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Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Alimentaria
The Journal of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
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Development of fortified bakery products based on kokoro, a traditional Nigerian snack

References [1] O. J. Adebowale, O. M. Komolafe, Effect of supplementation with defatted coconut paste on proximate composition, physical and sensory qualities of a maize-based snack. Journal of Culinary Science & Technology , 16. 1. (2018) 40–51. [2] M. O. Adegunwa, O. D. Adeniyi, A. A. Adebowale, H. A. Bakare, Quality evaluation of kokoro produced from maize-pigeon pea flour blends. Journal of Culinary Science & Technology , 13. (2015) 200–213. [3] O. E. Adelakun, J. A. Adejuyitan, J. O. Olajide, B. K. Alabi, Effect of soya bean

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Flour quality and kernel hardness connection in winter wheat

References [1] F. Békési, A búza endospermium szerkezetének szerepe néhány minőségi búzát termelő országban. (The role of the wheat endosperm structure in some quality-wheat-producing countries). In: Z. Bedo. (ed.), A jó minőségű, keményszemű búza nemesítése és termesztése. (Breeding and cultivation of good-quality and hard-kernel wheat). (2001) 25–34. [2] V. G. Abecassis, J. M. Rousset, A. O. Faye, L. Bar, C. ’Helgouac’h, V. Lullien-Pellerin, Grain characterization and milling behaviour of nearisogenic lines diéring by

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Examination of the selenium content of wheat grasses produced in different soil types in Csik Basin

. 13th International Conference of Chemistry. Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), 2007. Nov. 8-11. (2007) 63-67. [9] Zs. Mándoki, G. Pohn, K. Lóki, Cs. Albert, B. Albert, Zs. Csapó-Kiss, J. Csapó, Determination of selenoamino acids by ionexchange column chromatography and by high performance liquid chromatography. 7th Balaton Symposium on High-Performance Separation Methods. Siófok, 2007. szept. 5-7. P-81. (2007) 139. [10] A. Nelson, O. G. Fitzhugh, H. O. Calvery, Liver tumors following cirrhosis caused by selenium in rats. Cancer Research, 3

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Milling technological experiments to reduce Fusarium toxin contamination in wheat

. (2007) 38-48. [10] C. Raffaseder, Einfluss von Moniliformin und Beauvericin auf Leistungsund Physiologische Parameter von Mastputen. Dissertationsarbeit, Universit ¨at für Bodenkultur, Wien. (2003) [11] J. Reiss, Mycotoxine in Lebensmitteln. Gustav Fischer Verlag Stuttgart - New York (1981) [12] P. M. Scott, Trichotecenes in grains. Cer. Foods World. 35. (1990) 661-666. [13] M. Szeitzné Szabó, A. Hámos, J. Cseh, Á. Ambrus, M. T. Szerleticsné, Gabonaalap´u élelmiszerek fuzáriumtoxin szennyezettségének

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Methods and procedures for the processing of feather from poultry slaughterhouses and the application of feather meal as antioxidant

. Juricskai, Állati eredetű fehérjetakarmányok toll-liszt tartalmának mennyiségi meghatározása [Quantitative determination of feather meal content of animal origin protein feed]. Magyar Állatorvosok Lapja , 7. (1986) 421–426. [11] J. Csapó, J-né Csapó, A toll-liszt összetétele és részarányának kimutatása húslisztekben [Composition of the feather meal, and estimation of its proportion in meat meal]. Szaktanácsok , 3. (1985) 36–43. [12] J. Csapó, I. Sarudi, Toll-fehérje a takarmányokban [Feather protein in feed]. Magyar Mezőgazdaság , 15. (1985) 13. [13

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Effect of different levels of nitrogen on the total polyphenol and total flavonoid content of sorghum and millet flours

. Functional Foods in Health and Disease , 2. (2012) 251–264. [12] B. A. Osuntogun, S. A. Adewusi, J. O. Ogundiwin, C. C. Nwasike, Effect of cultivar, steeping, and malting on tannin, total polyphenol, and cyanide content of Nigerian sorghum. Cereal Chemistry , 66. (1989) 87–89. [13] P. M. Pradeep, Y. N. Sreerama, Impact of processing on the phenolic profiles of small millets: Evaluation of their antioxidant and enzyme inhibitory properties associated with hyperglycemia. Food Chemistry , 169. (2015) 455–463. [14] F. O. Sade, Proximate, Antinutritional

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Production of highly nutritious functional food with the supplementation of wheat flour with lysine

. Hofmann, Influence of baking conditions and precursor supplementation on the amounts of the antioxidant pronyl-Llysine in bakery products. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , 52. (2004) 350–354. [12] J. Mauron, P. A. Finot, F. Mottu, Process for fortifying foodstuffs with pro-lysines . United States Patent 3 993 795. November 23. 1976. [13] A. Mora-Aviles, B. Lemus-Flores, R. Miranda-Lopez, D. Hernandez-Lopez, J. L. Pons-Hernandez, J. A. Acosta-Gallegos, Effects of common bean enrichment on nutritional quality of tortillas produced from

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The role of selenium in nutrition – A review

. Budapest, Mezőgazda Kiadó (2003). [11] K. M. Brown, J. R. Arthur, Selenium, selenoproteins and human health: A review. Public Health Nutrition , 4. (2001) 593–599. [12] M. P. Burke, K. Opeskin, Fulminant heart failure due to selenium deficiency cardiomyopathy (Keshan disease). Medicine, Science, and the Law , 42. (2002) 10–13. [13] L. Calamari, F. Petrera, F. Abeni, G. Bertin, Metabolic and hemato-logical profiles in heat stressed lactating dairy cows fed diets supplemented with different selenium sources and doses. Livestock Science , 142. (2011

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Alternative grains in nutrition

) 4. [13] B. D. Palanisamy, V. Rajendran, S. Sathyaseelan, G. M. Nagappa, B. P. Venkatesan, Health benefits of finger millet (Elcusinecoracana L.) polyphenols and dietary fiber: a review. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 51. (2014) 1021–1040. [14] J. R. N. Taylor, K. G. Duodu, Sorghum and millets: characteristics and quality requirements. Cereal Grains, (2010) 237–263. [15] J. R. N. Taylor, J. Kruger, Millets. Encyclopedia of Food and Health, (2016) 748–757. [16] J. H. Wong, T. Lau, N. Cai, J

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