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Mid-term review of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 – A round-up of key issues at stake

Financial Framework’, Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies , Available on CJO 2016 doi: 10.1017/cel.2016.2. • D’Alfonso Alessandro and Sapala Magdalena, 2015, ’Payments backlog in recent EU budgets. Lessons learnt and outlook’, EPRS, European Parliament. • European Commission, 2008, Communication ‘Reforming the budget, changing Europe - A public consultation paper in view of the 2008/2009 budget review’, SEC/2007/1188 final. • European Council, 2009, Conclusions 10/11 December 2009, EUCO 6/09. • European Parliament, 2009, ‘Resolution of 25

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It Is About Control: Progressivism, FATCA and Global Law

Law Journal , XXXVI(6): 1767-1813. • Swank Greg, 2 Jan 2014, Update: The Communist Takeover of America-45 Declared Goals, , citing excerpt from Cleon Skousen, 10 Jan 1963, Communist Goals: The Naked Communist, as found in Congressional Record Appendix, pp. A34-35. • The Constitution of the United States, 1791, Amendment IV. • The Constitution of the United States, 1791, Amendment X. • The Statutes of Canada, 19 June 2014, S.C. 2014, C. 20, S.99

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The Swiss Ständerat: a Model of Perfect Bicameralism

:// (last access 27th April 2018). Jaag Tobias, 1976, Die Zweite Kammer im Bundesstaat, Funktion und Stellung des schweizerischen Ständerates, des deutschen Bundesrates und des amerikanischen Senats, Schulthess, Zurich. Kerr Henry H., 1981, Parlament et société en Suisse, Editions Georgi, Saint-Saphorin. Kley Andreas, 2011, ‘Bundesverfassung (BV)’, in Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz (HLS) 03.05.2011, available at (last access 27th April 2018). Kley

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Sub-national Constitutionalism in Austria: a Historical Institutionalist Perspective

, Unitarism and Autonomy. Remarks on the current Situation of Federalism in Austria’, Revista d'Estudis Autonòmics i Federals, n. 10, 11-39 ( Bußjäger Peter (ed), 2010b, Kooperativer Föderalismus in Österreich. Beiträge zur Verflechtung von Bund und Ländern, Braumüller, Vienna. Bußjäger Peter, 2012, ‘Sub-national Constitutions and the Federal Constitution in Austria’ in Burgess Michael and Tarr G. Alan (eds), Constitutional Dynamics in Federal Systems, McGill-Queen’s University Press

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Article 260 TFEU Sanctions in Multi-Tiered Member States

Autonomous Communities in the EU’ in Panara Carlo & A. De Becker Alexander (eds), The Role of Regions in EU Governance , Springer, Heidelberg, 185-214. • Christiansen Thomas & Lintner Pamela, 2005, ‘The Committee of Regions after 10 Years. Lessons from the Past and Challenges for the Future’, Eipascope , XIV(1): 7-13, available at . • Craig Paul & de Búrca Gráinne, 2010, EU Law. Text, cases, and materials , 5 th edn, Oxford University Press, Oxford. • Cygan Adam, 2013, ‘Regional Governance, Subsidiarity and

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Eurocrisis and the myths of European redistribution: illegitimate, unsustainable, inefficient?

References Agné Hans, 2007, ‘The Myth of International Delegation: limits and suggestions for Democratic Theory in the context of the European Union’, Government and Opposition, XLII(1): 18-45. Alt James, Lassen David Drayer and Wehner Joachim, 2012, ‘Moral Hazard in an Economic Union: Politics, Economics, and Fiscal Gimmickry in Europe’, Political Science and Political Economy Working Paper, No. 05/2012, London School of Economics, Department of Government. Basu Kaushik and Stiglitz Joseph, 2013, ‘International

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