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The first impression in a fine-dining restaurant. A study of C Restaurant in Tampere, Finland

thin slices of the behavioral stream. In M. Zanna, Advances in experimental social psychology, 32, pp. 201-271. San Diego, CA: Academic Press [4] Amick, D. J. & Walbery, H. J. (1975). Introductory Multivariate Analysis. California: McCutchan Publishing Corporation. [5] Angeline, T. (2011). Managing generational diversity at the workplace: expectations and perceptions of different generations of employees. African Journal of Business Management, 5(2), pp. 249-255. doi:10.5897/AJBM10.335 [6] Asghar, R. (2014). Gen X Is From Mars, Gen Y Is From Venus

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Drug Tourism: General Overview, Case Studies and New Perspectives in the Contemporary World

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FDI-led tourism growth hypothesis: empirical evidence from Croatian tourism

volumes. Tourism Management, 27(4), 600-614 [8] FDi Intelligence. (2012). FDI into Tourism (Croatia). London: The Financial Times Ltd [9] Fereidouni, H. G., & Al-mulali, U. (2014). The interaction between tourism and FDI in real estate in OECD countries. Current Issues in Tourism, 17 (2), 105-113 [10] Ford, T. C., Rork, J. C., & Elmslie, B. T. (2008). Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth, and the Human Capital Threshold: Evidence from US States. Review of International Economics, 16(1), 96-113 [11] Giles, D. (2011). Testing for Granger

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