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Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stavebné a environmentálne inžinierstvo
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Is the Nigerian Stock Market Efficient? Pre and Post 2007-2009 Meltdown Analysis

financial reform in Nigeria: A capital market perspective, A paper presented before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, Sub-Committee on InternationalMonetary Policy and trade. 11. Asquith, P., & Mullins, D.W., (1983), The impact of initiating dividend payments on shareholders’ wealth, Journal of Business, 56, pp. 77-96. 12. Atoi, N.V., (2014), Testing volatility in Nigeria stock market using GARCH models, CBN Journal of Applied Statistics, 5(2), pp. 65-93. 13. Ayadi, F.O., (1984), The random walk hypothesis and

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The Unemployment of Highly Educated People in Romania. A Panel VAR Approach

, Economics Series, 25(1), pp. 74-91. 12. Burgess, S., (1999), Reallocation of labour: An international comparison using job tenure data, London School of Economics and Political Science, London. 13. Canova, F., & Ciccarelli, M., (2006), Estimating Multi-Country VAR Models, European Central Bank Working Paper, 603, pp. 1-35. 14. Clark, K.B., & Summers, L.H., (1982), The dynamics of youth unemployment, in Freeman, R.B. and D.A. Wise, (editors), The Youth Labor Market Problem: Its Nature, Causes, and Consequences, University of Chicago Press and NBER, pp

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Supporting Ecological Innovation as a Factor for Economic Development

Societal Transitions [online], B.m.: Elsevier, 1.6., 19, s. 31–41. 12. Ipate, N., David, K.G., Ipate, I., Bogdan, A., (2015), The bioeconomy model in future sustainable development, Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldiş” Arad, Economics Series 25(2). 13. Jang, E.K., Park, M.S., Roh, T.W., Han, K.J., (2015), Policy Instruments for Eco-Innovation in Asian Countries, Sustainability 2015, 7(9). 14. Jo, J.H., Roh, T.W., Kim, S., Youn, Y.CH., Park, M.S., Han, K.J., Jang, E.K., (2015), Eco-Innovation for Sustainability: Evidence from 49 Countries in Asia and

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The Economic Growth and the Opportunity for the Private Equity Funds to Divest: An Empirical Analysis for Eastern Europe

Management, (34), pp. 146-160. 12. Jagwani, S., (2000), Supply and demand of venture capital in the US, The Park Place Economist, Vol. 8, pp. 90-98. 13. Johansen, S., (1991), Estimation and Hypothesis Testing of Cointegration Vectors in Gaussian Vector Autoregressive Models. Econometrica, Vol. 59(6), pp. 1551-1580. 14. Kaldor, N., (1957), A model of economic growth, The Economic Jurnal, 67:268, pp. 591-624. 15. Khan, A., (2001), Understanding changes in aggregate business fixed investment, Business review, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Q2

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The Consequences of Shadow Economy and Corruption on Tax Revenue Performance in Nigeria

shadow economy determinants: Ukrainian case, Intellectual Economics, 10(2016), pp. 108-113. 12. Guillermo, R.B.C. & Deyvi, A.A., (2018), The informal economy and its impact on tax revenues and economic growth, Analysis of OECD members and Latin America Countries (1995-2016). Retrieved on 20.03.2019 from: . 13. Hassan, M., (2017), The impact of the shadow economy on aid and economic development nexus in Egypt, Munich Personal RePEc Archive, Available online at:

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The Dynamics of Savings Mobilisation in Lesotho

References 1. African Development Bank, (2008), Annual Report. 2. Agrawal, P., (2000), Savings, Investment and Growth in South Asia, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, India. 3. Agrawal, P., (2001), The Relation between Saving and Growth: Co-integration and Causality Evidence from Asia, Applied Economics, Vol. (33), pp. 499-513. 4. Alguacil, M., Cuadros, A. and Orts, V., (2004), “Does Saving Really Matter for Growth? Mexico (1970 – 2000)”, Journal of International Development, Vol. 2. pp. 281-290. 5. Bankole, A.S. and

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Application of the Perturbation Method for Determination of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors for the Assumed Static Strain

References [1] NAYFEH A. H.: Perturbation Methods, Wiley, New York, 1973, ISBN: 0-471-39917-5. [2] MARASCO A.: Second-order effects on the wave propagation in elastic, isotropic, incompressible, and homogeneous media, International Journal of Engineering Science 47, 2009, pp. 499-511, ISSN: 0020-7225. [3] BELLMAN R.: Introduction to matrix analysis, Mc Grow-Hill Book Comp. Inc., Philadelphia, 1987, ISBN-13: 978-0898713992. [4] MAJOR M.: Fala przyspieszenia we wstępnie odkształconym materiale

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3D Modelling, Animation and Simulation of Mammal’s Migration Across Roads

.1515/bmt.2005.008. [5] COOMBES, A. - MOSS, J. - LINNEY, A. - RICHARDS, R. - JAMES, D.: A mathematical method for the comparison of three-dimensional changes in the facial surface. In: Eur J Orthod. 1991, 13 : 95-110. pmid: 2055258. DOI: 10.1093/ejo/13.2.95. [6] KAU, CH. - RICHMOND, S. - ZHUROV, A. - KNOX, J. - CHESTNUTT, I. - HARTLES, F. et al.: Reliability of measuring facial morphology with a 3-dimensional laser scanning system. In: Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2005, 128: 424 - 30. pmid:16214622. DOI: 10.1016/j.ajodo.2004.06.037. [7] Bear Walking

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Performance of Fiber Optical Sensors in the Structure of Concrete Dams to Deal with the Impact Actions (Case Study: Seimare Dam)

for Water Level Monitoring, Development and Field Test, A Review. IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 13, 2013, pp. 4113 - 4120.

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