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Flash floods simulation in a small drainage basin using HEC-RAS hydraulic model

References [1] Maftei C., Papatheodorou K., Flash Flood Prone Area Assessment Using Geomorphological and Hydraulic Model. J Environ Prot Ecol, 16 (1), 63 (2015); [2] Sârbu, D. - A Mathematical Model Used to Simulate Floods on The Racu Brook, Ovidius University Annals of Constanta-Series Civil Engineering, Year XIV - Nr. 15, ISSN-1584-5990, pp. 257 - 264, Constanța, 2013; [3] US Army Corps of Engineers, HEC-RAS River Analysis System. User's Manual, USA, Hydrologic Engineering Center http

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Aspects on the History of Observations and Measurements in the Black Sea Coastal Zone, Rehabilitation Projects and Marine Modeling Issues

., (1984) “ Compoziţia chimică a apei Mării Negre în zona Agigea”, Studiu hidrologic, Bucureşti [5] BORCIA, C. (2004) “Aplicarea unui model complex marin in vederea diagnosticarii parametrilor fizico-ecologici caracteristici zonei costiere a Marii Negre”, tema 13, M.M.G.A. [6] BORCIA, C., BLENDEA, V., GEORGESCU, I, I. (2001) “ Aspecte privind interdependentele dintre unii indicatori calitativi ai apei marine în zona de coastă a Mării Negre”, Sesiunea Comunnicari Stiintifice INMH. Bucuresti [7] BORCIA, C. (2016) “Aspecte privind istoricul

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Behavior Analysis of Minarets at the Destructive Factors Actions

[6] Mehmet Ali Ekrem (1981), “Civilizația turca”, Ed. Sport turism [7] Mictat A. Garlan (2011), “Metodologia cercetării etnopsihologice”, Ed. Lumen Iasi [8] Headqarters of Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur: 6/2013 [9] Beg, MAJ (1981), “Arte plastice în civilizația islamică”, Kuala Lumpur [10] Mehmet Ali Ekrem (1994), “Din istoria turcilor dobrogeni”, Ed. Kriterion, Bucuresti [11] Prof. Univ. Dr. Nuredin Ibram (2007), “Musulmanii din Romania”, Ed. Golden [12] COD DE PROIECTARE SEISMIC, Indicativ P 100-1/2013 [13] COD DE

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Relining of pipe systems: conditions, benefits and application through case-study

and Waste), ATW DVWK M 127 Static calculations for the rehabilitation of sewers and drains with lining and assembly process (Part 2), 2010 [5] Matthews J.C., How to select the proper relining method for your work, Trenchless Technology - Pipe Relining Supplement, pp.14, 2013 [6] McKim R.A., Bidding Strategies for Trenchless Technologies, Cost Engineering, Vol. 40, pp. 37-41, 1998. [7] Morrison R., State of Technology for Rehabilitation of Water Distribution Systems, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pp.3

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Application of thermal discomfort indices for the coastal zone of Black Sea, in Dobrogea Region

PW, Chan ST. Application of a weather stress index for alerting the public to stressful weather in Hong Kong. Meteorol Appl., 7:369-375. doi: 10.1017/S1350482700001602, 2000 [12] Maftei C. & Bărbulescu A. (2008) Statistical analysis of climate evolution in Dobrudja region. In Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering, London, UK [13] Maftei C., Bărbulescu A., Buta C., Serban C., Change Points Detection and Variability Analysis of some Precipitation Series, Recent Researches in Computational Techniques, Non-Linear Systems and

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