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Uncommon Manifestation of Hypoglycemia in a Patient with Insulinoma – A Case Report

: current best practice and ongoing developments. Res Rep Endocr Disord 5: 125-133, 2015. 8. Okabayashi T, Shima Y, Sumiyoshi T, et al. Diagnosis and management of insulinoma. World Gastroenterol 19(6): 829-837, 2013. 9. Kishikawa H, Okada Y, Hirose A, Tanikawa T, Kanda K, Tanaka Y . Successful treatment of insulinoma by a single daily dose of octreotide in two elderly female patients. Endocr J 53(1): 79–85, 2006. 10. Limmer S, Huppert PE, Juette V, Lenhart A, Welte M, Wietholtz H. Radiofrequency ablation of solitary pancreatic insulinoma in a

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Advanced Glycation End Products Measured by Age Reader in a Group of Patients with Obesity

-related after correction for skin pigmentation and redness. J Invest Dermatol 116(4): 536-40, Apr. 2001. Nicholl ID, Bucala R , Advanced glycation endproducts and cigarette smoking., Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand). Nov; 44(7): 1025-33, Nov 1998. Stirban A, Nandrean S, Negrean M, Koschinsky T, Tschoepe D. Skin autofluorescence increases postprandially in human subjects, Diabetes Technol Ther Jun;10(3):200-5. Jun 2008. Noordzij MJ, Lefrandt JD, Graaff R, Smit AJ. Skin autofluorescence and

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Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Obesity

References 1. Ng M, Fleming T, Robinson M et al. Global, regional, and national prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adults during 1980-2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013. Lancet 384: 766-81, 2014. 2. WHO. Obesity and overweight. WHO fact sheet N°311. World Health Organization website. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; 2016 [ Accessed September 10, 2016]. 3. de Onis M, Blossner M, Borghi E

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