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Krzysztof Zagórski

. and Varvariousis, A. (2017). Another Economy is Possible – Culture and Economy in a Time of Crisis. Cambridge: Polity Press. Estes, R.J. (2016). Global Change and Indicators of Social Development. In: F. Maggino (ed.), A Life devoted to Quality of Life: A Festschaft in Honor of Alex Michelos. Springer, Fioramonti, L. (2017). Economics, Politics and International Relations in the Post-Growth Era. Cambridge: Polity Press. Flourbaey, M. and Banchet, D. (2013). Beyond GDP – Measuring Welfare and

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Monika Golonka

embededness. Administrative Science Quarterly , 42 : 35–67, Ventures, I.J. (2005). Executive insights: relationship formation in international joint ventures: insights from Australian – Malaysian. Journal of International Marketing , 13 (3): 105–134, Wassmer, U. (2010). Alliance portfolios: a review and research agenda. Journal of Management , 36 (1): 141–171, Xie, E., Peng, M. W. and Wenhong, Z. (2013). Uncertainties, resources, and

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Mohd Azman Idris, Nor Faridah Ab Aziz and Salliza Zailee

. 8 No. 5, pp. 65-68. Idris, M. A. & Suliman, A [2006] The Future Trend on Standards and Quality Practices in Malaysia, Proceedings of 11 th International Conference on ISO 9000 and TQM (11st ICIT) , Hong Kong, 10-12 April 2006 Quek, E. E & Yusof, S. M. [2003]. A survey of TQM practices in the Malaysian Electrical and Electronic Industry, Total Quality Management , Vol 14. No.1, pp. 63-77 Selamat, B. & Osman, M. R. [2008] The Adoption of Automotive Quality System (ISO/TS 16949:2002) amongst Malaysian Manufacturing SMEs, Proceedings of 13 th International

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Hesham Magd and Salah Hamza

Innovation Journal of the KMCI , Vol. 1, pp. 43-67 Davenport, T. H., Delong, D. W. and Beers, M. C. (1998), “Successful knowledge management projects”, Sloan Management Review , Vol. 39, No. 2, pp. 43-57 Galagan, P. (1997), “Smart companies (Knowledge Management)”, Training and Development , Vol. 51, No. 12, pp. 20-25 Halawi, L. A., McCarthy, R. V. and Aronson, J. E. (2006), “Knowledge management and the competitive strategy of the firm”, The Learning Organization: An International Journal , Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 384-397 Hubert, S. (1996), “Tacit knowledge: The

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Mohamad Ishak Bin Mohamad Ibrahim and Mashkuri Bin Yaacob

References Hellsten, U. and Klefsjö, B. (2000), “TQM as a managemnt system consisting of values, techniques and tools”, The TQM Magazine, Vol. 12 No. 4, pp. 238-44. Juran's (1999), “Quality Handbook”, 5 th edition, McGraw-Hill Lagrosen, S. (2001), “Strengthening the weakest link of TQM – from customer focus to customer understanding”, The TQM Magazine, Vol. 13 No. 5, pp. 348-54. Lassâad Lakhal, Federico Pasin, Mohamed Limam, (2006), “Quality management practices and their impact on performance”, International Journal of Quality & Reliability

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Neng-Quan Wu and Shu-Zhi Zhu

References Badiru, A. B. (1990), 'A System Approach to Total Quality Management,” Industrial Engineering, 1990, March, p.33-36 Grgory H. Watson (2001), “Cycles of Learning Observations of Jack Welch”, Six Sigma Forum Magazine Vol 1, November 2001, pp13 Harry J. Levinson and Chuck DeHont (1992),“Leading to Quality”, May 1992, pp55 Ho K. M. Samuel (1999), “TQM: An Integrated Approach”, School of Business Hong Kong Baptist University Press. Liu, Songbai (2011), “Research on the function of leadership in quality management of Chinese SMEs”, in

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Kelly Sze Wee Koh, Leslie Soon-Lim Chan and Samuel K. M. Ho

. International Journal of Service Industry Management, 13(5): 432-451. Gruber, T., Szmigin, I., & Voss, R. (2009). Handling customer complaints effectively. Managing Service Quality, 19(6): 636-656. Harris, E. G., Ladik, D. M., Artis, A. B., & Fleming, D. E. (2013). Examining the influence of job resourcefulness on sales performance. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 21(4): 405-413. Ho, H. T., & Svein O. O. (2012). Certainty, risk and knowledge in the satisfaction-purchase intention relationship in a new product

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Olga Kolomiiets, Magdalena Krzyżanowska and Grzegorz Mazurek

analysis of company-sponsored value co-creation. Journal od Management Information System , 29 : 141–172, Corbin, J. and Strauss, A. (1990). Grounded Theory Research: Procedures, Canons, and Evaluative Criteria. Qualitative Sociology , 13 (1): 3–21, Deci, E.L. and Ryan, R.M. (1985). Self-Determination . Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Deci, E.L. and Ryan, R.M. (2000). The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of Goal Pursuits: Human Needs and the Self-determination of Behavior

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Hj. Abdul Ghani Mohd. Hashim, Dato' Hj. Abdul Rahim Bin Ahmad, Dato' Hj. Abdullah bin Che Mat and Ir. Abdullah Chik

References Ho S. K. M. (1995-97), TQM: An Integrated Approach – Implementing TQ through Japanese 5-S and ISO 9000 , Kogan Page, UK (95 & 97 Ed.), HK Baptist Uni. (99 Ed.). Ho S. K. M. & Lee N. C. (Oct 94). “ISO 9000: A Strategic Quality Tool for the Construction Industry”, Campus Construction , Journal of the Chartered Institute of Building, Vol.2, No.3, pp.13-15, UK. Ho S. K. M. (1997), 5-S: The Key to Improve your Quality and Productivity , Hong Kong Government Industry Department Workbook, HK Baptist Uni., Hong Kong. Ho S. K. M. & Fung C. (Dec