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Jānis Kleperis, Biruta Sloka, Justs Dimants, Ilze Dimanta and Jānis Kleperis

Symposium “Transport and Air Pollution” (vol. 2, pp. 259-266). Graz University of Technology, Austria, 19-21 June. Kleperis, J. (2007). The First Riga Action Program for the Improvement of Air Quality: Achievements and Challenges. In Environment And Sustainability Profile For Riga, Riga City Council, Riga Sustainability Management Centre “Agenda 21”, (pp. 13-22), Riga. Kleperis, J., Bajars, G., Bremere, I., Menniks, M., Viksna, A., Osite, A., & Pavlicuks, D. (2011). Air Quality in Riga and Its Improvement Options. Environmental and Climate

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Ņikita Kočanovs, Raja Kočanova and Olesja Bogodistaja

., & Hofmann, H. (1992). Handbook of Lighting Design. Verlag Vieweg. ISBN 3528088958 Ott, J. N. (1973). Health and Light. Alpharetta, GA, United States: Alliance Press. ISBN 13 9780898040982 Livingstone, M, & Hubel, D. H. (2008). Vision and art: the biology of seeing, New York: Abrams. ISBN 978081099554. Mood. (n. d.). In Oxford dictionaries. Retrieved November 2, 2017, from Rosenthal, N. E., Sack, D. A., Gillin, J. C., Lewy, A. J., Goodwin, F. K., Davenport, Y

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Edmond Çera and Arta Sinamati

corruption in a cross-country perspective: why are some individuals more perceptive than others? Economia Aplicada, 14(2), 183-198. Moreno, A. (2002). Corruption and Democracy: A Cultural Assessment. Comparative Sociology, 1(3), 495-507. Nye, J. S. (1967). Corruption and Political Development: A Cost-Benefit Analysis. American Political Science Review, 61(02), 417-427. Sullivan, J. L., Piereson, J

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Shumank Deep, Mohd Asim, Neeti Kesarwani and Shweta Kandpal

construction. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 24(3), 407-425. Dawson, B. (2008). The new world of value transfer ppps. Infrastructure: Policy, Finance and Investment, 12-13. Deep, S., Asim, M., & Ahmad, S. A. (2017a). Earned Value based Liability Calculation Algorithm for Schedule Delays in Construction Projects. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 10(15), 1-10. Deep, S., Asim, M., & Khan, M. K. (2017b

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Sergey A. Kirsanov and Yevgeny N. Safonov

). Problems and Innovations in Providing Information on the Management of Apartment Buildings. Journal of Economic Integration, 7(51), 65-73. Kirsanov, S. A., & Safonov, E. N. (2013). Improvement of Public Housing Policy in Russia through an Example of Saint Petersburg / The XI International scientific conference Management and Engineering - 13, June 23-26, 2013, Sozopol, Bulgaria. p. 556. Kruglik, S. I. (2008). Methodological Framework of Managing Russian Cities Housing and Utilities Sector (Doctoral dissertation summary

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Vincent Uwaifiokun Aihie and Matthew Ikuabe

Contemporary Models on Valuation Practice in Nigeria, Hong Kong SAR, TS 3C- Valuation Practice, Strategic Integration of Survey of Services, FIG Week, 13-17. Quantity Surveying. Retrieved from (2010, October 2) Breedt, J. (2010). “Estimating: A valid exercise or a false sense of security?” An unpublished B.Sc dissertation submitted to the Department of Built Environment and Information Technology University of Pretoria, South-Africa. Brook, M. (2017). Estimating and tendering for

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Sindija Balode and Uldis Kamols

:// Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. Households' incomes. (CSB. (2015a). Mājsaimniecību rīcībā esošie ienākumi.) Retrieved September 1, 2018, from Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. Poverty Risk Index, based on the status of the ownership of the built-up area, gender and age of the population (%) (CSB. (2015b). Nabadzības riska indekss pēc apdzīvotās platības īpašumtiesību statusa, iedzīvotāju dzimuma un vecuma (%).) Retrieved

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Fereshteh Molla Mohammadi

References Aharoni, Y. (1966). The foreign investment decision process. The International Executive, 8(4), 13- 14. Anwar, S., & Sun, S. (2011). Financial development, foreign investment and economic growth in Malaysia. Journal of Asian Economics, 22(4), 335-342. Asiedu, E. (2002). On the determinants of foreign direct investment to developing countries: is Africa different? World development, 30(1), 107-119.

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Lutfi Zharku

-20. Retrieved from Kosovo’s Assembly. (2008). Law no. 03/L-048 on management and accountability of public finances, 1-45. Retrieved from Kosovo’s Assembly. (2011). Law no. 004/L-001 on Budget of Republic of Kosovo for the year 2011. 1-13. Retrieved from Kosovo’s Assembly. (2013a). Law no. 004/L-165 on Budget of Republic of Kosovo for the year 2013, 1-11. Retrieved from

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Ana Letícia B. F. Lemos and Linda Kauškale

. (2016). Instituto cidade jardim. Retrieved October 4, 2017, from Saiz, S., Kennedy, C., Bass, B., & Pressnail, K. (2006). Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Standard and Green Roofs. Environmental Science & Technology, 40(13), 4312-4316. Savi, A. C. (2012). Telhados Verdes: Análise Comparativa de Custo com Sistemas Tradicionais de Cobertura. Monografia (Sustainable