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Efficiency vs. The Level of Per Capita Income of Urban-Rural Municipalities in Poland

–100. . Olejniczak, J. (2012). Wskaźnik podstawowych dochodów podatkowych na mieszkańca a poziom rozwoju gmin - na przykładzie województwa dolnośląskiego. Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu, (nr 247 Finanse publiczne), 249–259. Olejniczak, J. (2018). Efficiency of Activity of Urban Municipalities in Poland versus Their Income Level. In: XXI. mezinárodní kolokvium o regionálních vědách, Kurdějov, 13. - 15. června 2018 (pp. 410–416). Kurdějov: Masarykova univerzita.

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Solving Systems of Linear Equations under Conditions of Uncertainty on the Example of the Leontief Model

}\circledcirc \underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{b},\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{a}\circledcirc \bar{b},\bar{a}\circledcirc \underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{b},\bar{a}\circledcirc \bar{b}\}]. \\ \end{align}$$ Consider one of the four basic operations { + , − , ⋅ , / } . $\left\{ +,-,\cdot ,/ \right\}.$ Then (Moore, Kearfott and Cloud, 2009, 11–13): (9) A + B = [ a _ + b _ , a ¯ + b ¯ ] , $$A+B=\left[ \underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{a}+\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{b},\bar{a}+\bar{b} \right],$$ (10) A − B = [ a _ − b ¯ , a ¯ − b _ ] , $$A-B=[\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{a}-\bar{b},\bar{a

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Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction in Poland Against the Background of Foreign Experience

. (1998). Predicting Bankruptcies with the Self-organizing Map. Neurocomputing, 21 (1-3), 191-201. Kniewski, A. (2004). Wzór na bankruta. Businessman, 10, 163-168. Kopczyński, P. (2016). Metody prognozowania upadłości wykorzystywane w praktyce przez polskie przedsiębiorstwa - wyniki badań ankietowych. Zeszyty Teoretyczne Rachunkowości, 89 (145), 95-132. Kolari, J., Caputo, M., Wagner, D. (1996). Trait Recognition: An Alternative Approach to Early Warning Systems in Commercial Banking. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 23 (9-10), 1415

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The Use of the Twitter in Public Benefit Organisations in Poland: How Communicative Function of Tweets Translates Into Audience Reaction?

pressure between the entities conducting socially useful activities. A special market has emerged under this legal act, which can be described as the ‘1% market’ ( Czetwertyński 2016 ). In 2016, nearly 13.2 million taxpayers requested the transfer of 1% of personal income tax to PBO. Revenues from this 1% totalled nearly 618 million PLN which is nearly a 15-fold increase compared to 2005. This amount, however, was not spread evenly between the organisations. The average receipts from 1% of personal income tax per one PBO increased in the past 6 years by nearly 1/4 (from

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Dynamic Fiscal Solvency with Consumption and Capital Taxes

(12), then variational equation is given by (13) y ˙ = F ( x * , α ) y + F ( x * , α )               x                                 α $$\begin{align}& \dot{y}=F\left( x*,\alpha \right)y+F\left( x*,\alpha \right) \\ & \ \ \ \ \ \ \ x\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \alpha \\ \end{align}$$ where F x ( x * , α) is the Jacobian matrix of F and F α ( x * , α) is a vector of partial derivatives of F calculated with respect to the chosen parameter α evaluated at the equilibrium x * . To see how changes in the chosen parameter affect the

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A Multi – Speed Europe, and the Peripherality of Poland

Bank of Poland. Retrieved from: . Łuczyński, W. (2015). Zastosowanie analizy widma wzajemnego w badaniu dynamiki indeksu giełdowego Dax . Poznań: Studia Oeconomica Posnaniensia. Mahadeva, L., Robinson, P. (2004). Unit Root Testing to Help Model Building , Bank of England. OECD data bases, Retrieved from: , download date: 03/25/2018 . Osińska, M. (2006). Ekonometria finansowa . Warsaw: PWE. Stafaski, R. (2008). Synchronizacja cyklu koniunkturalnego a realna

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On the Relation Between Health and Income: A Cross-Country Analysis

of countries with (relatively) high income per capita, but also relatively high incidence of diseases like tuberculosis due to inequality and poor health service quality for the poor majority. We inspected such cases in our study. A careful examination reveals that high income and high TBC incidence countries are relatively few (over the whole sample, 13 such countries) and also usually small (such as Aruba, Farao Islands, Serbia or Timor-Leste). For the sake of estimations, we excluded these countries from the estimations and obtained results qualitatively, the

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Regional dimension of firm level productivity determinants: the case of manufacturing and service firms in Ukraine

Economics and Economic Policy vol. 10 3 91 103 [12] Cieślik A., Gauger I., Michałek J.J., 2017a, Firm Heterogeneity, Location and Export Performance Empirical Evidence from Ukrainian Firm-Level Data, Journal Transition Studies Review vol. 24(2), pp. 65–81. Cieślik A. Gauger I. Michałek J.J. 2017a Firm Heterogeneity, Location and Export Performance Empirical Evidence from Ukrainian Firm-Level Data Journal Transition Studies Review vol. 24 2 65 81 [13] Cieślik A., Gauger I., Michałek J.J., 2017b, Determinants of Productivity of Ukrainian

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Sovereign default and the structure of private external debt

13 155 189 10.1093/rfs/13.1.155 [5] Cavallo, E.A., Valenzuela, P., 2010. The determinants of corporate risk in emerging markets: an option-adjusted spread analysis. International Journal of Finance & Economics 15, 59–74. Cavallo E.A. Valenzuela P. 2010 The determinants of corporate risk in emerging markets: an option-adjusted spread analysis International Journal of Finance & Economics 15 59 74 [6] Celasun, O., Harms, P., 2011. Boon Or Burden? The Effect Of Private Sector Debt On The Risk Of Sovereign Default In Developing Countries

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