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Assessing environmental fragility in a mining areafor specific spatial planning purposes

accidents in Europe. Technical Report, Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union, Vol. 13. FERREIRA, I. A. (2017): Measuring state fragility: a review of the theoretical groundings of existing approaches. Third World Quarterly, 38(6): 1291–1309. FIGUEROA, F., SÁNCHEZ-CORDERO, V. (2008): Effectiveness of natural protected areas to prevent land use and land cover change in Mexico. Biodiversity and Conservation, 17(13): 32–23. FRANTÁL, B., KUNC, J., KLUSÁČEK, P., MARTINÁT, S. (2015): Assessing Success Factors of Brownfields Regeneration

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stavebné a environmentálne inžinierstvo
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Viticultural landscapes: Localised transformations over the past 150 years through an analysis of three case studies in Slovakia

katastru pro potřeby krajinné ekologie. Kartografické listy, 13: 1–10. BURDOVÁ, L. (2012): Fyloxéra a perenospóra. Historika. Malokarpatský historický občasník. Pezinok, OZ Museum Vinorum, 1(1): 34–36. CAMBEL, S. (2005): Päťdesiate roky na slovenskej dedine. Prešov. UNIVERSUM. CARAVELI, H. (2000): A comparative analysis on intensification and extensification in mediterranean agriculture: dilemmas for LFAs policy. Journal of Rural Studies, 16(2): 231–242. CARRANZA, M. L., ACOSTA, A., RICOTTA, C. (2007): Analyzing landscape diversity in time: The

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Assessment of territorial benefits and efficiency from the construction of motorway and speed train networks: The Czech case

KEELING, D. J. (2008): Transportation geography – new regional mobilities. Progress in Human Geography, 32(2): 275–283. KHADAROO, J., SEETANAH, B. (2008): The role of transport infrastructure in international tourism development: a gravity model approach. Tourism Management, 29(5): 831–840. KORUNKA, C., KUBICEK, B. (2017): Job demands in a changing world of work. Cahm, Springer. KRAFT, S. (2012): A transport classification of settlement centres in the Czech Reepublic using cluster analysis. Moravian Geographical Reports, 20(3): 2–13. KRAFT, S

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Rental Housing Market in Riga: Price Determinants and Lesson Keys of Helsinki

:// Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. Households' incomes. (CSB. (2015a). Mājsaimniecību rīcībā esošie ienākumi.) Retrieved September 1, 2018, from Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. Poverty Risk Index, based on the status of the ownership of the built-up area, gender and age of the population (%) (CSB. (2015b). Nabadzības riska indekss pēc apdzīvotās platības īpašumtiesību statusa, iedzīvotāju dzimuma un vecuma (%).) Retrieved

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Performance Assessment Methods of Managers in Kosovo Businesses

REFERENCES Armstrong, M. (2006). Performance management . 3rd ed. London: Kogan page. Aune, M., & Roed, J. (2011). Forced Ranking: Friend or Foe? – On forced ranking and its effect on intrinsic motivation, justice perceptions and performance. Master Thesis, Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Psychology, BI Norwegian Business School. Balogun, J., & Hailey, V. H. (2008). Exploring Strategic Change . Third edition, FT Prentice Hall. Bogardus, M. A. (2007). PHR/SPHR: Professional in Human Resources Certification

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Measuring the Efficiency of Indian Real Estate Firms During the Pre- and Post-Demonetization Period by Adopting Data Envelopment Analysis

REFERENCES Ajinkya, B., Sujaan, M., Harshet, S., & Geetha, I. (2018). Effects of Demonetization on the Real Estate Sector. Pacific Business Review International , 10 (7), 85–94. Arindam, B. (2018). Measuring the efficiency of Indian cement companies utilizing data envelopment analysis during the pre and post-recession period. Serbian Journal of Management , 13 (2), 201–213. Ashima, G., & Gagan, B. (2017). Demonetization Impact on various Sectors. International Journal for Scientific Research

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Infrastructure Development and Property Sales in Low Income Residential Properties in Bulawayo

Transport Research, 21 (4), 3–14. Lombard S., Behrens R., and Virully F. (2017). Value Creation Around Transport Infrastructure in South Africa: The Case of Gautrain, 36 th Southern African Transport Conference (SATC 2017), 10–13 July, Pretoria, South Africa. Mikelbank B. A. (2004). Spatial analysis of the relationship between housing values and investments in transportation infrastructure, The Annals of Regional Science , 38 (4), 705–726. Nubi T. O. (2002). Procuring, Managing and Financing Urban

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The Paradigm Shifts of Community Governance in China

). Mencius’s Teachings. Beijing: Zhonghua Book Publishing House. Wang, W., Li, L., & Shen, H. (2018). The Approaches to Establishing a Pluralist Governance in Community Level. Administrative Reform , 67–73. Wu, X. (2016). Politics of Housing Rights: Homeowners United Right-Protecting Action in Urban China. Beijing: Central Interpretation & Compiling Press. Xi, J. (10 March 2018). The Speech Delivered on the Chongqing Panel of 13th People’s Congress. Retrieved December 5, 2018, from People Net

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Effects of light pollution on tree phenology in the urban environment

. HortScience, 26: 203–205. CASHAMORE, A. R. (2003): Cryptochromes: Enabling Plants and Animals to Determine Circadian Time. Cell, 114: 537–543. CATHEY, H. M., CAMPBELL, L. E. (1975): Security lighting and its impact on the landscape. Journal of Arboriculture, 1(10): 181–187. CHANEY, W. (2002): Does night lighting harm trees? Circular FNR-FAQ-17, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University [online]. [cit. 13.11.2016]. Available at: CHUCHMA, F., STŘEDOVÁ, H., STŘEDA, T

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