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From Informal Exchanges to Dual Practices. The Shadows of the Romanian Health Care Reform

. Online source: , [Last accessed: 10.03.2014]. Liaropoulos L., Siskou, O., Kaitelidou D., Theodorou M. (2008). Informal payments in public hospitals in Greece. Health Policy, 87: 72-81. Macq, J., Ferrinho, P., De Brouwere V., Van Lerberghe W. (2001): Managing health services in developing countries: between the ethics of the civil servant and the need for moonlighting. Human Resources for Health Development Journal , 5: 17–24. Popescu, L., Raț, C., Rebeleanu, A. (2007). Self-assessed health status and satisfaction

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Budget transparency innovation in the Czech local government

. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences , 13(51), 20-37.Dener, C., & Min, S. Y. S. (2013). Financial Management Information Systems and Open Budget Data: Do Governments Report on Where the Money Goes? World Bank Publications. [online]. [cit.2017-10-29]. Fasora, O. (2012) Fiskální iluze a její klasifikace. In Managing and Modelling of Financial Risks . Ostrava: VŠB-Technical University Ostrava. [online]. [cit.2019-3-3]. https

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Unwrapping the Spontaneous Flora: On the Appropriation of Weed Labour

Generativity — Cultural Anthropology. Cultural Anthropology . March 30, 2015. Wark, McKenzie. (2015). Molecular Red: Theory for the Anthropocene . Verso. List of other sources Descopera Natura . (2013). . [Accessed 15.05.2018]. DuPont® România. (2017). Catalog DuPont. 2017 . . [Accessed 15.05.2018]. Ecoinspect. 2015. Informare Privind Operatorii Care Colectează Specii Din Flora Spontană . . [Accessed 10.01.2018]. Enciclopedia Plantelor

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Population ageing and inter-generational relations in the MENA: what role for social policy?

. (2007) Generation and Globalization: Youth, Age and Family in the New World Economy . Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press. Dhillon, N. and Yousef, T. (Eds) (2009) Generation in Waiting: The Unfulfilled Promise of Young People in the Middle East. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution. EU (2017) Eurostat - Archive:Youth statistics - North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean. . Accessed: 10 March 2017

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The fuzzy concept of collaborative governance: A systematic review of the state of the art

abuse of participatory governance by populist governments, Policy & Politics, 47(2): 227–44. 10.1332/030557319X15487805848586 Batory A Svensson S 2019 The use and abuse of participatory governance by populist governments Policy & Politics 47 2 227 44 Benedetto, G, Carboni D and Corinto GL (2016) Governance of Sustainable Tourism in a Vast Area Surrounding a National Park. Procedia Environmental Sciences , ECOSMART - Environment at Crossroads: Smart Approaches for a Sustainable Development, 32(January): 38–48. Benedetto G Carboni D

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Adjusting to population ageing: evidence for policy action

References Andrews, G.R. (2002). Valencia Forum: Contributions from Scientific World. IAG (International Association of Gerontology) Newsletter, 17(2): 4,11. Andrews, G., & Sidorenko, A. (2004). RAA-21 Regional Priorities for Asia, Europe, and Latin America, IAG Newsletter, 17(4): 10-12. Atun, R. (2015). Transitioning health systems for multimorbidity, The Lancet, 386(9995): 721-722. Beard, J. R., & Bloom, D. E. (2015). Towards a comprehensive public health response to population ageing, The

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Decision Making in Psychiatric Reform: A Case Study of the Czech Experience

open to the clients and they are there for a shorter period of time than they used to be. On the other hand, there are also negative things that were not [there] 10 years ago. For example and maybe the worst of them is that people are over medicated and the use of medication is abused. People became so accustomed to the accessibility of antidepressants that instead of solving the difficult situation in some natural way, they rather go to the doctor for pills. But it is the problem of psychiatry itself, it is a problem of the society. An important focus has been

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Policy Entrepreneurship and Policy Transfer: Flood Risk Governance in Northern Sweden

Multi-Level, Multi-Disciplinary Perspective. Public Administration, 77(2), 361-385. doi: 10.1111/1467-9299.00158 FEMA. (2015, 01/05/2016). Dam Ownership in the United States.Retrieved from Gerring, J. (2008). Case Selection for Case-Study Analysis: Qualitativeand Quantitative Techniques. In J. M. Box-Steffensmeier, H. E. Brady, and D. Collier (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Political Methodology (pp.645-684). Oxford: OUP. Hammond, D. R. (2013). Policy Entrepreneurship in

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Moral Foundations of Welfare Attitudes: The Role of Moral Intuition and Reasoning in Pursuing Social Justice

). Immigration and Welfare: Challenging the Borders of the Welfare State. London: Routledge. Brady, D., & Finnigan, R. (2014). Does Immigration Undermine Public Support for Social Policy? American Sociological Review, 79(1), 17-42. doi:10.1177/0003122413513022 Brooks, C., & Manza, J. (2007). Why Welfare States Persist: The Importance of Public Opinion in Democracies. Chicago: University Of Chicago Press. Day, M., Fiske, S., Downing, E., & Trail, T. (2014). Shifting Liberal and Conservative Attitudes Using Moral Foundations Theory

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Evaluation of the Impact of the EU Structural Support on the Competitiveness of Lithuanian Economics

-Old Black Box. Region and Development, 30, 77-100. Dumčiuvienė, D. & Adomynienė, I. (2014). The Evaluation of European Union Structural Support. Economics and Management, 156, 382-387. doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.11.207 Enguix, M., Garcia, J., & Gallego, J. (2012). An Impact Analysis of the Structural Funds on the Variation of the Rate of Employment and Productivity in Objective 1 Regions. European Planning Studies, 20 (4), 685-705. Fiaschi, D., Lavezzi, A. M., & Parenti, A. (2011, November 25). Productivity Growth across

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