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Cultural context of nursing in the field of outpatient healthcare in Serbia

: Pokrajinski zavod za socijalnu zaštitu; 2016. 5. Değer V.B. Transcultural Nursing. IntechOpen, Turkey. 2018. Available from: (12.05.2019) 6. Tortumoğlu G. Examples of transcultural nursing and cultural care models. Cumhuriyet University Nursing School Journal. 2004; 8(2):47-57. 7. Bolsoy N, Sevil Ü. Health-disease and culture interaction. Atatürk University Nursing School Journal. 2006; 9(3):78-87. 8. Hotun Şahin N, Onat Bayram G, Avcı D. Responsive approach to cultures: Transcultural nursing. Journal of

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Nursing care of a patient diagnosed with malignant breast cancer during chemotherapy using ICNP® terminology

2015; s. 92-93. 10. [dostęp z dn. 01.05.2019]. 11. Grabowska H, Kilańska D, Gaworska-Krzemińska A. Metoda pracy pielęgniarki w praktyce klinicznej. Proces pielęgnowania i zastosowanie terminologii referencyjnej. [w:] Kilańska D, Grabowska H, Gaworska-Krzemińska A, red. E-zdrowie. Wprowadzenie do informatyki w pielęgniarstwie. Warszawa: Wyd. Lekarskie PZWL; 2018, s.367-396.. 12. Ikwanty K, Dobrowolska B. Wykorzystanie

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Investigation and analysis of attitudes and knowledge of aging among students in different majors

attitude to elderly and occupational values of nursing students Chin Nurs Res 2016 30 676 679 in Chinese 3 Kaempfer D, Wellman NS, Himburg SP. Dietetics students’ low knowledge, attitudes, and work preferences toward older adults indicate need for improved education about aging. J Am Dietetic Association. 2002;102:197-202. 10.1016/S0002-8223(02)90048-9 Kaempfer D Wellman NS Himburg SP Dietetics students’ low knowledge, attitudes, and work preferences toward older adults indicate need for improved education about aging J Am Dietetic Association

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Construction and effectiveness of vomit-free ward

cerebellitis preceded by isolated intractable vomiting. Acta Neurol Belg . 2017;117:741-742. 10.1007/s13760-016-0727-x 27888469 Renard D Castelnovo G Bories C Rieux C Bernard-Decot C Paraneoplastic rhombencephalitis and cerebellitis preceded by isolated intractable vomiting Acta Neurol Belg 2017 117 741 742 6 NCCN. Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology: Antiemesis. Accessed 25 February 2014. NCCN. Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology: Antiemesis http

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Effectiveness of integrated nursing interventions for fatigue in patients with advanced cancer: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

* Chan et al. 10 Hong Kong/ outpatient clinic of a publicly funded hospital 140 advanced (stage 3 or 4) lung cancer patients I: n=70 (58 males) C: n=70 (58 males) Age: 18 years or older Psychoeducation Usual care The revised Piper Fatigue Scale, baseline, and at 3, 6, and 12 weeks later The fatigue score was greatly reduced in the intervention group* Note: *: P<0.05; I: Intervention group; C: Control group; BFI, Brief Fatigue Inventory; FACT-F, Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Fatigue; MFI, Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory

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The effect of empowerment education on depression level and laboratory indicators of patients treated with hemodialysis: a meta-analysis

Anja M Christine D et a1 Clinical research for patient empowerment a qualitative approach on the improvement of heart health promotion in chronic illness Med Sci Monit 2008 14 358 365 9 Zhang X. The Application of Empowerment Theory on Health Education for Hemodialysis Patients . Nanjing: Southeast University; 2013 (in Chinese). Zhang X The Application of Empowerment Theory on Health Education for Hemodialysis Patients Nanjing Southeast University 2013 in Chinese 10 Zhao Y. Effect of empowerment theory on knowledge and self

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Analysis of the application and practice of PDCA cycle in management of the naked medicine dispensing—the quality and safety of the drug

taking their medicine accurately, in order to improve the clinical safety, it is immensely necessary must to establish the measure of potential safety hazard in the issue link for oral administration. Plan–do–check–action (PDCA) 2 circulation is a method of quality management proposed by Deming WE, a famous quality management expert. It includes four steps: P (Plan), D (Do), C (Check), and A (Action). The method has been widely applied in the management of quality in almost every field. This study is about the PDCA cycle in the management of naked drug dispensing

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Reliability and validation of the Korean Compassionate Communication Scale

even the term “compassionate care.” 10 , 11 Recently, it is the core of nursing practice and compassionate communication that will establish itself as a one indicator 12 in the future. The compassionate communication scale has also been developed for the nurses working at acute ward. 5 Therefore, to extend the range of usage, this study will be developed for nursing students as well as nurses. In addition to the Compassionate Communication Scale in this study, Social Network Services (SNSs) communication and social relationships are included. Nowadays, SNSs are

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Quality Assurance in Moving and Handling Education: Myth or Legend

:// accessed 10/05/18. 15. von Prondzynski F. (2018) What is quality in higher education? accessed 14/05/18. 16. Schindler L, Puls-Elvidge S, Welzant H, Crawford L (2015). Definitions of Quality in Higher Education: A Synthesis of the Literature. accessed 05/05/18. 17. Elassy N. „The concepts of quality, quality assurance and quality enhancement”, Quality Assurance

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Actions improving the image of a nurse in electronic media. Opinion of students at medical courses

S, Leszczyńska K. Stereotypy a pozycja zawodowa. Magazyn Pielęgniarki i Położnej. 2012; 10: 4-5. 14. Kunecka D. Jak Cię widzą tak Cię piszą. Magazyn Pielęgniarki i Położnej. 2011; 10: 4-5. 15. Sykut A. Media elektroniczne w budowaniu wizerunku zawodowego pielęgniarek. Opinia pielęgniarek czynnych zawodowo. Nieopublikowana praca magisterska napisana pod kierunkiem B. Dobrowolskiej. 16. Januszewicz P, Zarzycka D, Binkowska-Bury M, Marć M, Zalewska K. Pielęgniarki i lekarze - życie codzienne i prognozy na przyszłość

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