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Additive Percent Influence on “Warm Mix” Behavior

References [1]. A. BURLACU: “Contribuţii privind influenţa modului de încercare asupra aprecierii comportării mixturilor asfaltice în exploatare”, Doctorat thesis, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Department of Roads, Railways and Construction Materials, Bucharest, july 2011. [2]. C. RĂCĂNEL, A. BURLACU: "Cercetări de laborator privind mixturile asfaltice de tip „warm mix”, Simposium „Materiale şi Tehnologii Noi în Construcţia şi Întreţinerea Drumurilor şi Podurilor”, 9th edition, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 24

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Preliminary Studies to Use Textile Fibers Obtained from Recycled Tires to Reinforce Asphalt Mixtures

tyre rubber–bitumen blends”. Construction and Building Materials, Volume 67, Part B, 2014 , pp. 270-278. [13] MINHOTO, M.J.C., PAIS, J.C., PEREIRA, P.A.A., PICADO-SANTOS, L.G., “ The influence of temperature variation in the prediction of the pavement overlay life” , Road Materials and Pavement Design, nº 3, vol 6, 2005 , p. 365-384. [14] MINHOTO, M.J.C., PAIS, J.C., PEREIRA, P.A.A., “ The temperature effect on the reflective cracking of asphalt overlays” , Road Materials and Pavement Design. vol 9, nº 4, 2008 , p. 615-632. [15] NETO, S.A

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The role of curing period on the engineering characteristics of a cement-stabilized soil

REFERENCES [1]. J.R. PRUSINSKI, S. BHATTACHARJA: “ Effectiveness of Portland cement and lime in stabilizing clay soils ”, Transportation Research Record, 1652, pp. 1–13, 1999 . [2]. M. GHARIB, H. SABA, A. BARAZESH: “ The effect of additives on clay soil properties using cement and lime ”, International Journal of Basic Sciences & Applied Research, vol. 1(3), pp. 66–78, 2012 . [3]. K. PRAKASH, A. SRIDHARAN, S.M. RAO: “ Lime addition and curing effects on the index and compaction characteristics of a montmorillonitic soil ”, Geotechnical

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Parametric Study on How the Lateral Forces Acting on a Deep Foundation Influences the Axial Forces Developing in the Piles

REFERENCES [1]. “NP 123 Normativ privind proiectarea geotehnica a fundatiilor pe piloti” , UTCB, Contract nr. 314/ 2007 [2]. W. F. CHEN, L. DUAN: “Bridge engineering, substructure design” , Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, New York, 2003 [3]. A. J. BOND, B. SCHUPPENER, G. SCARPELLI, T. L.L. ORR: “Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design Worked examples” , Worked examples presented at the Workshop Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design, Dublin, 13-14 June, 2013 [4]. R. FRANK: “Design of pile foundations following Eurocode 7-Section 7” , Workshop

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Sustainable Transport in Romania vs. European Union. Analysis of Road Transport System from the Sustainable Transport Perspective

References [1]. “European Road Statistics”, European Union Road Federation, 2012. [2]. A. F. CLITAN: “Studii privind dezvoltarea unui sistem de transport durabil”, Teză de doctorat, 2012. [3]. A.F. CLITAN : “Siguranţa Circulaţiei - element al transportului durabil”, Simpozionul Naţional de Siguranţa Circulaţiei, ISBN 978-973-662-481-0, Cluj- Napoca, 12-13 Noiembrie 2009. [4]. Strategia pentru transport durabil pe perioada 2007-2013 şi 2020, 2030, Guvernul României, Ministerul Transporturilor

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Simultaneous Influence of the Track Axis Curvature and the Support Line Obliquity at Railway Bridge Superstructures with Steel Beams Embedded in Concrete

, Management and Life Extension I.A.B.M.A.S. 2014, pp. 2322-2329, ISBN CD-ROM 978-1-138-00103-9, Taylor&Francis Group, Shanghai 7-11 of July, Shanghai, China, 2014 [8]. RĂCĂNEL I.R., STOICESCU G., “ Analysis of the stress state for rails with holes near joints ”, 4th European Conference of CIVIL ENGINEERING (ECCIE ‘13), pp 129-135, , Antalya, Turkey, October 8-10, 2013

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Modal Competition and Complementarity: Cost Optimization at End-User Level

. [4]. A. KORZHENEVYCH, N. DEHNEN, J. BRÖCKER, M. HOLTKAMP, H. MEIER, G. GIBSON, A. VARMA, V. COX: ” Update of the Handbook on External Costs of Transport “, Ricardo - AEA, European Commission – DG Mobility and Transport, MOVE/D3/2011/571, 2014 . [5]. P. HEYNE, P.J. BOETKE, D.L. PRYCHITKO: “ The Economic Way of Thinking ” (13th Ed.), Pearson Publishing, 2014 . [6]. Ş. RAICU: ” Transport Systems ”, Ed. AGIR, Bucharest, 2007 . ( In Romanian ) [7]. J. PERLOFF: ” Microeconomics ”, Pearson Education, 2012 . [8]. R.S. PINDYCK, D.L. RUBINFELD

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Influence of aggregate gradation on hma mixes stability

reduction”, 5th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress, 13-15th June 2012, Istanbul, 10 p., 2012. [6]. W.B. JR. KING, M.S. KABIR, S.B. JR. COOPER, C. ABADIE: “Evaluation of open graded friction course (OGFC) mixtures”, FHWA/LA.13/513 Report, 72 p, 2013. [7]. A. ONGEL, J. HARVEY, E. KOHLER: “State of the practice in 2006 for opengraded asphalt mix design”, Technical Memorandum: UCPRC-TM-2008-07, 39 p, 2007. [8]. CALTRANS: “Open graded friction course usage guide”, California Department of Transportation Sacramento, CA 95819

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Rationale of Complex Indicator of Quality of Public Transport

. 2015 [13]. MAROZZI, M.: Testing for concordance between several criteria. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation , 84 (9), 1843-1850. 2014 [14]. MAZZULLA, G., & EBOLI, L.: A service quality experimental measure for public transport. Trasporti Europein ,34,42–53. 2006 [15]. PARASURAMAN, A., ZEITHAML, V., & Berry, L.: SERVQUAL: a multiple-item scale for measuring consumer perceptions of service quality. Retailing: critical concepts , 64(1), 12 – 37. 2002 [16]. PRIONI, P., & HENSHER, D. A.: Measuring service quality in scheduled

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