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Retrospective Data Analysis of Anterior Cervical Discectomies and Fusion Without Plate and Screws

cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy? BMJ , 341 , c3108. Hermansen, A. (2015). Clinical and patient-reported outcomes after anterior cervical decompression and fusion surgery. Linköping University Medical Dissertations No. 1443. Iyer, S., Kim, H. J. (2016). Cervical radiculopathy. Curr. Rev. Musculoskelet. Med., 9 (3), 272–280. Kim, H. J., Nemani, V. M., Piyaskulkaew, C., Vargas, S. R., Riew, K. D. (2016). Cervical Radiculopathy: Incidence and Treatment of 1,420 Consecutive Cases. Asian Spine J. , 10 (2), 231–237. Kim, J. H., Park, J. Y

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Quality of Life in Pediatric Obesity in Latvia

REFERENCES Anonymous (2017). Taking Action on Childhood Obesity. Available from: (accessed 15.10.2019). Barton, M. (2012). Childhood obesity: A life-long health risk. Available from: (accessed 15.05.2019). Clark, H. R., Goyder, E., Bissell, P., Blank, L., Peters, J. (2007). How do parents’ child-feeding behaviours influence child weight? Implications for childhood obesity policy. Public Health (Oxford), 29 (2), 132

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Accommodative Amplitude in School-Age Children

accommodation measurements. Graefes Arch. Clin. Exper. Ophthalm., 247 (1), 121-127. Atchison, D., Capper, E., McCabe, K. (1994). Critical subjective measurement of amplitude of accommodation. Optom. Vis. Sci., 71 (11), 699-706. Bababekova, Y., Rosenfield, M., Hue, J. Huang, R. (2011). Font size and viewing distance of handheld smart phones. Optom. Vis. Sci., 88 (7), 795-797. Bach, M. (2007). The Freiburg Visual Acuity Test-Variability unchanged by post-hoc re-analysis. Graefe's Arch. Clin. Exper. Ophthalmol., 245 (7), 965

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Consumption of Thyroid Medications as an Indicator of Increase of Thyroid Morbidity in Latvia from 2011 to 2014

cancer diagnosis: Etiology, diagnosis, complications, and management. The Oncologist , 19 (1), 34–43. Hollowel, J. G., Staehling, N. W., Flanders, W. D., Hannon, W. H., Gunter, E. W., Spencer, C. A., Braverman, L. E. (2002). Serum TSH, T4, and thyroid antibodies in the United States population (1988 to 1994): National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III). J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. , 87 (2), 489–499. Kahaly, G. J., Dietlein, M. (2002). Cost estimation of thyroid disorders in Germany. Thyroid , 12 (10), 909–914. Koutras, D. A

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No Definite Evidence for Human Endogenous Retroviral HERV-W and HERV-H RNAS in Plasma of Latvian Patients Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurological Diseases / Nav Apstiprinošu Pierādījumu Par Endogēno Retrovīrusu HERV-W Un HERV-H Rns Sastopamību Latvijas Pacientu Ar Multiplo Sklerozi Un Citām NeiroloĢiskām Slimībām Asins Plazmā

(accessed 27.05.2016). Seifarth, W., Skladny, H., Krieg-Schneider, F., Reichert, A., Hehlmann, R., Leib-Mosch, C. (1995). Retrovirus-like particles released from the human breast cancer cell line T47-D display type B- and C-related endogenous retroviral sequences. J Virol, 69 (10), 6408-6416. Available at: (accessed 27.05.2016). Serra, C., Sotgiu, S., Mameli, G., Pugliatti, M., Rosati, G., Dolei, A. (2001). Multiple sclerosis and multiple sclerosis-associated retrovirus in Sardinia. Neurol. Sci

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Special Devices for Regional Anaesthesia

mechanical properties of intact and traumatized epidural catheters. Anesth. Analg. , 90, 393-399. Alleman, J. J. (1886). Bloating-needle, United States Patent No. 387480, filed August 26, 1886. Biechler, F. (1997). Injectobloc, Brevet d'Invention en France No. 06 3 422 020 du 05.12.1997. Brands, E., Callanan, V. L. (1978). Continuous lumbar plexus block: analgesia for femoral neck fractures. Anaesth. Intensive Care , 6(3), 256-258. Chester, M., Cary, N. (1983). Clamp

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Clinical and Sociodemographic Characteristics in First-Episode Psychosis Patients in a Rural Region of Latvia

REFERENCES Anderson, K. K., Fuhrer, R., Malla, A. K. (2010). The pathways to mental health care of first-episode psychosis patients: A systematic review. Psychol. Med., 40 (10), 1585–1597. Andreasen, N. C., Arndt, S., Miller, D., Flaum, M., Nopoulos, P. (1995). Correlational studies of the Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms and the Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms: An overview and update. Psychopathology , 28 (1), 7–17. Anonymous (1992). International Classification of Diseases. 10 th revision (ICD-10

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Clinical Characterisation of Rota Virus Infection Associated with Most Commonly Circulating Genotypes in Children Hospitalised in Children’s University Hospital: A Cross-Sectional Study in Latvia

REFERENCES Aly, M. Al Khairy, A., Al Johani, S., Balkhy, H. (2015). Unusal rotavirus genotypes among children with acute diarrhea in Saudi Arabia. BMC Infect. Dis ., 15 , 192 Anonymous (2011). Vesikari PATH, Clinical Severity Scoring System Manual Version. Available from: (accessed 15.05.2019). Anonymous (2019). The Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia. Available from: (accessed 15.05.2019). Bern, C., Unicomb, L

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Role of Interferon-Gamma (Ifn-γ) in Immune Response Regulation in Hiv-1 and Hiv-1 + Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (Tb) Infected Patients / Interferona-gamma (Ifn-γ) Loma Imūnās Atbildes Regulēšanā Pacientiem Ar HIV-1 un HIV-1 + mycobacterium Tuberculosis

., Jansson, M., Sköld, M., Rottenberg, M. E., Källenius, G. (2012). Tuberculosis and HIV co-infection. PLoS Pathog., 8 (2), e1002464. Roff, S. R, Noon-Song, E. N., Yamamoto, J. K. (2013). The significance of interferon-g in HIV-1 pathogenesis, therapy, and prophylaxis. Frontiers Immunol., 4, 498. Available at: (accessed 20.05.2016). Selwyn, P. A., Hartel, D., Lewis, V. A., Schoenbaum, E. E., Vermund, S. H., Klein, R. S., Walker, A. T., Friedland, G. H. (1989). A prospective study of the

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Antiplatelet Resistance in Patients with Atherosclerosis

stroke. Cerebrovas. Dis. , 26 (3), 272–276. Krasopoulos, G., Brister, S. J., Beattie,W. S., Buchanan, M. R. (2008). Aspirin “resistance” and risk of cardiovascular morbidity: Systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ, 336 , 195–198. Mansour, K., Taher, A. T., Musallam, K. M., Alam, S. (2009). Aspirin resistance. Adv. Hematol . 10.1155/2009/937352. Available from: (accessed 15.05.2019). Motovská, Z., Varvarovský, I., Ostádal, P. (2017). ESC focused update on dual antiplatelet therapy in coronary

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