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Team Learning Processes and Activities in Organization: A Case Study

-124. Lazarević, S. & Krstić, A. (2013). Characteristics of Team Learning in Contemporary Organizations. In: Chova G. L., Martinez L. A. & Torres C. I. (Eds.): 5th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies - EDULEARN13 (pp. 411-420), 1 st -3 rd July, Barcelona, Spain. Lazarević, S. (2014). Team learning in the function of the development of the bureaucratic organization as a learning organization. Тhemes , 2, 837-853. Lazarević, S. & Lukić, J. (2015). Building Smart Organization Throught Learning and Development of Employees. In

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stavebné a environmentálne inžinierstvo
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Effects of the Application of the CRM Concept to Profitability of the Banks

References Arsovski S., (2002), Quality Economics Management, University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac Brink, A., Berndt, A.(2009): Customer Relationship Management & Customer Service , Juta andCo Ltd., Lansdowne Forsyth, R. (2001): Six Major Impediments to Change and How to Overcome Them in CRM . Kotler Ph., Keller K. L. (2006): Marketing Management . Data Status.Belgrade, 2006. Mahesh Agnihotri; Ganga Bhavani (2015): “Impact of Customer Relationship Management Practices on the Profitability of UAE Banks”A Comparative Study

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Discriminant Analysis - Useful Tool for Predicting Demand in Serbian Motels

5. References Ahmad, M., Ariffin, A., & Ahmad, A. (2008). Evaluating the services of Malaysian hotels from leisure traveller’s perspectives. Jurnal Pengursuran , 27, 69-83. Afiffin, A., & Maghzi, A. (2012). A preliminary study on customer expectations on hotel hospitality: Influences of personal and hotel factors. International Journal of Hospitality Management , 31, 191-198. Bastič, M. (2006). Metode raziskovanja . Maribor: Ekonomsko-poslovna fakulteta. Bergin-Seers, S., & Jago, L. (2007). Performance measurement in small motels in

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Timisoara Journal of Economics and Business
The Journal of The West University of Timisoara
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Determinants of Innovation-based Sustainability in Transition and Developing Economies

Economics, 13 (2), 200-214. Aubert, J.-E. (2005). Promoting innovation in developing countries. World Bank Policy Research Working Papers, No. 3554. Ayyagari, M., Demirgtic-Kunt, A., & Maksimovic, V. (2011). Firm innovation in emerging markets: The role of finance, governance and competition. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 46 (6), 1545-1580. Ayyagari, M., Demirgtic-Kunt, A., & Maksimovic, V. (2010). Are innovating firms victims or perpetrators? Tax evasion, bribe payments, and the role of external finance in developing countries. Policy

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The Effects of State Development Banks on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises

References Acs, Z.J. & Audretsch, D.B. (1988). Innovation in large and small firms: An empirical analysis . American Economic Review 78(4):678–690. Ateljević, J., Stefanović, S., Ivanović-Đukić, M. & Janković-Milić, V. (2016). Researching the Entrepreneurial Sector in Serbia. In: Ateljević, J. & Trivić, J. (Eds.), Economic Development and Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies (pp.129-146). Springer, Cham. Ayyagari, M., Demirguc-Kunt, A. & Maksimovic, V. (2011). Small vs. Young Firms across the World: contribution to Employment, Job

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South East European Journal of Economics and Business
The Journal of University of Sarajevo
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Evidence for and Against the Validity of Efficient Market Hypothesis

and Stock Return Seasonality. Journal of Financial Economics , 12, 13-32. Kelly, S., McClean, J. & McNamara, R. (2008). The Low P/E Effect and Abnormal Returns for Australian Industrial Firms. The 21st Australian Finance and Banking Conference , Sydney, Australia. Lakonishok, J., Shleifer, A. & Vishny, W. R. (1993). Contrarian Investment, Extrapolation, and Risk. Working Paper No. 84 , The University of Chicago. Lakshmi, VDMV. & Roy, B. (2012). Price Earning Ratio Effect: A Test of the Semi Strong Form of Efficient Market Hypothesis in Indian

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Determinants of Export Oriented Entrepreneurs from Southeast Europe Region

(2), 185-204. Kylaheiko, K., Jantunen, A., Puumalainen, K., Saarenketo, S., & Tuppura, A. (2011). Innovation and internationalization as growth strategies: The role of technological capabilities and appropriability in: International business review , 20, 508-520. Lecuna, A., Cohen, B., & Chavez, R. (2017). Characteristics of high-growth entrepreneurs in Latin America. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal , 13 (1), 141-159. Mahemba, C. M., & De Bruijn, E. J. (2003). Innovation activities by small and medium-sized manufacturing

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