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Tribometric Device for Determining Friction Forces and Friction Coefficients in the Case of Dry Friction of Materials

REFERENCES [1] Tudor A, Vlase M. – Uzarea materialelor, Ed. Bren Bucureşti (Bren Press, Bucharest), 2010. [2] Petre, I.C., Popescu, I.N., The Phenomenological Analysis Of The Nature Of The Friction, From Theoretical And Experimental Point Of View Of Al-Al2O3-Graphite Composite/Cast Iron „Pin On Disc” Sliding System. International Journal of Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics, 2017 (2), pp.40-47. [3] Popescu, I.N., Petre, I.C., Despa, V., Analytical and Experimental Studies on Wear Behaviour of Cast and Heat Treated AlSi 12 CuMgNi and AlZn 6 MgCu

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Design of Microfluidic Device and Measurements of MPWM for Single Cell /Particle Manipulation

over a smart surface. Sensors, 12(12) (2012) 16771-16784. [10] Ardeleau, M., Mihai, S., Gurgu, V., & Olteanu, L. Microscopic Enclosures Modelling Designated For Biomedical Applications of Cellular Manipulation Type In Liquid Environment., Scientific Bulletin of Valahia University-Materials and Mechanics, 10(13)(2015) 199-201 [11] Ivan, I. A., Ardeleanu, M., Laurent, G. J., Tan, N., & Clevy, C.. The metrology and applications of PSD (position sensitive detector) sensors for microrobotics International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technologies (ISOT 2012

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Theoretical Model Used in Monitoring the Losses from Water Networks Due to Water Control Measurement Batteries

piata si de punere in functiune a mijloacelor de masurare [11] *** HG nr. 711/2015 - Stabilirea condi_iilor pentru punerea la dispozi_ie pe piaţă a mijloacelor de măsurare [12] *** Ordin BRML nr. 148/2012 - Aprobarea Listei oficiale a mijloacelor de măsurare supuse controlului metrologic legal L.O.-2012 [13] *** HG nr. 384/1998 Recunoasterea etaloanelor nationale

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Determining the Heat Regime in the Working of a Coupling with Sliding Motion

Kennedy, F.E.- Contact surface temperature models for finite bodies in dry and boundary lubricated sliding, Journal of Tribology, jan. 1993, vol 115, p.411-418; [10] Blok, H., - The Flash temperature Concept, Wear, 6, 6, 1963, p.483-494; [11] Yevtushenko, A.A., Ivanyk, E.G., and Ukhanska, O.M. - Transient temperature of local moving areas of sliding contact, Tribology Intl., 30, 1997, p. 209-214; [12] Greenwood, J.A. - An interpolation formula for flash temperatures, Wear, 150, 1991, p. 153-158 [13] Bond-Zen Ting, Winer, W.O. – Friction induced

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Structural and Morphological Investigations on Coreshell Hybrid Microparticles

-based Li-ion Cells, pp 13-38, Ed. Springer, 2016; [4] Matsuyama K, Formation of TiO2-polymer composite microparticles by rapid expansion of CO2 saturated polymer suspensions with high shear mixing, Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 40(1), pp117-124, 2007; [5] Deb, P.; Basumallick, A., Kinetics of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticle evolution from an organic precursor, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp.527-531, 2004; [6] Matsuyama, Kiyoshi; Kenji Mishima; Kenichiro Hayashi; Ryugen Ohdate, Preparation of Composite

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Special Concrete with Polymers

5 REFERENCES [1] Lech Czarnecki “ Concrete polymer composites (C - PC) – Change per continuation”, 13 th International Congress on Polymers on Concrete, Portugal, 2010. [2] Sugama T, Kukacka L.E. “The effect Of dicalcium silicate (C 2 S) and tricalcium silicate (C 3 S) on the thermal stability of vinil type polymer concrete”, Cem. Concr.Res., vol 9, No 1, p 69-76. [3] Larbi J.A., Bijen J.M.J.M. “A study of interface between some polymer dispersion and Portland cement during hydration”, Proc Of VI ICPIC, p . 185 – 192. [4] Putterman M

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Experimental Results Obtained in a Proactive Maintenance of Industrial Equipment Operating in Lukoil Refinery

, Burlacu, G., ş.a., Editura MatrixRom, Bucureşti, 2005 [12] Idhammar I., Preventive Maintenance, Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Book, IDCON Inc. 1999 [13] Pavel, A., Siguranţa în funcţionare a utilajelor petrochimice (vol. 1 – 3), Editura Tehnică, Bucureşti, 1987

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Determination of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient by Simple Thermal Analyze

aluminum alloy A356 solidification cast in cylindrical permanent molds, Revista Matéria, v. 13, n. 2, pp. 294 – 303, 2008 [4] Konopka Z., Łągiewka M., Zyska A.: Evaluation of the heat transfer coefficient at the metal-mould interface during flow, Archives of Foundry Engineering, Volume 7, Issue 4/2007, 101-104 [5] Ulkarni S.N. K., Adhakrishna D.K. R: Effect of casting/mould interfacial heat transfer during solidification of aluminium alloys cast in CO 2 -sand mould, Materials Science-Poland, 29(2), 2011, pp. 135-142 [6] Jabbari M., Fardi Ilkhchy A

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Tribological Characterization of the Nanostructured Thin Films Deposited by Intelligent Methods, for Mechatronic and Biomedical Applications

References [1] A. O. Mateescu, G. Mateescu, “Multilayer inorganic/organic tribological coatings for space applications-SpaceCoat”, Contract with Romanian Space Agency, 2013-2014 [2] S. L. Rohde, W. D. Munz, “Sputter deposition in Advanced Surface Coating”: A Handbook of Surface Engineering, Glasgow and London, 1991, 96-126. [3] W. D. Sproul, “Physical vapour deposition tool coatings”. Surface and Coatings Technology. 1996; 81, 1-7. [4] I. Stamatin, “Nanomaterials. Applications in biosensors, renewable energy, medicine, biology”. University

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