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Determination of a Vibrating Bowl Feeder Dynamic Model and Mechanical Parameters

. 9. Pešík M. (2012), Kinematics of Objects in Vibratory Conveors, ACC Journal, 1st edition , Liberec: Technical University of Liberec, . 10. Risch T. (2008), 2D-Vibration Forms of Vibratory Conveors (in German), . 11. Sebulke, J. (2017): Handbook of Mechanical Engineering (in German) , Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden. 12. Sortimat Technology GmbH & Co. , Conveyor Technique (in German

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Numerical Modelling Of Humid Air Flow Around A Porous Body

., Flick D. (2009), Air velocity characteristics within vented pallets loaded in a refrigerated vehicle with and without air ducts, International Journal of Refrigeration , 32, 220-234. 10. Moureh J., Tapsoba S., Flick D. (2009b), Airflow in a slot-ventilated enclosure partially filled with porous boxes: Part II - measurements and simulations within porous boxes, Computers & Fluids , 206-220. 11. Murata S., Miyauchi K., Wang Y. (1992), Respiration Rate of Thirteen Kinds of Japanese Fresh Vegetables , Laboratory of Agricultural Process Engineering

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On The Stress Free Deformation Of Linear FGM Interface Under Constant Temperature

. (1979), Mechanics of Continuous Media , Moscow. 9. Kim J. H., Paulino G. H. (2002), Isoparametric graded finite elements for non-homogeneous isotropic and orthotropic materials, ASME J. Appl. Mech. , 69, 502−514. 10. Lee W. Y., Stinton D. P., Berndt C. C, Erdogan F., Lee Y.-D., Mutasin Z. (1996), Concept of functionally graded materials for advanced thermal barrier coating applications, J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 79, 3003-3012. 11. Muki R. (1957), Thermal stresses in a semi-infinite solid and a thick plate under steady distribution of temperature

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Robotic Swarm Self-Organisation Control

for control of distributed robotic macrosensors , University of Colorado at Bulder, Technical Report CU-CS-996-05. 16. Spears W.M., Spears D.F., Hamann J.C., Heil R. (2004), Distributed, physics-based control of swarms of vehicles, Autonomous Robots , 17(2-3), 137-162. 17. Spong M.W., Vidyasagar M. (1989), Robot dynamics and control , John Wiley & Sons. 18. Trianni V. (2008), Evolutionary Swarm Robotics: Evolving Self-organising Behaviours in Groups of Autonomous Robots, Studies in Computational Intelligence , 108. Springer, Berlin

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Influence of Corrugation Depth on Lateral Stability of Cold-Formed Steel Beams of Corrugated Webs

automotive sheet, SAE Technical Paper 2006-01-0774, doi:10.4271/2006-01-0774. 4. Dubina D., Ungureanu V. and Gîlia L. (2014), Cold-formed steel beams of corrugated web and built-up section chords, Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Steel and Composite Structures - EUROSTEEL 2014 , 10-12/09, 429-430. 5. Dubina D., Ungureanu V., Gîlia L. (2015), Experimental investigations of cold-formed steel beams of corrugated web and built-up section for flanges, Thin-Walled Structures , 90, 159–170. 6. Dubina D., Ungureanu V., Gîlia, L. (2013), Cold

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The Diagnostic System of A – 604 Automatic Transmission

References 1. Automatic Transmission Service Group: Introduction: Chrysler A -604, Florida 1994 - 2005. 2. Bemporad A., Borodani P., Mannelli M. (2003), Hybrid control of an automotive robotized gearbox for reduction of consumptions and emissions, 6th International Workshop on Hybrid Systems - Computation and Control (HSCC 2003), Prague, Czech Republic, Apr 03 - 05, Edited by: Maler O., Pnueli A., Hybrid systems: Computation and control proceedings, Vol. 2623, 81 - 96. 3. Bosch Folders (2005), Elektronic

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Verification of Strength of the Welded Joints by using of the Aramis Video System

REFERENCES 1. Aramis v6.1 User Manual, GOM Gmbh, 2009. 2. ASTM E 1820-05, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Fracture Toughnes,. ASTM , Philadelphia; 2000. 3. Bhadeshia H.K.D.H. (2001), Bainite in Steels , Institute of Materials, London. 4. Dzioba I. (2011), The influence of the microstructural components on fracture toughness of 13HMF steel, Materials Science , 47(5), 357-364. 5. Dzioba I., Pała T. (2014), Mechanical properties of welded joints made of high-strength steel S960-QC by laser method, Logistyka, 6, 3458

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