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S. Gopinath, A. Ramachandra Murthy, D. Ramya and Nagesh R. Iyer

, India. 11. H.C. Henry, Wong, K.H. Albert Kwan, Packing Density: A key concept for mix Design of high performance concrete, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 12. P. Domone, C. Hsi-Wen, Testing of binders for high performance concrete. Cement and Concrete Research, 27, 8, 1141-1147, 1997. 13. N.Q. Feng, Y.X. Shi, T.Y. Hao, Influence of ultra fine powder on the fluidity and strength of cement paste, Advances in cement Research, 12, 3, 89-95, 2000. 14. C.C. Furnas

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B. Chmielewska, A. Garbacz, G. Adamczewski and B. Rymsza

spowodowane wydzieleniem wodoru przez beton. Inżynieria i Budownictwo nr 10/2004 4. Koronne C.J., Buska J.S., Cortez E.R., Greatorex A.R.: Procedures for the evaluation of sheet membrane waterproofing. Special Report 99-11. US Army Corps of Engineering, 1999. 5. Fleming D.: Shedding Lights on Osmosis in Resin Flooring. Protective Coating Europe, 2 (9), 2004. 6. Laukkanen K., Paroll H., Pitkänen P., Vesikari E., Prevention of bridge deck sheet membrane waterproofing blistering. Finnish National Road Administration, Helsinki Final report 45/1998. 7. EN

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D. Prakash and P. Ravikumar

. 12. C. ZHANG, Y. CHEN, L. WU, M. SHI, Thermal response of brick wall fi lled with phase change materials (PCM) under fl uctuating outdoor temperatures, Energy and Buildings, 43, 3514-3520, 2011. 13. D. DAVID, F. KUZNIK, J.J. ROUX, Numerical study of the infl uence of the convective heat transfer on the dynamical behaviour of a phase change material wall, Applied Thermal Engineering, 31 3117-3124, 2011. 14. P. RAVIKUMAR, D. PRAKASH, Analysis of thermal comfort in a offi ce room by varying the dimensions of the windows on adjacent

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J. Kawecki and A. Kowalska

& Buildings, 159, pp. 1-11, 2006. 8. J. Blume, Motion perception in the low-frequency range. Contract report AT(26-l)-99. US Atomic Energy Commission, Nevada Operations Office. July 1969. 9. A.J. Benson, E. Diaz P. Farrugia, The perception of body orientation relative to a rotating linear acceleration vector. Fortschr. zool., 23, pp. 264-274, 1975. 10. T. Goto, Studies on wind-induced motion of tall buildings based on occupant’s reactions. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 13, pp. 241-252, 1983

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P. Sangeetha and R. Senthil


This paper investigates the behaviour of axially-loaded tubular columns filled with M20 grade concrete and partially replaced concrete. The parameters varying in the study are slenderness ratio (13.27, 16.58 & 19.9), and normal M20 grade concrete, partially replaced quarry dust and concrete debris. The effects of the various concrete mixes and composite action between the steel tube and the concrete core are studied and a graph visualizing the differences between the load carrying capacity and the axial deflection is plotted. Some of the performance indices like the Ductility Index (DI), Concrete Contribution Ratio (CCR), Confinement Index (θ) and Strength Index (SI) are also evaluated and compared amongst the CFST columns. From the results it has been noted that an increase in the L/D ratio decrease the behaviour of the composite columns irrespective of the in filled materials. The composite action was achieved in the CFST columns filled with partially replaced quarry dust and concrete debris when compared with hollow steel columns. The load carrying capacity of the CFST column increases by 32 % compared with the hollow tubular columns.

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J. A. Żurański and A. Sobolewski

. 9. Z. Mendera, J. Murzewski, “Rozwój Fortologii – Statystycznej teorii obciążeń”. Archiwum Inżynierii Lądowej, vol. XXVII, No 4, 585-598, 1981, 10. Y. Mori, T. Kato, K. Murai, “Probabilistic models of combinations of stochastic loads for limit state design”. Structural Safety, 25, 69-97, 2003. 11. J. Murzewski, “Combination of actions for codified design”.- Structural Safety, 13, 113-135, 1993. 12. A. S. Nowak, K. R. Collins, “Reliability of Structures.” McGraw Hill, New York, 2000. 13. L. Östlund, “Load Combination in Codes”, Structural

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J. Paslawski, R. Milwicz and P. Nowotarski

(1), s. 33-41 13. PSMB, www:, accessed: April 14th, 2015 14. A. Stabryla (Ed.), Overview of problems perfecting of enterprise management systems, Ed. Mfiles, Krakow 2011 15. Recruitment data form FCEE, Faculty of April 20th, 2015 16. Strategy for PUT development - horizon 2020 [in Polish], www:, accessed: April 15th, 2015 17. Strategy Europe 2020, www:

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R. Bijak

References 1. S.P. Timoshenko, J.M. Gere, “Theory of elastic stability”, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, New York, 1961. 2. M. Salvadori, “Lateral buckling of eccentrically loaded I-columns”, Translacions of the ASCE, 121:1163-78, 1956. 3. D.A. Nethercot, K.C. Rockey, “A unified approach to the elastic lateral buckling of beams”, The Structural Engineer, 49:321-30, 1971. 4. F. Mohri, A. Brouki, J.C. Roth, “Theoretical and numerical stability analyses of unrestrained, monosymmetric thin-walled beams”, J. of

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D. Skorupka and M. Kowacka

„Geodezyjna obsługa inwestycji”. 10. M. Połoński, K. Pruszyński, Ryzyko projektowania przedsięwzięć inżynierskich, Wiadomości Projektanta Budownictwa, nr 1, s. 23-27, 2008. 11. M. Rogalska, A. Czarnigowska, Z. Hejducki, T. O. Nahurny, Metody wyznaczania czasu trwania procesow budowlanych z uwzględnieniem pogodowych czynnikow ryzyka, Przegląd budowlany, nr 1, s. 37-42, 2006. 12. O. Kapliński i inni, Metody i modele badań w inżynierii przedsięwzięć budowlanych, Wydawnictwo PAN KILiW IPPT, Warszawa, 2007. 13. T

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G. Leonardi

low volume road structures–comparison with measurements,” 2002, pp. 2–5. 11. G. R. C hehab , Characterization of asphalt concrete in tension using a viscoelastoplastic model : North Carolina State University, 2002. 12. S. P irabarooban , M. Z aman , and R. T arefder , “Evaluation of rutting potential in asphalt mixes using finite element modeling,” in Annual Conference of the Transportation Association of Canada Transportation , St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, 2003, pp. 1–16. 13. M. A. E lseifi , I. L. A l -Q adi , and P. J. Y oo