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Language and Law: Brevity and Drafting in Law, Business, and the Social Sciences

. ‘What is Donald Trump’s 10-Point Immigration Plan?’ PBS Newshour . Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Pub. L. No. 111–203, 124 Stat. 1376 (2010). Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Act, 5758–1998. Feinstein, H. 2017. ‘The Length of the Judgments.’ Lashon uMishpat (Language and Law) , 5: 7–8. (Heb.) Flammer, S. 2010. ‘Persuading Judges: An Empirical Analysis of Writing Style, Persuasion, and the use of Plain English.’ Legal Writing

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A Case Study of the Productivity of the Prefix Cyber- in English and Greek Legal Languages

’. Retrieved 2007-11-05., reprinted in McCaffery 1991, pp. 263–285. Mellinkoff, D. 1963. The Language of the Law . Boston/Toronto: Little, Brown and Company. Mugglestone, L. 2006. The Oxford History of English . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Petrounias, E. 2007. Οι τύχες των αρχαίων ελληνικών λέξεων στο νεότερο κόσμο: Λεξιλόγιο και διαχρονικότητα της ελληνικής γλώσσας. . 16th June 2010, 10:52. Prasad, N. 2016. The Financing of Terrorism . India: Vij Books India Private

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ESP Journal . Richards, J. C. & Farrell, S.C. (2005). Professional Development for Language Teachers . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Richards, K. (2009). Trends in qualitative research in language teaching since 2000. Language Teaching 42-2 , 147-180. Rose D., Rose M., Farrington S. & Page S. (2008). Scaffolding academic literacy with indigenous health sciences students: An evaluative study. Journal of English for Academic Purposes 7 , 165-179. doi: 10.1016/j.jeap.2008.05.004. Schall-Leckrone, L. & McQuillan

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REC: Just Radical Enough

, E., & Degenaar, J. (2014). Enactive vision. In L. Shapiro (Ed.), The Routledge handbook of embodied cognition (pp. 90–98). London: Routledge. Ramsey W. M. (2007). Representation reconsidered . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Roberts, T. (2013). Review of the book Radicalizing Enactivism by D. D. Hutto and E. Myin. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. An Electronic Journal , 2013.05.16. Shapiro, L. (2014). Review of the book Radicalizing Enactivism by D

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Significance of Discriminant Analysis in Prediction of Pregnancy in IVF Treatment

. K., Kim, Y. H., Ahn, S. A., Kim, K. H., Kim, K., Kim, W. K., et al. (2014). Differential levels of L-homocysteic acid and lysophosphatidyl-choline (16:0) in sera of patients with ovarian cancer. Oncology Letters , 8(2), 566–574. DOI:10.3892/ol.2014.2214 Lee, U. Y., Kim, I. B., & Kwak, D. S. (2015). Sex determination using discriminant analysis of upper and lower extremity bones: New approach using the volume and surface area of digital model. Forensic Science International , 253, 135e1-135e4. DOI:10.1016/j.forsciint.2015.05.017 Maeda, N., Urabe, Y

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MRI Texture-Based Recognition of Dystrophy Phase in Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy Dogs. Elimination of Features that Evolve along with the Individual’s Growth

REFERENCES Albregtsen, F., Nielsen, B., & Danielsen, H. E. (2000). Adaptive gray level run length features from class distance matrices. In A. Sanfeliu, J. J. Villanueva, M. Vanrell, R. Alqukzar, J. Crowley, & Y. Shirai (Eds.), Proceedings 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. ICPR-2000 . Vol. 3. Image, Speech, and Signal Processing (pp. 738–741). doi: 10.1109/ICPR.2000.903650 Birnkrant, D. J., Bushby, K., Bann, C. M., Alman, B. A., Apkon, S. D., Blackwell, A., Case, L. E., et al. (2018a). Diagnosis and management of Duchenne

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Poincaré Plots in Analysis of Selected Biomedical Signals

Complex Physiologic Signals. Circulation, 101(23), e215-e220. Retrieved July 30, 2013, from Circulation Electronic Pages: Hoshi, R. A., Pastre, C. M., Vanderlei, L. C. M., & Godoy, M. F. (2013). Poincaré plots indexes of heart rate variability: relationship with other nonlinear variables. Autonomic Neuroscience, Retrieved July 30, 2013, from ScienceDirect database on the World Wide Web: DOI: 10.1016/j.autneu.2013.05.004. Karmakar, C. K., Khandoker, A

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Application of Normalized Compression Distance and Lempel-Ziv Jaccard Distance in Micro-electrode Signal Stream Classification for the Surgical Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

.1145/3097983.3098111 Rajpurohit, V., Danish, S. F., Hargreaves, E. L., & Wong, S. (2015). Optimizing computational feature sets for subthalamic nucleus localization in DBS surgery with feature selection. Clinical Neurophysiology , 126 (5), 975–982. doi: 10.1016/j.clinph.2014.05.039 Santaniello, S., Gale, J. T., & Sarma, S. V. (2018). Systems approaches to optimizing deep brain stimulation therapies in Parkinson’s disease. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology and Medicine , 10 (5), e1421. doi: 10.1002/wsbm.1421 Shamir, R. R., Dolber, T., Noecker, A. M., Walter, B. L

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References Alvaredo, F., Atkinson, A. B., Piketty, T., & Saez, E. (2013). The Top 1 Percent in International and Historical Perspective. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 27(3), 3-20. Cowell, F. A. (2011). Measuring inequality (3rd ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Galbraith, J. K. (2007). Global inequality and global macroeconomics. Journal of Policy Modeling, 29(4), 587-607. Hwang, C.L., Yoon, K. (1981

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Acquisition and Loss of the Public Law Status of Entrepreneur – Interpretation Problems of Public Commercial Law in Poland

. Pater, J. (1989). Postępowanie ewidencyjne w ustawie o działalności gospodarczej, Państwo i Prawo 7, 86-88. Pawełczyk, M. (2005). Przedsiębiorca w świetle ustawy o swobodzie działalności gospodarczej. Radca Prawny 6, 38-39, 40. Pawełczyk,M. (2007). Komentarz do art. 4 u.s.d.g. In A. Powałowski (Ed.), Ustawa o swobodzie działalności gospodarczej. Komentarz (pp. 39-40) Warszawa: WoltersKluwer. Powałowski, A. (2006). Wpis do ewidencji działalności gospodarczej. Studia Prawnicze , 1, 91-97. Powałowski

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