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Dropping on the Edge: Flexibility and Traffic Confirmation in Onion Routing Protocols

-guard-discovery.txt , 2017. Accessed: 2017-05-20. [9] Github repository regarding data and code of this paper. , 2017. [10] Ricochet: Anonymous instant messaging for real privacy. , 2017. Accessed: 2017-05-20. [11] Securly and anonymously sharing files with onionshare. , 2017. Accessed: 2017-05-20. [12] Ticket 21155: Client’s choice of rend point can leak info about guard(s) of misconfigured hidden services with entrynodes option. https

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Defending Tor from Network Adversaries: A Case Study of Network Path Prediction

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Circumventing Cryptographic Deniability with Remote Attestation

,” Tech. Rep., 2016. [5] (2018) Briar: Secure messaging, anywhere. Accessed 2018-04-29. [Online]. Available: [6] (2018) Messenger. Accessed 2018-05-03. [Online]. Available: [7] (2018) OTR version 4. Draft, accessed 2018-05-03. [Online]. Available: [8] “Signal Protocol C library,” Code, 2018, commit 9e10362fce9072b104e6d5a51d6f56d939d1f36e. [Online]. Available: [9] N. Asokan, G. Tsudik

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Cardinality Estimators do not Preserve Privacy

References [1] [n. d.]. Approximate algorithms in Apache Spark: HyperLogLog and Quantiles. . Accessed: 2018-05-03. [2] [n. d.]. BigQuery Technical Documentation on Functions & Operators. . Accessed: 2017-10-24. [3] [n. d.]. HyperLogLog implementation for mssql. . Accessed: 2018-05-03. [4] [n. d.]. PostgreSQL

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I never signed up for this! Privacy implications of email tracking

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Handoff All Your Privacy – A Review of Apple’s Bluetooth Low Energy Continuity Protocol

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An Efficient Communication System With Strong Anonymity

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Privacy-Preserving Interdomain Routing at Internet Scale

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Undermining Privacy in the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)

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PD-DM: An efficient locality-preserving block device mapper with plausible deniability

– CRYPTO’97 , pages 90–104. Springer, 1997. [10] R. M. Corless, G. H. Gonnet, D. E. Hare, D. J. Jeffrey, and D. E. Knuth. On the lambertw function. Advances in Computational mathematics , 5(1):329–359, 1996. [11] P. Desnoyers. Analytic models of ssd write performance. Trans. Storage , 10(2):8:1–8:25, Mar. 2014. [12] P. Desnoyers. Analytic models of SSD write performance. ACM Transactions on Storage (TOS) , 10(2):8, 2014. [13] F. Douglis and J. Ousterhout. Log-structured file systems. In COMPCON Spring’89. Thirty-Fourth IEEE Computer Society

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