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Mihail-Bogdan Căruțașiu, Constantin Ionescu and Horia Necula

References Anastastiu, B. (2011, November). Principles for Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. Retrieved January 13, 2017, from Consultation on Directive 2010/31/EU on the Energy Performance of Buildings (Recast). (2011) . Anastastiu, B. (Ed.). (2011, August). EUROPE’S BUILDINGS UNDER THE MICROSCOPE A country-by-country review of the energy performance of buildings. Retrieved December 13, 2017, from . Anastastiu, B. (2012, August). Implementing nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) in Romania – towards a

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Adriana Duțescu and Cristina Stroie

References Barker, V. L., & Duhaime, I. M. (1997). Strategic change in the turnaround process: Theory and empirical evidence. Strategic Management Journal, 18(1), 13-38. Bufan, R. (2017). Consecinţele fiscale nebănuite ale reducerii unor creanţe prin planul de reorganizare. Revista Phoenix de insolventa, 59, 5-10. Cochran, A.B. (1981). Small business mortality rates: a review of literature, Journal of Small Business Management, 19(4), 50-59. Chandler, A.D.(1962).Strategy and structure: Chapters

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Gabriela Cecilia Stănciulescu and Elisabeta Ilona Molnar

.S.E. Stănciulescu, G. (2013). Management of travel agency, Bucureşti Editura A.S.E. Stiglitz, J. E. (1989). Chapter 13 Imperfect information in the product market. Handbook of Industrial Organization Handbook of Industrial Organization Volume 1, 769-847. doi:10.1016/s1573-448x(89)01016-2.

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Mihaela Cornelia Popescu

References Alicke, K. & Losch, M. (2010). Lean and mean: how does your supply chain shape up? Mckinney&Company Benavides-Pena, I., Garza-Amaya, V., Garza-Madero, C. & Villarreal, B. (2017). Improving On-time delivery eliminating routing waste- a case study. Morocco, International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Apr. 11-13 Brown, A., Amundson & J., Badurdeen, F. (2014). Sustainable value stream mapping (VSM) indifferent manufacturing system configurations; applications and studies

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Francesco Bellini and Iana Dulskaia

assessment of Software-as-a-Service and Internet of Services research projects . RESEARCH EVALUATION; ISSN: 0958-2029 Passani, A., Spagnoli, F., Bellini, F., Prampolini, A., & Firus, K. (2016). Collective Awareness Platform for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) . In Organizational Innovation and Change (pp. 103-114) - LECTURE NOTES IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND ORGANISATION (LNISO) Vol. 13. Springer International Publishing. Uricchio, W. (2004). Beyond the Great Divide: Collaborative networks and the challenge to dominant conceptions of creative

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Ileana Gavrilescu

, McKinsey Quarterly 56(1), 75–86. Lovins, A., Lovins, H., and Hawken, P. (2007). A road map for natural capitalism, , (accessed on 13 November 2016). Lerch, C., Kley, F., Dallinger, D. (2011). New business models for electric Cars - A holistic approach, Energy policy, 39(6), 3392-3403. Matzen, D.; Tan, A.R.; Andreasen, M. (2005). Product/Service-Systems: Proposal for Model and Terminology. In: 16. Symposium “Design for X”, Neukirchen, 13-14 October 2004,

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Cosmin Ilie

stakeholder groups? Organization Science, 13(1), 64-80. Zbuchea A. (2010). The Museum 2.0, Marketing and Education in Museums (coord. Ovidiu Baron, Eliza Penciu), Sibiu: Astra Museum, 1(2010), 7-24. Zbuchea, A. (2005). A marketing vision on museum exhibitions, Museum Magazine 1(2), 81-85.

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Tatiana Segal and Shahrazad Hadad

’organisation. Fayolle, A. (2004). Entrepreneuriat: appendre à entreprendre , Paris: Dunod. Fayolle, A., Filion, L.J. (2006). Devenir entrepreneur: des enjeux aux outils , Paris: Pearson Education France. Lange, J., Marram, E., Brown, D., Marquis, J., and Bygrave, Willim. (2012). IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP A PROFESSION? (SUMMARY), Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research : Vol. 32(5), Article 13. Nicolescu, O. (2001). Managementul întreprinderilor mici şi mijlocii: concepte, metode, aplicatii, studii de caz , Bucureşti: Editura Economică. Nicolescu, O., Plumb, I

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Carmen Păunescu, Alexandra Ioana Pascu, Adina Filculescu and Raluca Badea

References Anwar, M.U., & Rashid, A.G. (2011). Female entrepreneurs: A review of the literature and proposed conceptual framework. Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Business Management. Retrieved from Berthe, A., Berthe-Sanou, L., Konate, B., et al. (2013). The elderly in sub-Saharan Africa: a vulnerable population often ignored in public policy. Sante Publique, 25, 367-371. Botham, R., & Graves, A. (2009). The grey economy: How third age entrepreneurs are