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Analysis and Experiments of Embedded Gripping Mechanism Used in Large-scale Tools Holding Up Pile Foundation in Ocean

:// . 8. Sun, Z. J., Meng, Q.X., Zhou, D. Contact finite element analysis of the pressing block tooth in underwater skirt pile gripper of offshore oil platform . Machinery, 2006, (12): 1–4. 9. Sun, Z. J., Meng, Q.X., Zhou, D. Structure optimization of the pressing block tooth in underwater skirt pile gripper of offshore oil platform . Machine Design and Research, 2006, (06): 102–105. 10. Sun, Z.J., Meng, Q.X., Zhou, D. Contact nonlinear finite element analysis on the pressing block tooth in underwater skirt pile gripper . Journal of

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The Energy Efficiency Gap in Turkish Maritime Transportation

. Bergmann, A., Rotzek, J.N., Wetzel, M., Guenther, E., 2017. Hang the low-hanging fruit even lower - evidence that energy efficiency matters for corporate financial performance. Journal of Cleaner Production 147(2017), 66-74. . 5. Boylston, J.W., 2011. LNG as a fuel for vessels some design notes. . (Accessed 20 October 2017) 6. Buhaug, O., Corbett, J.J., Eyring, V., Endresen, O., Faber, J., Hanayama, S., Lee, D.S., Lee, D., Lindstad, H

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The Learning of Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) Model in Rainfall-Runoff Processes at Pahang River Catchment

–141. Ghani, A.A., Chang, C.K., Leow, C.S., and Zakaria, N.A., (2012), Sungai Pahang Digital Flood Mapping: 2007 Flood, International Journal of River Basin Management , 10:2,139-148. Lall, U., and Keppenel, C., (1996), Complex singular spectrum analysis and multivariate adaptive regression splines applied to forecasting the Southern Oscillation, Retrieved Mac 05, 2011 from Lewis, P.A.W., and Ray, B.K., (1993), “Nonlinear Modeling of Multivariate and Categorical Time

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Comparison of Two RUSLE Models at the Hillslope Scale in Experimental Plots in Haiyuan, Ningxia, China

RUSLE model using remotely sensed geospatial data in Korea, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss. , 3 : 135-157. Li, Pengfei, Xingmin Mu, Joseph Holden, Yiping Wu, Brian Irvine, Fei Wang, Peng Gao, Guangju Zhao, Wenyi Sun (2017), Comparison of soil erosion models used to study the Chinese Loess Plateau, Earth-Science Reviews 170 (2017): 17-30. Li, X.R., X.P. Wang, T. Li, J.G. Zhang (2002), Microbiotic soil crust and its effect on vegetation and habitat on artificially stabilized desert dunes in Tengger

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Indices for Assessing Potential Environmental Hazard from Future Ship Scrapping Process, Determinable in Ship Design Stage

University) No. 220, 2015. 8. DNV: Environmental Differentiation of Dues and Fees for Ships. Technical Report No. 97-0212.1997. 9. IMO (MEPC 45/13). Formal Safety Assessment Including Environmental Indexing of Ships. 27 June 2000. 10. IMO (MSC – MEPC 2/Circ.5): Amendments to the guidelines for formal safety assessment (FSA) for use in the IMO rule – making process. 16.10.2006. 11. (30.05.2017) 12. http

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Selection of Main Engines for Hopper Suction Dredgers with the Use of Probability Models

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Balcerski A.: Modele probabilistyczne w teorii projektowania i eksploatacji spalinowych siłowni okrętowych. Gdańsk: Wyd. Fundacji Promocji Przemysłu Okrętowego i Gospodarki Morskiej 2007. 2. Bocheński D.: Demand determination for electrical energy for trailing suction hopper dredgers. W: [Mat.] IV International Scientific-Technical Conference EXPLO DIESEL & GAS TURBINE ’05, Gdańsk-Międzyzdroje-Kopenhaga 2005. 3. Bocheński D.: Operational loads of diesel engines on trailing suction hopper dredgers in their main service states

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Energy Efficient Small Inland Passenger Shuttle Ferry with Hybrid Propulsion - Concept Design, Calculations and Model Tests

Abbreviations: BMS – Battery Management System RACK – universal terminal with connecting rail for easy connecting electrical modules, usually ventilated and with integrated energy supply REFERENCES 1. H.N. Psaraftis, Green Maritime Logistics: The Quest for Win-win Solutions, Transp. Res. Procedia. 14 (2016) 133–142. doi:10.1016/j.trpro.2016.05.049. 2. C. Sys, T. Vanelslander, M. Adriaenssens, I. Van Rillaer, International emission regulation in sea transport: Economic feasibility and impact, Transp. Res. Part D Transp. Environ. 45 (2014

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Increasing Power Supply Safety in the Aspect of Supporting the Renewable Energy Sources by Conventional and Virtual Power Stores

electric energy in SEE (in Polish), ENERGETAB 2013, Bielsko-Biała, September 2013 pp. 61-66 8. IEA-ETSAP and IRENA Technology Brief E17 – January 2013, www.etsap.orgy , (odsłona z dnia 19.05.2017) 9. Hauer, A. : Storage Technology Issues and Opportunities . Committee on Energy Research and Technology (International Energy Agency), International Low-Carbon Energy Technology Platform, Strategic and Cross-Cutting Workshop “Energy Storage – Issues and Opportunities”, 15 February 2011, Paris, France 10. Mirek P.: Energy storage technique

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The Port Service Ecosystem Research Based on the Lotka-Volterra Model

References 1. Wei Liu, Wenjuan Li, and Xu Xu, The Analysis of the PPP Financing Model Application in Ports of China. Journal of Coastal Research. 2015, 73(spl): 4-8, DOI: 10.2112/ SI73-002.1 2. Shanqing Zhu, Jianxin Chen. Review of coastal ports infrastructure in 2015. China Ports, 2016, (5): 9-11. DOI:10.3969/j.issn.1006-124X.2016.05.004 3. Xin Shi, Huan Li. Developing the port hinterland: Different perspectives and their application to Shenzhen Port, China. Research in Transportation Business & Management

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Depth Images Filtering In Distributed Streaming

REFERENCE 1. W. Chau-Chang, C. Min-Shine: Nonmetric Camera Calibration for Underwater Laser Scanning System. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, vol. 05, 32(2), (2007), 383-399. 2. S. Ferrari, I Frosio, V. Piuri, N.A Borghese: Enhanced vector quantization for data reduction and filtering. Proceedings of 2nd International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission, 3DPVT, (2004), 470–477. 3. S. Gernhardt, X. Cong, M. Eineder, S. Hinz, R. Bamler: Geometrical fusion of multitrack ps point clouds, IEEE Geoscience and Remote

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