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The Challenge of Postsecularism

bad priests” ( Kołakowski, 2002 , p. 13). I would like to mention a few names of agnostics’ answers in my questionnaire: the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman about whom I will say more later, the lawyer Ewa Łętowska, the sociologist Świda-Ziemba, the philosopher Jan Woleński, the literary critic Michał Głowiński, and the writer Stanisław Lem. And a few names of believers: the philosopher Elżbieta Wolicka, the publicist Jan Turnau, the sociologist Ireneusz Krzymiński, and the theologian Wacław Hryniewicz. Some, as Jerzy Prokopiuk, described themselves as gnostics. All of

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How to Respond to Conflicts Over Value Pluralism?

Introduction When it comes to understanding socio-cultural conflicts, including conflicts over values, the Netherlands offers an intriguing empirical case, which also helps us to understand similar developments in other West-European countries. Let me start with a recent example of such a conflict, which has caused a lot of social unrest each year since it cropped up for the first time in the fall of 2013. It is about the festival of Sinterklaas , celebrated on December 5. Although it has for centuries been the country’s most important children’s holiday

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Contemporary Religiosity and the Absence of Solidarity With Those in Need

identified themselves with some form of belief in God goes up to 50% ( Vido, Václavík, and Paleček 2006 ; Nešpor 2012 ). When the content of that belief is further explored, we see that only about 10% identify themselves with a traditional Christian understanding of a personal God, whereas up to 40% preferred to speak about some supernatural power, life force, or spirit (Václavík, Hamplová and Nešpor 2017, 13 n12). If we take away 15–20% of atheists, it leaves us still with 30–35% of people who either do not want to respond or do not know what to believe and what to think

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Myths and the American Nation: Jefferson’s Declaration and the development of American nationalism

Bibliography 106 th Congress, 2 nd Session, The Declaration of Independence was the promise; the Constitution was the fulfillment , House Document 2000, [access on: 13.10.2017]. Amar A.R., Kmiec D.W., Perspectives on the Constitution: Understanding Our Constitution , National Constitution Center, [access on: 13.10.2017]. Ammerman D., In the Common Cause: American Response to the

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Corruption in Spain and Catalonia after 2008

” , “El Pais” November 13, 2015, [access on: 15.06.2018]. Huntington S.P., Political order in changing societes , New Heaven 1968, [quoted after:] M. Tymiński, P. Koryś, Korupcja. Przegląd wybranych koncepcji , “Ekonomia” 2002, p. 168. Kamiński A.Z., Kamiński B., Korupcja rządów. Państwa komunistyczne w dobie globalizacji , Warszawa 2004. Kubin T., Lorencka M., Myśliwiec M., Impact of Economic Crisis on the Functioning of Political Systems. A Case Study of Greece , Spain

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Trapped within the law. Will the Kurdish Jews return to their homeland?

[Law 26 of 2006] , [access on: 14.01.2018]. Iraq’s Constitution of 2005 , [access on: 16/01/2018]. Lenarz J.L., In Iraqi Kurdistan, and Jewish Past Comes to Life , [access on: 13.01.2018]. Levin L., Locked Doors: The Seizure of Jewish Property in Arab Countries , Greenwood Publishing Group 2001. Lieber D

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Perspectives of the Kurdish knot in the Middle East

Bibliography Avineri S., The Balkanization Of The Middle East , 27 2012 [access on: 13.05.2013]. Bengio O., The Kurds in a Volatile Middle East , “Mideast Security and Policy Studies” 2017, No. 130. Benken P., Bliski Wschód – powtórka z historii? , śr. [access on: 23.02.2017]. Berg T., Rozwój kwestii kurdyjskiej na Bliskim Wschodzie , “Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International

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Geostationary Belt – State’s Territory or Province of Mankind?

:// [access on: 20.01.2018]. Galicki Z., Prawna delimitacja przestrzeni kosmicznej – problem nadal nierozwiązany , [in:] Wykorzystanie przestrzeni kosmicznej. Świat – Europa – Polska , edit. Z. Galicki, T. Kamiński, K. Myszona-Kostrzewa K., Warszawa 2010. Gomez C.G., Cordoba Y.L., The Equitable Access to the GEO for Developing Countries: A Pending Challenge , 56 th Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space: International Regulations of Space Communications: Current Issues, IAC-13,E7,3,1. Górbiel A., Międzynarodowe prawo kosmiczne , Warszawa 1985

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