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Natural Convection in a Hydrodynamically and Thermally Anisotropic Non-Rectangular Porous Cavity: Effect of Internal Heat Generation/Absorption

. (1996): Natural convection in a vertical slot filled with an anisotropic porous medium with oblique principal axes . – Numer. Heat Transfer-Part A, vol.30, pp.397-412. [8] Mamou M., Mahidjida A., Vasseur P. and Robillard L. (1998): Onset of convection in an anisotropic porous medium heated from below by a constant heat flux . – Int. Comm. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.25, pp.799-808. [9] Storesletten L. and Tveitereid M. (1999): Onset of convection in an inclined porous layer with anisotropic permeability . – Appl. Mech. Engng., vol.4, pp.575-587. [10

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Double-Diffusive Convection of Synovial (Couple-Stress) Fluid in the Presence of Hall Current Through a Porous Medium

. Fluids, vol.9, pp.1709-1715. [5] Stokes V.K. (1984): Theories of Fluids with Miscrostructure. – New York: Springer-Verlag. [6] Walicki E. and Walicka A. (1999): Inertia effect in the squeeze film of a couple-stress fluid in biological bearings. – Appl. Mech. Engng., vol.2, pp.363-373. [7] Sunil, Sharma Y.D., Bhart P.K. and Sharma R.C. (2005): Thermosolutal instability of compressible Rivlin-Ericksen fluid with Hall currents. – International J. of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol.10, No.2, pp.329-343. [8] Malashety M.S. and Kollur P

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Physico-technical measurement of green roof in climate chamber module

References [1] Katunský, D., Zozulák, M., Kondáš, K. & Šimiček, J. (2014). Numerical Analysis and Measurement Results of a Window Sill. Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 899, 147-150. DOI:10.4028/ [2] Baláž, R. (2013). Posúdenie fyzikálno-technických parametrov strešného plášťa v module klimatickej komory. Dizertačná práca,Technická Univerzita Košice, Slovensko. [3] Flimel M. (2013). Differences Ug - values of glazing measured in situ with the influence factors of the internal environment. Advanced Materials

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Determination of VOCs in the Indoor Air of a New and a Renovated Apartment

concentration and its influencing factors in urban indoor air after decoration. Chin. Sci. Bull. 56(25), 2683-2689. DOI: 10.1007/s11434-011-4618-5. [6] RAE Systems. (2010). ppbRAE 3000, User’s Guide . Accessed 2016-05-04, from . [7] RAE Systems. (2014). Understanding and operating the ppbRAE 3000, Technical Note TN-150 . Accessed 2016-05-04, from . [8] Electronic Sensor Technology. (2008). 4300 Ultra fast GC analyzer

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The potential of bioash for utilization in road construction in eastern Croatia

] Strizivojna Hrast - cogeneration . (28/05/2017). [6] SRCplus. (30/05/2017). [7] Šķēls, P., Bondars, K., Plonis, R., Haritonovs, V. and Paeglītis, A. Usage of Wood Fly Ash in Stabilization of Unbound Pavement Layers and Soils. In: Proceedings of 13th Baltic Sea Geotechnical Conference , 2016, p. 122–125. [8] Vestin, J., Arm, M., Nordmark, D., Lagerkvist, A., Hallgren, P. and Lind, B. Fly ash as a road construction material. In: WASCON 2012 Conference proceedings. 2012, p. 1

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Improved Thermal Transmittance Measurement with HFM Technique on Building Envelopes in the Mediterranean Area

References [1] ISO Standards. (2007). Building components and building elements - Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance - Calculation method. ISO6946:2007. Geneva (Switzerland). [2] ISO Standard. (2014). Thermal insulation - Building elements - In-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance - Part 1: Heat flow meter method. ISO9869-1:2014. Geneva (Switzerland). [3] Feuermann, D. (1989). Measurement of envelope thermal transmittances in multifamily buildings. Energy and Buildings, 13(2), 139-148. doi: 10

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Measuring the performance of project risk management: a preliminary model

Handbook . Washington, D.C. Osipova, E., & Eriksson, P. E. (2013). Balancing control and flexibility in joint risk management: Lessons learned from two construction projects. International Journal of Project Management, 31 (3), pp. 391-399. . Papadaki, M., Gale, A., Rimmer, J. and Kirkham, R. (2010), “Factors Influencing Project Risk Management Decision Making”, in PM-05 Advancing Project Management for the 21st Century: Concepts, Tools & Techniques for Managing Successful Projects , Crete, Greece, pp. 536

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Determination of Fire Risk of Selected Alcohols

(3), 255–272 [vid. 2019-05-02]. ISSN 0379-7112. Doi:10.1016/0379-7112(92)90019-9 [3] HOROVÁ, K., WALD, F. 2012. Tepelná a mechanická zatížení konstrukcí při požáru (Thermal and mechanical lead of structures during fire) . [online]. 2012. Available at: [Download 07/01/2019]. [4] EUROPEAN COMMISION. Development of design rules for steel structures subjected to natural fires in large compartments . 1999. ISBN 92-828-7168-1. [5] MARTINKA, J

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Determination of Heat Transfer Coefficient for the Air Forced Cooling Over a Flat Side of Coil

.7724116 [5] F. P. Incropera, D. P. DeWitt, T. L. Bergman, and A. S. Lavine, Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2007. [6] M. Rosu et al., Multiphysics Simulation by Design for Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, and Drives , 1 st ed. Wiley-IEEE Press, 2017. [7] Y. A. Cengel, Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach . New York : McGraw-Hill, 2004. [8] D. A. Staton and A. Cavagnino, “Convection Heat Transfer and Flow Calculations Suitable for Electric Machines Thermal Models,” IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron ., vol

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Evaluation of Hot-Mix Asphalt Containing Portland Cement Treated Blast Furnace Slag

& Design 74: 157–63, 2015. . 13. S. Du, “Performance characteristic of cold recycled mixture with asphalt emulsion and chemical additives”, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2015: 1-10, 2015. . 14. D. Lesueur, A. Teixeira, M. M. Lázaro, D. Andaluz, A. Ruiz, “A simple test method in order to assess the effect of mineral fillers on bitumen ageing”, Construction and Building Materials 117: 182-189, 2016. . 15

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