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Journal of Applied Computer Science Methods

The Journal of University of Social Science in Lodz

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Cybernetics and Information Technologies

The Journal of Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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Tianxiang Zhang and Gentiane Venture

. Jain, A., et al. Biometrics. - In: Biometrics-Personal Identification in Networked Society.Springer US, 2002. 5. Nixon, M. Gait Biometrics. - Biometric Technology Today, Vol. 16 , 2008, No 7-8, 8-9. 6. Murray, P., et al. Walking Patterns of Normal Men. - J. of Bone And Joint Surgery, Vol. 46 , 1964, No 2, 335-360. 7. Boyd, J., et al. Advanced Studies in Biometrics. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Berlin/Heidelberg, Springer, 2005. 8. Troje, N. Decomposing Biological Motion: A Framework for

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Robert Krupiński

information. International Standard 13818 [12] ISO/IEC. (1998). Information technology – coding of audio-visual objects. International Standard 14496 [13] Kokkinakis, K., Nandi, A. K. (2005). Exponent parameter estimation for generalized Gaussian probability density functions with application to speech modeling. Signal Processing , 85(9), 1852-1858 [14] Krupiński, R., Purczyński, J. (2007). Modeling the distribution of DCT coefficients for JPEG reconstruction. Signal Processing: Image Communication , 22(5), 439-447 [15] Krupiński, R. (2015

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Inna Sydoruk and Yuri Zaychenko

. Modeli i metody prinyatiya resheniy v nechetkikh usloviyakh. Kiyev, Naukova dumka, 2011. [12] P. L. Vilenskiy, V. N. Livshits, Ye. R. Orlova, S. A. Smolyak, Otsenka effektivnosti investitsionnykh proyektov. Moskva, Delo, 1998. [13] S. A. Smolyak, “Uchet spetsifiki investitsionnykh proyektov pri otsenke ikh effektivnosti”, Audit i finansovyy analiz, N3, 1999. [14] Yu.P. Zaychenko, Malikhekh Yesfandiyarifard, “Analiz i sravneniye rezul'tatov optimizatsii investitsionnogo portfelya pri primenenii modeli Markovittsa i

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S. Vimala and J. S. Sathya

-229. 5. Somasundaram, A., S. Somasundaram. Domination in Fuzzy Graphs-I. - Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol. 19, 1998, 787-791. 6. Somasundaram, A. Domination in Fuzzy Graphs-II. - Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics, Vol. 13, 2005, No 2, 281-288. 7. Zadeh, L. A. Fuzzy Sets. - Information Sciences, Vol. 8, 1965, 338-353.

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Gheorghe Sebestyen and Anca Hangan

References [1] V. Barnett, T. Lewis, Outliers in Statistical Data, New York: John Wiley Sons, 1994. ⇒102 [2] V. Chandola, A. Banerjee, V. Kumar, Anomaly detection: a survey, ACM Com- puting Surveys 41, 3 (2009). ⇒103, 108, 114 [3] P. Deac, M. Muste, O. Cretţ, L. Vãcariu, H. Hedesiu, A prototype for the con- tinuous and cost-effective measurement of river discharge, Proc. 2013 19th In- ternational Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science (CSCS '13), Bucureşti, Romania, 2013, pp. 628-633. ⇒111

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Tibor Gregorics

References [1] R. Dechter, J. Pearl, Generalized best-first search strategies and optimality of A ∗, Journal ACM, 32, 3, (1985) 505-536. ⇒192, 199, 204 [2] I. Fekete, T. Gregorics, L. Zs. Varga, Corrections to graph-search algorithms. Proc. of the Fourth Conference of Program Designers, ELTE, Budapest, June 1-3, 1988. ⇒191 [3] T. Gregorics, Which of graphsearch versions is the best? Annales Univ. Sci. Budapest., Sect. Comput. 15 (1995) 93-108. ⇒191, 202 [4] A. Martelli, On the complexity of

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Darya Plinere and Arkady Borisov

building,” Thesis in Information and Commercial Electronics, 2008. [8] M. Horridge, “A Practical Guide To Building OWL Ontologies Using Protégé 4 and CO-ODE Tools - Edition1.3,” The University of Manchester, 2011. [9] C. Lagoze, “Building OWL Ontologies with Protégé,” Cornell University, 2008, [Online]. Available:, [10] D. Plinere, A. Borisov, “A Negotiation-Based Multi-Agent System for Supply Chain Management,” IT and Management Science

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Alexander A. Davydov, Stefano Marcugini and Fernanda Pambianco

References 1. Bartoli, D., A. A. Davydov., G. Faina, A. A. Kreshchuk, S. Marcugini, F. Pambianco. Upper Bounds on the Smallest Size of a Complete Arc in PG(2, q ) under a Certain Probabilistic Conjecture. – Problems Inform. Transm., Vol. 50 , 2014, No 4, pp. 320-339. 2. Bartoli, D., A. A. Davydov., G. Faina, S. Marcugini, F. Pambianco. Conjectural Upper Bounds on the Smallest Size of a Complete ap in PG( N , q ), N ≥ 3. – Electron. Notes Discrete Math., Vol. 57 , 2017, pp. 15-20. 3. Bartoli, D., A. A. Davydov., S. Marcugini, F. Pambianco