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Renata Stachowicz-Rybka

References AALTO M.M., COOPE G.R., CURRANT A.P., MC GLADE J.M., PEGLAR S.M., PREECE R.C., TURNER C., WHITEMAN C.A. & WRAYTON R.C. 1996. Early Middle Pleistocene fossiliferous sediments in the Kesgrave Formation at Broomfield, Essex, England: 83-119. In: Turner Ch. (ed.), Proceedings of the SEQS Cromer Symposium Norwich (United Kingdom) 3-7 September 1990. Balkema, Rotterdam Brookfield. AALBERSBERG G. & LITT T. 1998. Multiproxy climate reconstructions for the Eemian and Weichselian. Jour. Quat. Sci., 13: 367

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Oto Hudec and Slávka Klasová

REFERENCES ACS, Z. and MEGYESI, M. (2007), Creativity and Industrial Cities: A Case Study of Baltimore. Jena Economic Research Paper . BARRO, R. (2001), Education and Economic Growth., [in:] HELLIWELL, D. J. (ed.), The Contribution of Human and Social Capital to Sustained Economic Growth and Well-Being , Canada: Human Resources Development. CARTA, M. (2009), Culture Communication and Cooperation, Three Cs for a Proactive Creative City, International Journal of Sustainable Development . 12 (2), pp. 124–133. CLIFTON, N., COOKE, P. and

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Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series

The Journal of Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun

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The Journal of Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Ústí nad Labem

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Journal of Environmental Geography

The Journal of University of Szeged

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Acta Geologica Polonica

The Journal of Polish Academy of Sciences

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The Journal of Mineralogical Society of Poland

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Geodesy and Cartography

The Journal of Committee on Geodesy of Polish Academy of Sciences

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Barbara Sensuła and Sławomir Wilczyński

biological systems. A combination of several independent indicators constitutes a useful tool in environmental analysis, such as in dendrochronological and climatological research. Scientists attribute the variations in the stable isotope composition to climate changes, and also to anthropogenic effects ( Gagen et al ., 2011 ; Leonelli et al ., 2012 ; Sensuła and Pazdur, 2013a , 2013b ; Sensuła, 2016b ). A decrease in the δ 13 C concentration in the air and the biosphere is associated with an increase in the CO 2 concentration in the atmosphere ( Craig, 1954

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Christopher Jeans, Xiufang Hu and Rory Mortimore

isotopes: a new δ<sup>13</sup>C carbonate reference for the Cenomanian-Campanian (99.6-70.6 Ma). Geological Magazine , 143 , 561-608. Jeans, C.V. 1980. Early submarine lithification in the Red Chalk and Lower Chalk of eastern England; a bacterial control model and its implications. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society , 43 , 81-157. Jeans, C.V. 1984. Patterns of mineral diagenesis; an introduction. Clay Minerals , 19 , 263-270 Keller, G., Han, Q., Adatte, T. and Burns, S.J. 2001. Palaeoenvironment of the