawdown Tests. Ground Water, Vol. 30, No. 3, p. 338-342. Bruin J., Hudson Jr., H.E., 1961. Selected Methods for Pumping Test Analysis. Illinois State Water Survey W.C. Ackermann, Urbana. De Zwart A.H., Currie P.K., de Boer J., Vafaie Naeini A., Schotting R.J., 2008. Experimental

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Andrzej Nowakowski and Mariusz Młynarczuk

, ISRM News Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1. P. 27-41. Jansen D.P. et al., 1993. Ultrasonic imaging and acoustic emission monitoring of thermally induced microcracks in Lac du Bonnet granite . J. Geophys. Res., 98, 31-43. Jiang H-k., Zhang L., Zhou Y-s., 2000. Granite deformation and behaviour of acoustic emis-sion sequence under the temperature and pressure condition at different crust depths , Acta Seis-mologica Sinica, Vol. 13, No. 4, p. 424-433. Kožušniková A., 1999. Zkoušky porušování ohřívaných hornin vodním paprskem bez

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Tomasz Niedoba and Dariusz Jamróz

13th Symposium on the Interface, p. 268-273, New York: Springer Verlag. Heike H., 2000. Exploring categorical data: interactive mosaic plots. Metrika 51, p. 11-26. Hurley C., Buja A., 1990. Analyzing high-dimensional data with motion graphics. SIAM Journal on Scientific & Statistical Computing, vol. 11, no. 6, p. 1193-1211, Nov. Inselberg A., Dimsdale B., 1994. Multidimensional lines I: representation. SIAM J. Appl. Math. 54 (2), p. 559-577. Inselberg A., 1985. The plane with parallel coordinates

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Andrzej Gonet, Stanisław Stryczek and Krzysztof Brudnik

References Brudnik K., Gonet A., Stryczek S., 2001. Wypełnianie pustek w górotworze otworami TO S-1 i SP-1 odwierconymi w rejonie centrum niecki osiadań powstałej na skutek dopływu wody do poprzeczni Mina w Kopalni Soli Wieliczka . Warsztaty nt. Zagrożeń naturalnych w górnictwie: Wieliczka, 29 maja - 1 czerwca 2001; Polska Akademia Nauk. Instytut Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi i Energią; Wyższy Urząd Górniczy: PAN IGSMiE, 2001. - (Sympozja i Konferencje / PAN IGSMiE; nr 49). s. 279-283. Dudek J., Pietruszka B., 1996

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Durgacharan Panigrahi, Satish Kumar Sinha and Garib Nath Singh

References Levin I.R., Rubin S.D., 1998. Statistics for Management. Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance, pp. 567-644, Pearson Education, Delhi, India. Panigrahi D.C., 1996. A Study of Fire Problem in an Opencast Mine over Developed Pillars and its Abatement Measures. MIF-1996, Calcutta, India, pp. 319-330. Singh T.N., 2013. Surface Mining of Coal seams Standing in Pillars. Surface Mining, pp. 183-195, Lovely Prakashan, Dhanbad, India. Vijh K.C., 1995. Productivity improvement due to

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Marek Cała, Michał Kowalski and Agnieszka Stopkowicz

References Aringoli D., Calista M., Gentili B., Pambianchi G., Sciarra N., 2008. Geomorphological features and 3D modeling of Montelparo mass movement (Central Italy). Engineering Geology, Vol. 99, p. 70-84. Berge I., Li B., 1968. Report concerning testing of ore and siderock NTH. Trondheim, unpublished. Cała M., 2007a. Numerical slope stability analysis. AGH University of Science and Technology. Series: Monographs, No. 171, (in polish). Cała M., 2007b. Convex and concave slope stability analysis with numerical methods. Archives of Mining

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Piotr Burmistrz and Krzysztof Kogut

References Belkin H.E., Finkelman R.B., Wang Q., Wang B., Zheng B. 2009. Mercury in China coals . Abstracts of the 21 st Annual Meeting of the Society for Organic Petrology, vol. 21, p. 28. Buitrago P.A., 2011. Gas-phase Mercury Oxidation: Effect of Bromine, Chlorine and SO 2 under Air Firing and Oxy-fuel Conditions, Experimental and Modelling Study . University of Utah. Burmistrz P., Bytnar K., Kogut K., Rychcik P., Stelmach S., 2008. Wiarygodność wyników badań węgla kamiennego . Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi, 24, p. 33-48. Cao Y