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Natural Convection in a Hydrodynamically and Thermally Anisotropic Non-Rectangular Porous Cavity: Effect of Internal Heat Generation/Absorption

. (1996): Natural convection in a vertical slot filled with an anisotropic porous medium with oblique principal axes . – Numer. Heat Transfer-Part A, vol.30, pp.397-412. [8] Mamou M., Mahidjida A., Vasseur P. and Robillard L. (1998): Onset of convection in an anisotropic porous medium heated from below by a constant heat flux . – Int. Comm. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.25, pp.799-808. [9] Storesletten L. and Tveitereid M. (1999): Onset of convection in an inclined porous layer with anisotropic permeability . – Appl. Mech. Engng., vol.4, pp.575-587. [10

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Double-Diffusive Convection of Synovial (Couple-Stress) Fluid in the Presence of Hall Current Through a Porous Medium

. Fluids, vol.9, pp.1709-1715. [5] Stokes V.K. (1984): Theories of Fluids with Miscrostructure. – New York: Springer-Verlag. [6] Walicki E. and Walicka A. (1999): Inertia effect in the squeeze film of a couple-stress fluid in biological bearings. – Appl. Mech. Engng., vol.2, pp.363-373. [7] Sunil, Sharma Y.D., Bhart P.K. and Sharma R.C. (2005): Thermosolutal instability of compressible Rivlin-Ericksen fluid with Hall currents. – International J. of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol.10, No.2, pp.329-343. [8] Malashety M.S. and Kollur P

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Comparison of the Environmental Impacts of a Plug-in Hybrid and a Full Electric Car Using Life Cycle Assessment

2012. [13] Alberto Moro, Laura Lonza, Electricity carbon intensity in European Member States: Impacts on GHG emissions of electric vehicles, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, ISSN 1361-9209, , 2017. [14] , VW engines LCA report, accessed: 09.05.2018.

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Analysis of Damage of the Cooling Aggregate in Vehicle with Cold Storage Chamber

References [1] . Available on 30.05.2018. [2] Jurczak, M., Chłód w ładowni , Truck&Machines, Vol. 4, pp. 16-19, 2017. [3] , Available on 30.05.2018. [4] Samochodowe agregaty chłodnicze Carrier Transicold , , Available on 30.05.2018. [5] Donda, M., Chłód na żądanie , Truck&Van, Vol. 4, pp. 19-22, 2012. [6] Tyczewski, P., Analysis of Reason of Damage Refrigeration Compressors

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Assessing the Potential and Possibilities for the Use of Warm Mix Asphalt in Latvia

References [1] M. Zaumanis, Asphalt is Going Green. Saarbrucken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & CO, 2011. [2] LEA-CO “ Low Energy Asphalt”. [Online]. Available: http://www.leaco. com/lea_co/index2.php?lang=en [Accessed: 05.04.2010]. [3] J. D'Angelo, E. Harm, J. Bartoszek, G. Baumgardner, M. Corrigan, J. Cowsert, T. Harman, M. Jamsihidi, W. Jones, D. Newcomb, B. Prowell, R. Sines, B. Yeaton, Warm-Mix Asphalt: European Practise. American Trade Iniatives. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of

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Aerodynamics of Articulated Multilink Trucks

., Kharitonchik, S. V., Fundamentals of designing modular multilink trucks , Belarusian Science, Minsk 2011. [5] Reducing Aerodynamic Drag (network resource), access mode: , date of access: 21.05.2014. [6] McCallen, R., et al., Aerodynamic drag of heavy vehicles (class 7-8): Simulation and benchmarking , Government Industry Meeting, Washington 2000. [7] Valeev, D. H., et al., Review and evolution of methods for studying the aerodynamic characteristics of KamAZ cars , Innovations in mechanical engineering

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Digital Materials – Evaluation of the Possibilities of using Selected Hyperelastic Models to Describe Constitutive Relations

-material Mask-Image-Projection-based Stereolithography for the Fabrication of Digital Materials . – In: Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium 2011, , (12.05.2016). [5] Hiller J. and Lipson H. (2009): Design and analysis of digital materials for physical 3D voxel printing . – Rapid Prototyping Journal, vol.15, pp.137-149. [6] Reichl K. and Inman D. (2016): Dynamic modulus properties of Objet Connex 3D Printer digital materials . – In: Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 10: Proceedings

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Python Programming Language as a Tool for Creating Three-Dimensional Figures of Glider Aerobatics

References [1] Linka, A., Wróblewska, A., Mathematical and graphical modelling of aerobatic flight trajectory , Journal of KONES, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 181-187, 2017. [2] Linka, A., Frąckowiak, A., Wróblewska, A., Methodology for the calculating judges rates in the context of an aerobatic competition , Journal of KONBIN, 2017. [3] , access 17.05.2018. [4] , access 17.05.2018. [5] www

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Comparison of Reduction Systems of Harmful Substances into the Atmosphere in Accordance to Requirements of IMO Tier III

) technology for merchant marine propulsion , Ocean Engineering, Vol. 79, pp. 101-130, 2014. [9] , (access 23.05.2019). [10] , access 17.05.2019. [11] Jankowski, A., Kowalski, M., Creating Mechanisms of Toxic Substances of Combustion, Journal of KONBiN No. 4(36), DOI 10.1515/jok-2015-0054 pp. 33-42, 2015. [12] Kidacki, G., Krause, P., Rajewski, P., Techniczno-eksploatacyjne aspekty redukcji emisji SOx na statkach , Zeszyty Naukowe, Akademia Morska w

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The Dependence of Physical Mechanical Properties of Concrete Pavement Blocks on Coarse Aggregate Type

References [1] N. Salemi, K. Behfarnia. “Effect of nano-particles on durability of fiber-reinforced concrete pavement,” Construction and Building Materials, vol. 48, pp. 934-941, 2013. [2] A. Garcı, D. Castro Fresno, J. Antonio Polanco. “Effect of dry-shaking treatme nt on concrete pavement properties,” Construction and Building Materials, vol. 22, pp. 2202-2211, 2008. [3] N. M. Soutsos, K. Tang, H. A. Khalid

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