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V. Kumar, R. Venkatesan and B. Rajan

References Donkers, B., Peter C. Verhoef and M.G. de Jong (2007), “Modeling CLV: A Test of Competing Models in the Insurance Industry”, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Vol. 5, No. 2. (June 2007), pp. 163 - 190. Kumar, V., Denish Shah and Rajkumar Venkatesan (2006), “Managing Retailer Profitability - One Customer at a Time!” Journal of Retailing, 82(4), pp. 277 - 294. Kumar, V., Rajkumar Venkatesan, Tim Bohling and Denise Beckmann (2008), “The Power of CLV: Managing Customer Lifetime Value at IBM

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Karpal Singh Dara Singh and Md. Aminul Islam

References Aaker, D.A. (1996), “Measuring brand equity across products and markets”, California Management Review, Vol. 38, No. 3, pp. 102-120. Aaker, D.A. (1991), Managing brand equity: Capitalizing on the value of a brand name. New York: Free Press. Abraham, M. (2001), “Top of mind awareness in industrial markets: Why you need to get and keep it!”. Retrieved March 18, 2012 from . Bhattacharya, C.B. and Sen, S. (2003), “Consumer-company identification: A framework for understanding

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Katarzyna Lisek

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Andrea Kolková and Lucie Lenertová

. [11] Kim, Hong-Joong; Moon, Kyoung-Sook. (2011) Variable time-stepping hybrid finite difference methods for pricing binary options. Bulletin of the Korean Mathematical Society . Volume 48, Issue 2, 2011, pp.413-426, Publisher : The Korean Mathematical Society [12] Kolková, A. (2016) Bollinger Bands use technical analysis in the forex business. Aktuálne problémy podnikovej sféry 2016. In press. [13] Miyake, M, Inoue, H, Shi, J, & Shimokawa, T 2014, 'A Binary Option Pricing Based on Fuzziness', International Journal Of Information Technology & Decision

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Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór

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Lidia Białoń

: PWE. 10. Okoń-Horodyńska, E. (2008). Edukacja dla innowacji, Nauka i Szkolnictwo Wyższe 1(31). 11. Oslo Manual. The Measurment of scientificant technological Activists. Proposed for collecting and interpreting innovation data. Third edition 2005. 12. Sosnowska, A., Łobejko, S. (2007). Współpraca placówek naukowych i firm innowacyjnych- doświadczenie oraz oczekiwania polskich małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw, Nauka i Szkolnictwo Wyższe 1(29). 13. Tylżanowski, R. (2014). Zarządzanie projektami

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Mduduzi Biyase and September Rooderick

in developing countries: A comparative analysis. ASARC working papers 2010/13. Nunnenkamp, P., & Spatz, J. (2002). Determinants of FDI in developing countries: Has globalization changed the rules of the game? Transnational Corporations, 11:1-34. Phung, H. (2016). Determinants of FDI into developing countries. Mark A, Israel 91 Endowment Summer Research fund in Economics. Ranjan, V., & Agrawal, G. (2011). FDI Inflow Determinants in BRIC countries: A Panel Data Analysis. International Business Research, 4(4), 255.

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Črt Lenarčič

, J. (1983). Oil and the Macroeconomy since World War II. Journal of Political Economy, 91, 228-248. Hamilton, J., & Herrera, A.M. (2004). Oil Shocks and Aggregate Macroeconomic Behavior: The Role of Monetary Policy. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 36(2), 265-286. Herrera, A.M., & Pesavento, E. (2007). Oil Price Shocks, Systematic Monetary Policy and ‘Great Moderation’. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 13(1), 107-137. Hongzhi, T. (2010). Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Japan’s Economy: A DSGE Approach. International

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Bogdan Sojkin and Sylwia Michalak

the didactic potential of universities), according to the co-financing agreement WND-POKL 04.01.01.-00-235/13 under the submeasure 4.1.1 PO KL. The authors of this article served the roles of Project Manager and Project Coordinator. 7 See:,c13/projekty,c2098/projekt-staze-dla-wydzialu-towaroznawstwa,c2421/informacje-o-projekcie,a18989.html (viewed on 11.11.2017).