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Kristijan Civljak

. W. Berry (Eds.), Handbook of cross-cultural psychology, Vol. II: Methodology (pp. 389–444). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. Brown, L., & Moore, G. (1970). The intra-urban migration process: A perspective. Geografiska Annaler, 42B, 1–13. Bubalo-Zivkovic, M., Djercan, B., Lukic, T., & Jovanovic, G. (2014). Moving to the welfare countries: Emigrants from Serbia 1961-2002. European Researcher, 71 (3). doi:10.13187/issn.2219-8229 Carr, S. C. (2010). Introduction: The psychology of global mobility. In S. C. Carr (Ed.), The psychology of global

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Todd J. Barry

:// . [13] Pressman, S. (2014). Fifty Major Economists, 3rd Edition. New York, NY: Routledge. [14] Ricardo, D. (1817). The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo . In P. Sraffa and M.H. Dobb. (Eds.) Vol I. On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, (1951 ed.). [15] Salvatore, D. (1996). Schaum’s International Outlines: International Economics: 4th Ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. [16] United States Trade Representative. (2018a). “European Union.” Retrieved June 6. https

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Journal of Intercultural Management

The Journal of Spoleczna Akademia Nauk

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Gurkan I. Akalin and Edmund L. Prater

References 1. Acemoglu, D. (2009). The crisis of 2008: lessons for and from economics. A Journal of Politics and Society, 21 (2/3), 185-194. 2. Arango, S., Nadiri, M. I. (1981). Demand for money in open economies. Journal of Monetary Economics, 7 (1), 69-83. 3. Bahmani-Oskooee, M. (1996). The black market exchange rate and demand for money in Iran. Journal of Macroeconomics, 18, 171-176. 4. Calvo, G. A., Végh, C. A. (1992). Currency substitution in developing countries: An Introduction. IMF

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Radislav Jovovic, Elvis Lekic and Miroslav Jovovic

. 13. Keating, B., Rugimbana R., Quazi A. (2003), Differentiating between service quality and relationship quality in cyberspace, Managing Service Quality , 13, (3). 14. Kenova V., Jonasson P. (2006), Quality online banking services , Technical Report , Jonkoping International Business School. 15. Lewis B.R. (1991), Service quality: An international comparison of bank customers’ expectations and perceptions, Journal of Marketing Management 7. 16. Miles, M.B., & Huberman, A.M. (1994), Qualitative Data Analysis , Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE

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Νikolaos A. Kyriazis

References 1. Blinder, A. S. (1999). Central Banking in Theory and Practice. MIT Press. 2. Buiter, W. H. (2005). New developments in monetary economics: two ghosts, two eccentricities, a fallacy, a mirage and a mythos. The Economic Journal, 115(502), C1-C31. 3. Buiter, W. H., & Sibert, A. C. (2007). Deflationary bubbles. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 11(04), 431-454. 4. Cukierman, A. (1994). Central bank independence and monetary control. The Economic Journal, 104(427), 1437-1448. 5

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S. Igbinosa, Ogbeide Sunday and Akanji Babatunde

Economics, 14(3), pp. 20-45. 6. Igbinosa, S. O. and Ogbeide, S. A. (2016). Banking sector development and performance of the Nigerian economy. International Journal of Research, 1(1), pp. 13-34. 7. Imad, R. Z., Qais., K. A., and Thair., K. A (2011). Determinants of Bank Profitability: Evidence from Jordan. International Journal of Academic Research. 3(4), pp. 180-191. 8. Johansen, S. (1988). Statistical Analysis of Cointegration Vectors. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 12(2-3) pp. 231-254. 9. Javaid

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Sebastian Klaudiusz Tomczak

References Agarwal V., Taffler R., 2008, Comparing the performance of market- based and accounting-based bankruptcy prediction models, Journal of Banking & Finance, vol. 32, pp. 1541-1551. Antonowicz P., 2015, Bankructwa i upadłości przedsiębiorstw. Teoria - praktyka gospodarcza, studia regionalne, UG, Gdańsk. Central Statistical Office Reports, Structural Changes of Groups of the National Economy entities in the REGON Register, 2006-2017, (access: 13.03.2018). Central

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Svetozar Tanasković and Maja Jandrić

Integration, Oesterreichische Nationalbank , issue 3, pages 48-66. 13. Klein, N. 2013. Non-Performing Loans in CESEE; Determinants and Impact on Macroeconomic Performance. IMF Working Papers 13/72 14. Louzis, D.P., Vouldis, A.T. & Metaxas, V.L. (2010). Macroeconomic and bank-specific determinants of non-performing loans in Greece: a comparative study of mortgage, business and consumer loan portfolio. Bank of Greece Working Papers 118 15. Makri, V., Tsaganos, A. & Bellas, A. (2014). Determinants of Non- Performing Loans: The

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Radoje Žugić and Nikola Fabris

., Tristani, O., Vestin, D., (2005.). Imperfect Knowledge and Monetary Policy . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 12. Mishkin, F. (1999). Global Financial Instability: Framework, Events, Issues. Journal of Economic Perspective , 13(4): 3 - 20. 13. Schinassy, J., (2006.). Safeguarding Financial Stability . Washington: International Monetary Fund. 14. Schwartz, A., (1995.), “Why Financial Stability Depends on Prices Stability”, Economic Afairs , 15(3): 21-35. 15. Službeni list Crne Gore, (2010). Zakon o