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Solutions of Volterra integral and integro-differential equations using modified Laplace Adomian decomposition method

–46. B abolian , E. and B iazar , J. 2002. Solution of nonlinear equations by modified Adomian decomposition method. Applied Mathematics and Computation 132 , 167–172. B ahuguna , D., U jlayan , A., and P andey , D. N. 2009. A comparative study of numerical methods for solving an integro-differential equation. Computers and Mathematics with Applications 57 , 1485–1493. B hatti , M.I. and B racken , P. 2007. Solutions of differential equations in a Bernstein polynomial basis. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 205 , 272–280. B

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An Automated Framework with Application to Study Url Based Online Advertisements Detection

) , 1 ed. Morgan Kaufmann. Shih, L. K. and Karger, D. R. 2004. Using urls and table layout for web classification tasks. In WWW ’04: Proceedings of the 13th international conference on World Wide Web . ACM, New York, NY, USA, 193-202. Singh, A. K. and Potdar, V. 2009. Blocking online advertising - a state of the art. In ICIT ’09: Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology . IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, 1-10.

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The relationship between internet addiction and personality traits in Slovak secondary schools students

, 152 LNEE, 559-567. MONTAG, C., JURKIEWICZ, M., REUTER, M. 2010. Low self-directedness is a better predictor for problematic internet use than high neuroticism. In: Computers in Human Behavior , 26(6), 1531–1535. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2010.05.021 MUSCH, J., BRODER, A., KLAUER, K. C. 2001. Improving survey research on the world-wide web using the randomized response technique. In U-D. Reips and M. Bosnjak (Ed.), Dimensions of internet science (179–192). Lengerich: Pabst Science Publishers. OZCAN, N.K. BUZLU, S. 2007. Internet use and its relation with

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Animating multiple interacting miscible and immiscible fluids based on particle simulation

, M. 2005. Particle-based fluid-fluid interaction. In SCA ’05: Proceedings of the 2005 ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics symposium on Computer animation. ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, 237-244. ONDERIK, J., CHL ’ADEK, M., AND ˇDURIKOVIˇC, R. 2011. Sph with small scale details and improved surface reconstruction. In SCCG ’11: Proceedings of the Spring Conference on Computer graphics. ACM Press, Viniˇcn’e, Slovakia. PARK, J.,KIM, Y.,WI, D.,KANG, N., SHIN, S. Y., AND YONG NOH, J. 2008. A unified handling of immiscible and miscible fluids. Journal

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