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Lack of Correlation of the Serum 25(OH) Vitamin D Levels with the Glycated Hemoglobin A1c and the Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetes Patients on Oral Antidiabetic Drugs – Preliminary Data

, 2011, №1, 225-233. 8 . George , P. S., E. R. Pearson et M. D. Witham. Effect of vitamin D supplementation on glycaemic control and insulin resistance: a systematic review and meta-analysis. - Diabet. Med., 29, 2012, № 8, e142-50. 9 . Gradinaru, D. et al. Vitamin D Status and Oxidative Stress Markers in Elderly with Impaired Fasting Glucose and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. - Aging Clin. Exp. Res., 24, 2012, № 6, 595-602. 10 . Husemoen , L. L. et al. Serum 25(OH)D and type 2 diabetes association in a general population: a

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Research on Approaches for Regulation of the “Off-label” use of Medicinal Products in the European Union

at: . Last access: 2016/10/27. 10. Guideline on good pharmacovigilance practices (GVP), Annex I – Definitions (Rev 3) Available at: . Last access: 2016/10/27. 11. Legal mandate, procedures – Federal Joint Committee. Available at: . Last access: 2016/10/27. 12. Lenk, C., G. Duttge. Ethical and legal framework and regulation for off-label use: European

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Thermal Changes in the Hard Dental Tissue at Diode Laser Root Canal Treatment

: Thermographic and Morphological Studies. - J. Endod., 33, 2007, № 3, 252-255. 7 . Hussey, D. L. et al. Thermo-graphic assessment of heat generated on the root surface during post space preparation. - Int. Endod. J., 30, 1997, № 3, 187-190. 8 . Grozdanova , R. et A. Kisselova. Thermography - new method in the oral diagnostics. - 16 Annual Assembly of IMAB, 4-7.05.2006, Varna, ОР. 9 . Grozdanova, R. Thermodiagnostics of focal infection in the maxillo-facial region. Disertation, Sofia, 2012, 191. 10. Grozdanova

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Non-Invasive and Minimum Invasive Concepts in Prevention, Cariology and Endodontics – from Research and Science to Practice

. Leture. Dept. of Oral Biol. University of Newcastle upon Tyne. May, 1996. 8. Boteva E. Clinical studies on the effects of nutrition on the DE- and Re-mineralization of the mineralized dental tissues. Lecture. International Conference of Prophylaxis and Biomaterials. Poznan, 9-10. 06.1997. 9. Boteva E. Proteinmediated fluoridation and enamel demineralization. Lecture. International Conference on Surface and Colloid Science. 6-12.07.1997, Sofia. 10. Boteva E, AJ Rugg-Gunn. Proteinmediated Fluoridation and Enamel

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Pro-Tumor and Anti-Tumor Functions of IL-17 and of TH17 Cells in Tumor Microenvironment

. Abbas AK, Murphy KM, Sher A. Functional diversity of helper T lymphocytes. Nature 1996;383:787-793. 15. O’Garra A, Arai N. The molecular basis of T helper 1 and T helper 2 cell differentiation. Trends in Cell Biology 2000;10(12):542-550. 16. Amsen D, Spilianakis CG, Flavell RA. How are Th1 and Th2 effector cells made. Curr Opin Immunol 2009;21:153-160. 17. Kaplan MH, Hufford MM, Olson MR. The development and in vivo function of T helper 9 cells. Nature Reviews Immunology 2015;15(5):295-307. 18. Neil DR

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