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Adam Klimanek, Tomasz Musioł and Adam Stechman

References Kröger D.G.: Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers. Penn Well Corporation, Oklahoma 2004. Idelchik I.E.: Handbook of Hydraulik Resistance , 3rd edn., Begell House, 2001. Stechman A.: Procedure for operation of natural draft wet-cooling towers in winter conditions. PhD thesis, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice 2006 (in Polish). ANSYS FLUENT Theory Guide , Release 13.0. ANSYS Inc. 2010. ANSYS Help

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Kinga Kowalska and Bogdan Ambrożek

] Schork J.M., Fair J.R.: Parametric analysis of thermal regeneration of adsorption beds. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 27(1988), 457-469. [11] Rusowicz A., Grzebielec A.: Analysis of the use of adsorption processes in trigeneration systems. Arch. Thermodyn. 34(2013), 4, 35-49. [12] Vasiliev L.L., Filatova O.S., Tsitovich A.P.: Application of sorption heat pumps for increasing of new power sources efficiency. Arch. Thermodyn. 31(2010), 2, 21-43. [13] Grzebielec A., Rusowicz A., Jaworski M., Laskowski R.: Possibility of using

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Witold Rybiński and Jarosław Mikielewicz

References [1] C evallos J.G., B ergles A.E., B ar -C ohen A., R odgers P., G upta S.K.: Polymer Heat Exchangers – History, Opportunities, and Challenges. Heat Transfer Eng. 33 (2012), 13, 1075–1093. [2] M ikielewicz D. et al .: Selected topics of design and investigation of heat exchangers for ORC in a domestic CHP. IFFM PAS Publishers, Gdańsk 2013 (in Polish). [3] R ybiński W., M ikielewicz J.: Analytical solutions for laminar flow exchanging heat in rectangular channels. Arch. Thermodyn. 35 (2014), 4, 29–42. [4] S hah

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Kazimierz Rup and Konrad Nering

References [1] Popa C., Fohanno S., Nguyen C.T., Polidori G.: On heat transfer in external natural convection flows using two nanofluids. Int. J. Therm. Sci. 49(2010), 901-908. [2] Polidori G., Fohanno S., Nguyen C. T.: A note on heat transfer modeling of Newtonian nanofluids in laminar free convection. Int. J. Therm. Sci. 46(2007), 739-744. [3] Abuali O., Ahmadi G.: Computer simulations of natural convection of sin- gle phase nanofluids in simple enclosures: A critical review. Appl. Therm. Eng. 36(2012), 1-13

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M.B.K. Moorthy and K. Senthilvadivu

plate in a porous medium . Bull. Cal. Math. Soc. 85(1993), 63-72. [13] Nakayama A., Koyama H.: Effect of thermal stratification on free convection within a porous medium . J. Thermophys. Heat Transfer 1(1987), 282-285. [14] Nield D.A., Bejan A.: Convection in Porous Media , 3rd edn. Springer, New York 2006. [15] Pop I., Ingham D.B.: Convective heat transfer: Mathematical and computational modeling of viscous fluids and porous media . Pergamon, Oxford 2001. [16] Pantokratoras A.: The Falkner-Skan flow

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Gennadii Borysovich Varlamov, Kateryna Alexandrovna Romanova, Iryna Nazarova, Olga Daschenko and Andry Kapustiansky

References [1] Dikiy N., Koloskova N., Shklyar V., Dubrovskaya V.: Development and investigation of a condenser of a mixing type with a porous packing. Prom. Heat Engineering 13(1992), 1-3, 11-15. [2] Dikiy N., Dubrovskaya V., Shklyar V.: Investigation of the contact capacitor for the heat recovery circuit of the KG PTU. Prom. Heat Engineering 23(2001), 4-5. 81-83. [3] Dikiy N., Uvarichev O., Solomakha A.: The newest gas and steam turbine technology ‘Aquarius’ for the production of mechanical (electric) and

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Konrad Motyliński and Jakub Kupecki

References [1] K aundinya D.P., B alachandra P., R avindranah N.H.: Grid-connected versus stand-alone energy systems for decentralized power – A review of literature . Renew. Sust. Energ. Rev. 13 (2009), 2041–2050. [2] F renzel I., L oukou A., T rimis D., S chroeter F., M ir L. et al. : Development of an SOFC based micro-CHP system in the framework of the European project FC-DISTRICT . Energy Procedia 28 (2012), 170–181. [3] S taniforth J., O rmerod R.M.: Running solid oxide fuel cells on biogas . Ionics 9 (2003), 5-6, 336

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Rafik Bouakkaz, Fouzi Salhi, Yacine Khelili, Mohamed Quazzazi and Kamel Talbi

References [1] Paramane S.B., Sharma A.: Numerical investigation of heat and fluid flow across a rotating circular cylinder maintained at constant temperature in 2D laminar flow regime. Int. J. Heat Mass Tran. 52(2009), 13-14, 3205-3216. [2] Paramane S.B., Sharma A.: Heat and fluid flow across a rotating cylinder dis- sipating uniform heat flux in 2D laminar flow regime. Int. J. Heat Mass Tran. 53(2010), 21-22, 4672-4683. [3] Sufyan M., Manzoor S., Sheikh N.A.: Heat transfer suppression in flow around a rotating

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Leonard Vasiliev, Leonid Vasiliev, Alexander Zhuravlyov, Aleksander Shapovalov and Aleksei Rodin

enhancement in mini channels with micro/nano particles deposited on a heat-loaded wall . J. Enhanc. Heat Transf. 19 (2012), 3, 13–24. [11] V asiliev L.L., M ishkinis D.A., A ntukh A.A., V asiliev L.L. J r .: A solar-gas solid sorption refrigerator . Adsorption 7 (2001), 149–161. [12] V asiliev L. et. al.: Heat-transfer device . U.S. Patent No. 45 554 966, Nov. 26, 1985.

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Adam Ruciński and Artur Rusowicz

References [1] Ziębik A., Gładysz P.: System effects of primary energy reduction connected with operation of the CHP plants. Arch. Thermodyn. 38(2017), 2, 61-80. [2] Rusowicz A., Rucinski A.: The mathematical model ling of the absorption refrigeration machines used in energy systems. In: Proc. 8th Int. Conf. Environmental Engineering in Vilnius. Environ. Eng. 1-3(2011), 802-806. [3] Grzebielec A., Rusowicz A., Ruciński A.: Analysis of the performance of the rotary heat